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Mother-of-two birth coach describes agony of having to feed her daughter with a TUBE instead of breastfeeding due to rare syndrome that affects the size of her mouth

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the breastfeeding advocate mum who was ROBBED of the experience when her BABY GIRL was born with an INCREDIBLY RARE SYNDROME that affects the size of her mouth and means she needs to be fed through a tube – and admits that she struggles to bond with her child. Stay at home mum of two, Makayla Butcher (24) from Ripon, California, USA met her USA army personnel husband, John Butcher (26) at university in 2012 and fell in love quickly. They got married in August 2013 when she was just 19. John was stationed in Colorado, USA so the newly-weds moved and Makayla worked as a nanny while gaining her certified nursing assistant (CNA) licence. She then worked briefly for a home health care agency before John was relocated to Hawaii. In Hawaii, Makayla trained to become a birth coach and she completely fell in love with pregnancy and fertility. Makayla has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) which impairs the ovaries from working regularly. But after three years of treatment she became pregnant and gave birth to her first child Charlotte (2) in January 2017. When Charlotte was just one year old, Makayla started taking on clients as a birth coach and loved every minute of it, but within a few short months, to her surprise, she found out she was pregnant again. At her 20-week scan, the medic left the room and returned with the high-risk obstetrician (OB) who specialises in childbirth. He pointed out several abnormalities to the baby’s face, hands and spine. The medics took a blood sample to test for different syndromes and booked her a follow up appointment for the very next day. Juliette was born on February 12, 2019 and while still in the hospital, Makayla’s mother-in-law is a nurse and she would discuss her condition with her friends who were doctors and that was when they first came across Freeman Sheldon syndrome and the family got a diagnosis they could work with before even leaving the hospital. Freeman Sheldon syndrome is an extremely rare disorder that usually isn’t genetic and happens randomly in individuals. It’s caused by a mutation of the gene that makes myosin which is important for muscle tensing. The mutation causes joint deformities, limited use of hands and feet and facial abnormalities - such as pursed lips and a small mouth.

Man, 26, was given an hour to live after suffering stroke in shower

***EXCLUSIVE*** ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA: This brave twenty-six-year-old man suffered a STROKE whilst getting out of the shower and was told he would be DEAD WITHIN THE HOUR without emergency surgery – after which he was left on life support with medics fearing he had LOCKED IN SYNDROME until he began BLINKING eleven days later. Former waiter, Jesse Johnson (26) from Adelaide, Australia, had just come out of the shower on March 6, 2018 when he collapsed in his bedroom. He immediately called out to his sister, Tiahana (20), asking her to call an ambulance as he believed he was having a stroke. Paramedics scored Jesse a 10 out of a possible 15 on the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), a neurological tool to measure ability, meaning he showed signs of intelligible response. Unfortunately, by the time he arrived at hospital, Jesse’s GCS score was revised to three, the lowest possible score which could lead to death. Jesse was prepped for surgery although it wasn’t certain whether he would survive, but without it he wouldn’t survive the hour. Jesse was discovered to have had a stroke caused by an arteriovenous malformation (AVM). A decompression surgery was performed to stop Jesse’s brain from bleeding and swelling, but they were unable to remove the AVM due to the excess of blood. Jesse was placed on life support and doctors warned Jesse’s partner, David (24) and Tiahana that they thought he might have locked in syndrome, meaning he was conscious and aware, but his motor function was badly damaged and he had no way of communicating. Fortunately, after 11 days, Jesse showed signs of response through hand squeezing and blinking. Jesse spent 21 days in ICU before being moved to another ward where he stayed for two months. The stroke caused Jesse to develop cerebellar ataxia, affecting his balance, coordination, swallowing and eye movement but he continued to make slow progress. Due to having a tracheotomy tube, he was forced to communicate via a board, and one day he wrote down that he was stuck in a bad dream and couldn’t wake up from it. Following two months on the recovery ward, Jesse was transferred to a rehabilitation centre and was able to walk using a frame by late May, transferring from his bed to a wheelchair without a sling assist and learning to talk and eat again.

Mother, 30, who's younger than her husband's children insists their marriage is 'all about love' despite their 25-YEAR age gap

***EXCLUSIVE*** MINOT, NORTH DAKOTA, USA: This couple fell in love after they met on FACEBOOK whilst living in different countries and have been married for three years despite their TWENTY-FIVE-YEAR AGE GAP and him being five years older than her DAD. Mum of three, Amy Mappes (30) from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, first met her now husband, weapons safety manager, Bryan Mappes (55) from Minot, North Dakota, USA, on Facebook in 2011 as they both played the same game and were members of a group for its players on the social media site. Six months after joining the group, Bryan sent Amy a message and they soon became close friends. Amy had recently come out of a bad relationship and was focussing on raising her three children, Terry (12), Rebeccah (10) and Savannah (9), whilst Bryan was in an unhappy marriage and they bonded over their similar circumstances. The pair were soon talking all day every day and video calling regularly. Within a month, they knew everything about each other and within three months they had fallen in love, even though Amy was living in Canada and Bryan was in the US. Amy was overwhelmed by Bryan’s kind and caring nature and was attracted to his beautiful smile and knew how special he was as he supported her through one of the most difficult periods of her life. Bryan was divorced in 2014 and made the trip up to Canada to meet Amy in person for the first time in September that year. Before their first meeting, Amy was worried that Bryan wouldn’t be able to see past their age gap and wouldn’t want to speak to her again, but he proposed to her instead and asked her to move to America to live with him. They started the two-year process for her visa which included an immigration interview in Vancouver. Since moving to America in April 2016 and getting married, Amy’s children have taken to Bryan incredibly well and call him ‘dad’, her family are accepting of her relationship and are happy to see her happy, but Amy admits she was surprised that they were ok about it as her own father is five years younger than Bryan. Some people have accused Amy of only being with Bryan for his money and have assumed that he is a pervert for being with someone much younger but they insist that they are each other’s soulmate and that their relationship revolves around love.

Translator, 22, who dismissed her hacking cough as 'part of winter' is diagnosed with stage four cancer that has spread to her lungs

***EXCLUSIVE*** WINNIPEG, CANADA: This twenty-two-year-OLD had no idea that her COUGH was anything serious until after noticing numbness in her left arm she visited her doctor and found out the cause was STAGE FOUR CANCER. Translator, Magdalena Bujalski (22) from Winnipeg, Canada, developed a cough at the end of January 2019, but with it being winter, getting ill seemed normal. Magdalena later noticed that her left arm kept falling asleep throughout the day which she initially thought was because she’d been leaning on it too much, but while getting dressed she noticed that her arm was swollen and discoloured. The swelling hadn’t changed by the following day, so Magdalena decided to go to a walk-in clinic to get it looked at. The doctor was a bit concerned by Magdalena’s symptoms and sent her for an X-ray and blood tests. The X-ray highlighted that there was something on her right lung and the white blood cell count was high, which indicated that her body was fighting something off. Due to Magdalena’s cough, the doctor diagnosed her with bronchitis and prescribed a course of antibiotics and told Magdalena to have another X-ray once she finished the medication to ensure the mass was gone. After finishing the antibiotics, Magdalena’s cough had gone and her arm was no longer swollen, so she almost opted against having another X-ray, but thankfully she went with the doctor’s suggestion. The second X-ray showed that there was still something there and she went for a CT scan which located a mass on her right lung. A surgical biopsy had to be performed to cut off a piece of the mass so it could be tested. On March 15, 2019, Magdalena was diagnosed with stage four Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and the cancer cells were spreading to her neck. The tumour was less than an inch in diameter at the first CT scan, but when ahead of chemotherapy three weeks later, it was three-and-a-half inches in diameter.

I thought I had an ingrown hair – it turned out to be incurable cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A college freshman was shocked when he was diagnosed with an incurable cancer after mistaking the symptoms for an INGROWN HAIR. Michael Croteau, 21, was diagnosed with pseudomyogenic hemangioendothelioma (PHE), an extremely rare cancer which affects the skin, muscles and bones, in May 2018. The student started experiencing tightness in his right knee and quadriceps during summer 2017 and developed what he believed was an ingrown hair on his right thigh that September.Michael and his mom Susan Williams, 52, a nurse, became concerned as the mass began to grow and started to appear infected when he returned to college after Christmas.

Viral sensation: Cat man of Aleppo

***EXCLUSIVE*** Syria, Aleppo: Mohammed Alaa al-Jaleel, also known as 'the cat man of Aleppo' feeds cats at the Ernesto's Cat Sanctuary that he runs in Kafr Naya. During the Syrian war in 2012, Al-Jaleel was working as an ambulance driver in Aleppo, he used to drop off food for stray and abandoned cats on his way home after work. In 2015, he started to search for living cats in the war devastated areas and take them home, later in the year his compassionate work with cats gone viral and with the help of an Italian cat lover called Alessandra Abidin, he started to raise funds and receive donations that helped him to secure a land to serve as a Sanctuary and veterinary clinic for abandoned cats, it was named "The House of Cats Ernesto" after a loved pet cat of Alessandra who had died of cancer. As well as over 200 cats, now the sanctuary has dogs, monkeys, rabbits, and other animals and expanded to include a kindergarten and an orphanage.

Cross-dressing on the front line

***EXCLUSIVE*** Remarkable shots from the First World War show how brave British soldiers relaxed when they weren’t on the Front Line – with some troops CROSS-DRESSING to entertain their war-weary comrades. Incredible images, captured over a century ago, show three seductive ‘belles’ teasing a bashful officer, an actor wearing a lavish dress and riding side saddle at a military air field, and two entertainers having the time of their lives during the death scene of Othello. The striking pictures are part of the National Library of Scotland’s online collection and give a taste of life outside the trenches for Tommies in the Great War. A series of fascinating photographs display how British soldiers would dress up in women's clothing and put on cross-dressing shows on the front line.

Happy furever after

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adorable photos prove that unconditional love isn’t confined to just humans. Whether it’s a mother bear scratching her baby’s chin in just the right way, a doe-eyed deer whispering sweet nothings to its partner; or two giraffes locked in a tender embrace, these photos capture heart-warming intimate moments of these animals’ lives. The endearing shots were taken by Macedonian photographer and animal lover Goran Anastasovski who has been snapping animals and their behaviour for nearly 15 years. Many of his photos are captured in Skopje Zoo in Gradski Park, near where he lives.

Chinatown - Generation change makes New Yorker quarter hip

***EXCLUSIVE*** US, New York: Street scene in Chinatown in the Manhattan district. Chinatown is at the top of the list of sights of almost all New York visitors. At first glance, the area looks like a museum for tourists - but below the surface, the next generation is working on the young, hip trendy district.

50 Years Woodstock Festival

***EXCLUSIVE*** US, Bethel: A peace sign in the grass 50 years later on the grounds of the Woodstock Festival commemorates the legendary event. Between the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement in 1969, around 400,000 people met in this field in the US state of New York and for three days celebrated peacefully to world-class music. The Woodstock Festival shaped a whole generation.

China's biggest half-Buddha statue closed for maintenance

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Renshou Buddha, China's biggest Buddha statue featuring only the top half of the figure, has been closed for maintenance for the first time since it was built more than 1,300 years ago. The statue, 15.85 meters tall and 11 meters wide, will be fully enclosed for protection between March and the end of July, said Yang Yu, head of the cultural heritage preservation institute of Meishan City in Sichuan province, where the statue was located. Built in 707, the statue has been seriously damaged from years of exposure. Experts will reinforce the statue, carry out biological disease prevention and control as well as environmental protection.