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Man, 23, born with rare disorder that left him with no teeth and unable to SWEAT finds himself in the world of fashion

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the man in his TWENTIES with a very RARE condition that has left him with NO TEETH and the INABILITY TO SWEAT - but after YEARS of hiding his symptoms he is finally embracing his unique appearance thanks to his newfound passion for FASHION. Salesman, Joe Tou Voua Lee (23) from Minnesota, USA, was born with ectodermal dysplasia, a group of hereditary, non-progressive syndromes in which the affected tissue derives primarily from the ectodermal germ layer. It means that he has no teeth and poorly functioning sweat glands that prevents him from sweating even in the hottest temperatures. Growing up, he struggled with his confidence and while he was never bullied, he would insist on hiding his mouth showing his absent teeth and use water to dab on his neck and shirt when he was in the gym to make it seem like he was sweating like everyone else. At an early age, he hated his life due to his facial deformities and he felt his condition burdened those around him. However, when he reached his twenties, he discovered an unusual interest in professional wrestling. Six months into his training he realised that it wasn’t for him, but it had changed his perception of himself and boosted his confidence considerably, that he stopped hiding his symptoms and decided to embrace his look by going into fashion. He began posting pictures of him on Instagram wearing various outfits and felt that the response he got was overwhelmingly positive. He has since never looked back and continued to post pictures of himself on social media and wants to send the message that everyone should love themselves as they are.


Challenging the Guinness world records! 1400 hairdressers cut hair simultaneously

August 6, 2019, Liaoning, China: 1,400 hairdressers simultaneously cut hair in Shenyang, Liaoning province, for a guinness world record. The previous record was set by the Japan hair and beauty industry association in 2012, when 1,200 hairdressers cut their hair at the same time. The record is now seven years old. The event was jointly sponsored by Liaoning hair and beauty association and Shenyang hair and beauty association. Guinness world records for the world's most hairdressers cutting their hair at the same time for more than five minutes.

Meet Britain’s strongest sisters after all three became national champions – at WEIGHTLIFTING

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nathalie Richards, 16, and sisters Charlize, 13, and Keira, 12, started working out after becoming inspired by their gym-going dad Leighton.  The siblings all joined the Warwickshire Weightlifting Club three years ago and now train at least three times a week.  The trio started entering competitions and have all won national championships for the “snatch” and “clean and jerk” categories.  Nathalie and Charlize have even broken weightlifting records, making them the strongest girls in the UK for their age.  They began training at the gym in Henley-in-Arden, Warks., after their father Leighton began training there.  Leighton, 43, has even converted the family’s garage into a gym for the girls so they can top their training at home.

Intrepid cyclist has completed a 540-mile trip around northern Scotland - all on a single BMX bike

***EXCLUSIVE*** An intrepid teenager has completed a huge 540-mile cycle trip around the north of Scotland - on a single speed BMX. Simon Kelly, 19, originally gave himself 14 days to complete the epic North Coast 500 route, but finished it in 13 days - having pedalled more than 40 miles per day. The gruelling journey started out as a joke, but Simon is now looking to cement his place in the record books, claiming he is the first person to complete the long distance circuit on a BMX.  He started from Inverness Castle in the Scottish Highlands on July 23 and finished the trip on Sunday (August 4) at the same spot.

A fit and healthy woman who was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer at the age of 25 is fighting to lower the smear test age

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tragedy struck for Emily-Rae Rushmer whose dream of having children was ripped away from her when she had to undergo a full hysterectomy.  The treatment, along with months of serious infections afterwards, meant she also had to say goodbye to her lengthy blonde locks due to stress-induced alopecia.  Her hair is now a ‚Äústraggly ginger mess‚ÄĚ she said.  Now 26, Emily is campaigning to lower the smear age test from 25 to 16 and said it "could have all been avoided."

The world's largest chili sculpture

Chongqing, China: The world's largest chili pepper sculpture ''pepper in heaven'' is seen at Guanyinqiao pedestrian street in Jiangbei district, Chongqing, August 6, 2019. It is made of copper, resin and iron and weighs 380 kg. It has been described as the world's largest chilli, in sharp contrast to Chongqing's fiery enthusiasm.

The Patch Plant Hotel

A hotel exclusively for houseplants named 'The Patch Plant Hotel' opens in Battersea, London.