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An Amazon worker is celebrating after he won £10,000 every month for the next 30 YEARS - an overall £3.6 million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dean Weymes, 24, scooped the huge top prize while playing Set For Life for the first time on the national lottery website on Monday last week (July 29).  The young lad said he "could not believe" what he was seeing when he realised he had matched all numbers and a Life Ball.  Dean’s winning numbers were: 18, 21, 23, 34, 39 and the Life Ball: 3.  He said: "It is just incredible. I am 24 and I am now literally set for life.

Woman, 32, with a rare joint condition that many infants don't survive says she is living proof that parents should not abort babies based solely on a doctor's prognosis

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the remarkable woman born with a condition that doctors usually advise to abort because of symptoms that can leave the child unable to do ANYTHING for themselves – but this woman is proving everyone wrong by living as independently as anyone else. Bank adjudicator, Brittanie Wilson (32) from St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, survived a condition that kills a third of those affected before the age of two. She was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC) which is caused by the unborn baby not moving correctly during development. The condition affects people in different ways, some are able to walk, and some aren’t, in Brittanie’s case it is characterised by having curved joints and limited mobility. Unfortunately, pessimistic doctors’ expectations of her ability in life were incredibly low, having told her parents Toye and Philip that she would never be able to take care of herself. Before even starting primary school at the age of five Brittanie had to have five surgeries on her feet and legs to have them angled correctly and help increase flexibility and mobility. During her time at school she wore casts on her legs and leg braces on top of going to physical therapy several times a week so she was able to improve her range of motion.

Hunter, 22, who loves to shoot stag, deer and ducks DEFENDS her hobby in the face of death threats - saying it's a 'beautiful' way to be in nature

***EXCLUSIVE*** CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND: This female hunter has been told TO KILL HERSELF by trolls online but wants to show people that hunting isn’t disgusting or ‘all about the killing’ – and says it’s beautiful and is about filling her freezer and saving on grocery bills. Contractor and calf rearer, Sammi Lee (22) from near Christchurch, New Zealand, grew up in an outdoorsy family where she loved fishing, all sports, trucks and animals. When she was 16, Sammi’s friends invited her to join them on a hunting trip and keen to try something new she went along and instantly fell in love with it. Sammi loves everything about hunting and says it’s not all about the killing, but about being in nature, keeping fit by climbing up hills and being appreciative of what she’s killed which she stores in her freezer and means that her grocery bills are lower. She estimates that she saves between £53 to £107 (100 NZD to 200 NZD) per month due to not having to buy meat. Sammi goes hunting with her fiancé James and their gun dog, Labrador Tikka and their other dog, Kelpie cross Rhea joins them when they go fishing. The pair use guns to hunt their animals and always make sure they are well prepared when they go out for a hunt with a first aid kit, emergency blanket, plenty of ammunition, knives, their binoculars, rangefinder and refreshments. They hunt big game, pigs, ducks and geese as well as fish. Sammi and James try to use as much of the animal as they possibly can, butchering the meat themselves for the freezer, making the skins into rugs or as a trophy with the head on a wall mount and their dogs get to feast on the rest of the carcass. Sammi’s friends and family are all supportive of her hobby and she receives many positive comments on her Instagram, @sammi_nzhuntress. She’s also been subjected to some negative comments from people telling her to kill herself and reporting her pictures so they are taken down, but Sammi wants to dispel the myth that hunting is all about killing.

Bear cub climbing school

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bear cubs learn how to climb trees as their mother watches on in these incredible nature photos. One brown bear cub appears to have mastered the art as it was able to climb 15ft while another only made it a few feet off the ground. These shots were taken at Martinselkonen, a wilderness site in eastern Finland popular for bear watching. Valtteri Mulkahainen, 58, who took the snap in Finland, said: “It was like a nursery class.” Mr Mulkahainen, a high school teacher from Sotkamo village in Finland, watched on from a nearby lodge as the young bears, which were born last winter, were playing at dinner time.

Extremely rare British McLaren racing car with a GOLD engine set to fetch a record $23,000,000 when it goes under the hammer in California

***EXCLUSIVE*** Yours...for £19 million! Super-rare McLaren F1 LM is set to break the world record price for a British built car at auction. It is one of just two F1 road cars to be given the Le Mans specification by McLaren, after one won the famous 24hour race in 1995, making it one of the most desirable vehicles in the world. You do, however get an engine bay lined with 16g of pure gold (to dissipate the huge heat generated by the 6.1 ltr V12 engine)...and a full set of matching luggage for your money. The stunning motor is being sold by auctioneers RM Sotheby's and should beat the world record price set by an Aston Martin DBR1 in 2017.

Luxury villa made for pet dogs debuts in east China

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Chinese man made a luxury villa for his pet dogs at home in Huai'an city, east China's Jiangsu province, 6 August 2019. The villa was equipped with an air-conditioner, smart lights, and a drainage system.

Screen legend Mae West archive for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A selection of trailblazing 1930s starlet Mae West's most recognisable film costumes have emerged for sale for £320,000. ($400,000) The auction features the actress and screenwriter's gowns, headdresses and tiaras, as well as props from her films and her scripts. West, a New York native, was the Marilyn Monroe of her era, earning a 'bad girl' reputation for starring in risque productions. She famously coined the phrase: "When I'm good, I'm very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better."

Chinese man runs successful small business in making wooden QR codes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Chinese man Ni Chenkai used waste tree trunk to make wooden QR codes for customers on Alibaba's e-commerce platform Taobao in a village of Jinhua city, east China's Zhejiang province, 25 July 2019. Ni used to sell bamboos and timbers on the internet. China has seen an explosive growth in mobile payments over the past five years. The man started to made wooden QR codes via mobile payment services, which gained popularity among customers.

Incredible photos of the WWII heroes who bombed Hitler's Berchtesgaden retreat taking to the skies and relaxing off duty are found alongside a tail gunner's prized possessions in a shoebox hidden in an attic

***EXCLUSIVE*** The personal effects of a fearless 'Tail-end Charlie' have been discovered in a shoebox - and they include a charming set of photos of his wartime service. Flight Sergeant Douglas Alexander, of 460 Squadron, took part in nearly 40 bombing raids over Germany, including the famous assault on Hitler's mountain retreat, Berchtesgaden. As a tail gunner, he sat in a tiny glass turret at the rear of Lancaster and Halifax bombers - a terribly exposed position. The shoebox, containing his bravery medals, logbooks and photos, was bought into auctioneer David Lay Frics, of Penzance, Cornwall, by his daughter. Flt Sgt Alexander's medal group includes the prestigious Distinguished Flying Medal, awarded for 'exceptional valour, courage and devotion to duty', with his photos capturing the camarederie which existed in the RAF as the airmen risked their lives on every mission to defeat Adolf Hitler.

These extraordinary pictures show a French Cathedral with electrifying patterns shining from its ceiling - as a digital artist aims to "bring history to life"

***EXCLUSIVE*** Miguel Chevalier, 60, spends hours "making artwork come alive" as he creates installations using projections of light to cast them around the cathedral.   The french artist, from Paris captured the Cathedral Notre-Dame, in Rodez, France and used computer sciences "as a means of artistic expression" to form interactive works of art.

Does this ancient wood framed home shiver your timbers?

***EXCLUSIVE*** A beautiful timber framed manor house that has stood for over 650 years has emerged for sale for £2.2m. 14th century Otham Manor, in Maidstone, Kent, was first built when Edward III was on the throne and is now Grade I listed due to its historical significance. The nine bedroom home once belonged to Sir Louis du Pan Mallet who was the UK's Ambassador to Turkey at the outbreak of WWI.

Drying colorful cloth

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of sheets of cloth create a rainbow of colours as workers lay them out to dry. A sea of red, orange, pink, purple and yellow can be seen in these aerial shots as the fabric dries in a field. Workers can also be seen in the middle of the palette of colour as they unfold each sheet. Once the cloth dries it is used to create traditional Bangladeshi women's dresses. Azim Khan Ronnie, 32, flew a drone as high as 300ft to capture these shots at a field in Narayanganj, Bangladesh.

Birds in a row

***EXCLUSIVE*** A group of green bee-eaters keep themselves warm by sitting tightly together on a branch. All 6 birds appear almost exactly the same as they sit in perfect formation and point their beaks in the same direction. The close-nit huddles are often seen during the winter months when the mornings are usually very cold. The cute scene taken on the banks of Godavari River, India, was captured by photographer, Samyak Kaninde, 37.

Summer parties of Madrid

Summer parties Madrid, Spain begin with that of San Cayetano in the Lavapies neighborhood, people take to the streets, drink, dance and cool off at nights of 30 degrees Celsius and try to maintain their idiosyncrasy, and their identity against of gentrification, evictions and economic crises that are accentuated in these spaces. Chulapas and Chulapos (that's how the inhabitants of the neighborhoods of Madrid are named) dance chotis (autochthonous dance) in the streets with their plaid vests with a carnation in the lapel and cap (they) and their dotted dresses their shawl and scarf on the head with a carnation (they), they contest to choose the traditional characters: Casta, Susana, Maja de Lavapiés, La Señá Rita, Don Julián and Don Hilarión. And they live the night and the city until dawn.