Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A young mum is celebrating the birth of her first child after having a rare operation to remove part of her womb

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rebecca Campher had the unique procedure following a devastating diagnosis of cervical cancer at just 33 years old. However, by undergoing a rare operation - known as a radical trachelectomy - it allowed her to be able to conceive her baby as well as removing the cancer.  In 2014, just a few months after getting married, Rebecca was diagnosed with cervical cancer following a routine smear test. Rebecca’s consultant Gynaecologist Mr Abu proposed a radical trachelectomy, an operation to remove the cervix (neck of the womb). It is a rare procedure only offered by a number of NHS Trusts in the UK as an alternative to a traditional radical hysterectomy. The procedure, which is an option in the early stages of cervical cancer, gave Rebecca a chance to have children. A permanent suture - called a cervical cerclage suture - is placed at the lower part of the womb to reduce the risk of miscarriage or premature labour.

A daredevil foodie has attempted to build and consume a burger - while on a thrilling theme park ride

***EXCLUSIVE*** Taking eating on the go to the next level, Alex Hobern, 27, known for winning Channel 4’s The Circle, took on a ‘Burger on the Move’ challenge while travelling at 50 miles per hour on Thorpe Park’s terrifying Detonator ride. Alex, from London, planned to start building the meaty favourite on the minute-long journey to the top of the 100ft drop tower - before he was dropped back down to earth.Using a tube of Primula’s original cheese, a beef patty, a burger bun and salad, Alex buckled up and made his way skywards. Attempt number one saw the cheese and tomato juice go all over his black jeans but he managed to cling onto all the components.But his second go was less successful. During the five second drop, Alex lost his grip on most of the ingredients, resulting in the bun flying through the air and the lettuce making a crash landing – but he managed to cling onto his tube of cheese. Primula, the official cheese sponsor of National BBQ’s Barbi Summer, set Alex the challenge to show just how easy it is to squeeze flavour into your meals, even in extreme situations. Back on terra firma, Alex said: “It was actually really hard. On the way up I tried to start building the burger, then at the top they hold you for a bit – which I dreaded. “It dropped as I was adding the cheese and it went everywhere, but I think I did alright though - it was the going down which was hard, I lost a burger at one stage”.

Unusual wedding dress photos on cliff swing

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Chinese woman dons a wedding dress to pose for a photo while sitting on a swing that is built close to a cliff at the Shiniuzhai National Geological Park in Pingjiang county, Yueyang city, central China's Hunan province.

A fearless OAP has leapt into the record books after becoming Britain’s oldest female SKYDIVER - at the grand age of 94

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adeline Franken proved age is no barrier after braving the 15,000ft jump on Sunday (Aug 4) to raise money for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI). It’s not the first time the adrenaline junkie has skydived after jumping out of a plane at 14,000ft in 2012. However, she’s not lost the knack and said after completing her latest challenge: “There is nothing to it really, you just move towards the edge and kind of flop out.

A fantasy-obsessed man got down on one knee after challenging his girlfriend to a MEDIEVAL DUAL

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rick Blatz, 28, donned $5200 worth of knight’s armor to propose to his partner of six years Mariah Sletten after challenging her to a battle at a medieval fantasy fair on July 28. The couple, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, have been passionate about medieval role play since they were teenagers and travel around the country to take part in Renaissance shows. Rick was keen to pop the question in his knight’s garb at Ren in the Glen fair in Glenwood, Wisconsin, USA - the scene of one of the couple’s earliest dates.