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Bride-to-be who broke her leg in four places when she fell over on her hen do would have LOST the limb if it wasn't for her quick-thinking bridesmaid who 'popped' it straight

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bride-to-be who broke her leg in four places on her hen do almost had to have the limb amputated - but was saved by her quick-thinking bridesmaid.  Lula O'Neins, 24, was letting her hair down at Centre Parcs just eight weeks before her wedding when disaster struck. She tripped over and broke both bones - the tibia and fibula - in her leg each in two places and the limb was all bent out of shape.

Bereaved mother, 44, who lost a child in the womb, has found new joy after her 'rainbow baby' became an Instagram star -with nearly 15,000 followers

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bereaved mother has been given a new lease of life now her 'rainbow baby' has become an Instagram star -with nearly 15,000 followers. Sarah Simmond, 44, was left devastated when her son, Thomas, died in the womb due to spina bifida complications in 2015. But just seven months later, in early 2016, she fell pregnant with Stanley - who she dubs her 'rainbow baby'. Stanley, now two, has become a huge star on social media after Sarah realised how much attention he was getting from strangers.

Robotic traffic policemen equipped with facial recognition cameras start patrolling the streets of China

Managing road traffic in the world's most populous country is no easy task. And one Chinese city has enlisted the help from robots to keep the streets in order. A team of robotic traffic policemen have started patrolling in Handan, a city in northern China's Hebei Province. The AI-powered androids, the first of its kind in China, were unveiled by the city's police authorities today. Three kinds of robotic cops have been deployed including one specialising in patrolling, one focussing on giving information and one in charge of dealing with traffic accidents, according to Handan traffic police. Engineers have installed facial recognition cameras on all of them, the police said in a series of posts on its official account on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter.

Heartless thieves steal 106-year-old World War Two hero’s medals for second time

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cruel thieves have stolen medals belonging to a 106-year-old Second World War veteran and his dad - while he was watering his plants. Burglars swiped widower Leslie Stelfox's six medals and his late father Arthur's three medals from World War One from his home - the second time they have been pinched in just five years. Leslie served during the campaign for North Africa as one of the heroic Desert Rats.

Beijing metro lines follow Line 6 in offering temperature choice

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two more metro lines in Beijing are offering varied temperatures inside their train cars amid efforts to improve commuter experience during summer. Subway Line 2, the inner rectangular loop line, and Line 13, which arcs across suburbs north of the city, have joined Line 6 in allowing passengers to choose cars with either "strong-air-conditioning" or cars with "light-air-conditioning." After technical upgrades to the train cars, temperatures will be automatically set at 26 or 24 degrees centigrade for Line 2 and 26 or 23 degrees centigrade for Line 13, according to the subway operator. Passengers can easily find information at subway stations before boarding regarding the temperature differences inside train cars, with blue representing a car with a colder temperature and green, a little warmer.

Thai people lie in coffins

Nonthaburi, Thailand: Thais people are seen praying in coffins at Wat Takien temple in Nonthaburi province, on the outskirts of Bangkok. Hundreds of Buddhist believers pay a small fee to lie in pink coffins at 9:00 am and 1:00 pm every day during the unusual daily resurrection service that they believe will wash away bad luck and prolong life.

Moment seagull swoops and snatches a day-old duckling before mother duck launches a 'furious' attack and saves her offspring from being eaten

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the moment a day-old duckling was viciously snatched by a squawking gull - before it was saved by its protective mother. The picture shows the moment the gull, circling overhead, swooped down on four helpless ducklings in the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust Arundel. Steve Cox, 62, snapped the moment it "got a good hold on one of the ducklings" before it "met its match" when the mum duck went ballistic. Civil servant and amateur photographer Steve, of London, said: "A WWT Arundel specialist said the ducklings were a day old, as they weren't there the day before.

Cheeky chilled out bear sticks tounge out at photographer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A playful brown bear sticks its tongue out at a photographer while it relaxes at an animal sanctuary. The bear, which stands 1.7 metres tall, also appears to play 'peekaboo' as she covers her eyes with her hands. She appears to be relaxed laying against a tree, before sticking its tongue out. Geologist Mircea Negulici photographed the bear at Libearty Bear Sanctuary near Zarnesti, Romania. The 43-year-old from Bucharest, Romania, said: "I was lucky to only be about 20 metres away from the bear.

Elephant has a dust shower

***EXCLUSIVE*** An elephant looks like it is having a blast as it showers itself in dirt and mud during an impromptu bathing session in the middle of a tea field. Professional photographer Souvik Basu from Cooch Behar in West Bengal, India, took this amusing picture whilst visiting the Dhulapadung Tea Estate at Rangapara in the Indian state of Assam. Souvik explained: “Elephants usually bath themselves in dirt and dust or mud to help protect them from insects and the heat.”

Wooden boat market

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of small wooden boats are lined up for sale at the largest boat market in Bangladesh as locals prepare for monsoon season by buying transport to travel between villages. Buyers flock from miles around to purchase their own boats at the market so they are prepared for floods which can strike at anytime between June and October.