Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

French inventor Franky Zapata is first person in history to cross English Channel on jet-powered hoverboard

Flying Frenchman Franky Zapata today became the first person in history to cross the English Channel on a kerosene-powered board not much bigger than a tea tray – saying it 'feels magnificent!'. The 40-year-old set off towards the White Cliffs of Dover from Sangatte beach, in Calais, at 7.16am UK time in front of a cheering crowd. Within seconds he was soaring through the skies looking just like a high-tech version of Marty McFly, the character played by Michael J. Fox in the ‘Back to the Future’ films. There were shouts of ‘Allez le Flying Frenchman!’ and ‘Go Franky, go!’,including from Mr Zapata’s wife, Kystal. And at 7.39am – 23 minutes later – the triumphant Mr Zapata landed at St Margaret’s Bay in Kent, saying: 'Frankly, this feels magnificent!'.

Retired man completes homemade futuristic electric car

***EXCLUSIVE*** A retired Chinese man dazzled local residents with his homemade futuristic electric car made out of discarded scraps. Zhao Xiushun, now 63, spent about six months with his younger brother Zhao Xiuguo completing the four-wheeled electric concept car which can travel at 60kph. The brothers have made more than 10 vehicles out of discarded scraps and spares with only one hammer and two wrenches.

Boy, 5, left fighting for life after medics dismissed rare disorder as ‘virus’

***EXCLUSIVE*** A schoolboy was left fighting for his life after he was struck down by a rare disease which covered his entire body in blisters and burns. Ollie Williams, five, had a tiny red rash behind his ear, but within ONE HOUR it spread across his entire body. Devastated mum Carly, 30, watched as it turned into blisters and burns before her eyes but claims on-phone medics told her it was a simple "viral infection".

Woman who was hit by a vehicle while saving her two dogs from the impact when she saw it hurtling towards them is left with a paralyzed right arm after her nerves TORE from her spine

***EXCLUSIVE*** BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, USA: This woman’s right arm was left paralysed after her NERVES TORE FROM HER SPINE when she was hit by an SUV whilst walking her beloved pet dogs who she saved from the impact first. Fashion designer, Cindy Lee Kharabarin (36) from Brooklyn, New York, USA, was walking her two pomeranian chihuahua mix dogs, Stinky (12) and Rambo (6) on June 22, 2018 when her life was changed forever. Before crossing the road, Cindy checked that there was no traffic coming but as she crossed an SUV came out of nowhere and her instincts told her to throw her dogs to safety before saving herself but she was hit immediately and flung 20ft away from the impact and everything went blank. The next thing Cindy knew, she woke up in hospital and her first instinct was to move her limbs, but she was unable to move her right arm. Initially she thought she’d just broken her arm but later found out that she had suffered a brachial plexus injury where her C8 and T1 nerves that control her arm and movement were ripped from her spine on impact. Remarkably, Cindy didn’t break any bones but had blood on the brain and her right ear had almost completely ripped off. Thankfully Stinky and Rambo were unharmed in the accident and Cindy spent just eight days in hospital but she struggled to adjust to her new way of life when she came home. Before, she was very active but she became depressed as she tried to manage her chronic nerve pain, which she will have for the rest of her life, and come to terms with being unable to do things she did before. Cindy underwent nerve transfer surgery on December 26, 2018, and now has movement in her triceps. She needs to have two further surgeries to try and get movement back in her lower arm; a tendon transfer and a surgery to lock her wrist and thumb in place. Cindy’s friends and family have been her biggest support system throughout her recovery with her husband, Philipp helping her do her stretches and massaging her back and arm when she is in pain.

A dedicated dad has built a replica of the iconic Forth Rail Bridge - made out of 3,000 Lego bricks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Civil engineer, Michael Dineen, 41, went to extraordinary lengths to build the detailed model, which stands 30cm tall and 4.7 metres long. The dad-of-one even patiently hand painted 240 pieces of Lego orange to colour match the bridge deck. Michael, who works full-time, spent three hours working on the project every night for four months, between 9pm and midnight, as it was the only spare time he had.

Chameleon catches insect

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Namaqua chameleon snatches a fly from out of the air in the blink of an eye whilst in the Namib Desert in southern Africa. Photographer Kurt Mueller, 75, from Zurich had been photographing the chameleon for less than 10 minutes when he captured this fleeting moment. Kurt said: “It’s quite rare to be in the right place at the right time for a picture like this. It was a great stroke of luck.” According to Kurt, the lizards tongue would have been about 15 to 20 centimetres and the lizard itself was around 25cm long. Kurt said: “It all happened in a flash. Within the blink of an eye.”

Osprey catch

***EXCLUSIVE*** An osprey swoops in to pluck its prey from a pond in the Scottish Highlands. The predator circles the pond several times before diving into the water and grabbing a trout in its talons. Keen amateur photographer, Michelle Coyle captured these images in the early morning at Aviemore Ospreys Trout Pond in Cairngorms National Park, while on holiday with her husband. Mrs Coyle, 56, said: "I felt very privileged to be able to watch this awesome bird fishing. It was a truly amazing experience, and one I will never forget.

Two-headed zebra

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two zebras stand so close together they look like one double-headed creature. Photographer Zhayynn James, 43, spotted the pair huddling together while on a safari tour of the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania. He said: "These were the first zebras we came across in the crater and we stopped to observe them. "They were close together and nudging each other, so I was hoping to capture some sort of interaction.

Colourful pumpkins

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of colourful pumpkins and squash create an extraordinary rainbow scene at a vegetable wholesale market in Bangladesh. A seller sits among his vibrant wares which are produced by farmers from local villages. Photographer Abdul Momin, 28, took these photographs at the market in Mahasthan, using a drone. He said: "There were hundreds of them, they look beautiful and colourful."