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Meet the adventurous young woman who ditched going to university for a life on the road in a converted bus

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the adventurous young woman who has decided to ditch university in favour of a life on the road after being inspired by her OWN MUM to live on a bus. When Etsy online store owner, Lexis Noelle (21) from New York, USA was still in high school she was inspired by the time she spent with her mother travelling the USA and Caribbean visiting areas of outstanding natural beauty. Lexis had been influenced by others on Instagram who were seeing the world with their very own vans or busses in tow and was inspired by this minimalistic way of living. Working hard at the time as a waitress she saved every penny and then on February 6, 2017 when she was 18, she found the bus of her dreams on the internet. Having had a test drive, Lexis went home empty handed and thought about her future, and the following day her dreams of travel came true as the bus became hers.

Scots mum who let son wear dress to wedding instead of kilt says 'kids are free to be who they want'

***EXCLUSIVE*** This mum let her adorable two-year-old son choose to wear a dress on her wedding day after he refused a suit and a kilt, saying that her children are ‘free to be who they want to be’, but people have questioned why he wears dresses if he is a boy, but she says she is ‘guided by him’. Gentle sleep consultant and mum of three, Joanna Minuzzo (39) originally from Scotland, UK, but now living in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, practices gentle parenting with her three children, Miss H (7), Miss M (6) and Master S (2) where she respects their personalities and choices to express who they are. Joanna says that this method of parenting has brought her closer to her children, they aren’t afraid of showing emotions or interpreting those of others and they know that they can come to her with their problems without fear of judgment. In January this year, Joanna’s son, who loves Minnie Mouse, came to her wanting to wear his sister’s dress with the cartoon character’s face on. Initially Joanna told him ‘no’ as it’s not socially acceptable for boys to wear dresses, but afterwards she asked herself why he couldn’t wear one as she could see how happy wearing a dress made him. On May 11, 2019, Joanna got married to her husband, Najee (31) and on the day their son had a choice of three outfits to wear, including a suit and a kilt from Scotland, but he refused to wear them, falling in love with his sister’s dresses instead. A week before the big day, Joanna borrowed a beautiful blue dress from a friend and her son was over the moon. Heart-warming pictures from Joanna’s wedding day show Najee helping their son get into his dress and their family sharing the love and enjoying their day together. When Joanna first saw her wedding pictures of the males getting ready, she was overcome with emotion and was humbled with how her husband embraced their son’s outfit choice. Despite this, Joanna has had people question why she lets her son wear clothing that is stereotypically aimed at girls and has had people tell her that in doing so she might ‘make him gay,’ something Joanna says is completely ridiculous and says that there might be a day where he no longer wants to wear girls’ clothes and she will let him guide her.


Meet the woman who has saved countless lives - because she has the rarest BLOOD type in Britain - and is its ONLY donor

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sue Olds, 52, has the incredibly rare blood-type -D- and is the only donor of her kind registered with the NHS.  There are only 110 people in the world with the blood type - and 88 of those live in Japan.  It makes Sue's 46 donations so far especially valuable to the NHS - who have used it to save many lives including a baby.  They also take her blood to freeze for future use when anyone else with -D- are in need.  The NHS Blood and Transplant say if she continues to donate during her lifetime she'll have saved or improved a HUNDRED lives.  Sue, a support from Penzance, Cornwall, said she will continue donating as often as possible.

A designer has put a modern twist on images of historical Iranian villages by blending imaginary skyscrapers into arid landscapes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Iranian-born Mohammad Hassan Forouzanfar has created "the impossible" by adding towering buildings into horizontal villages as part of his 'Retrofuturism' project. With small houses and muted pastel colours, the modern skyscrapers are a far cry from the usual architecture found in Iran.

A super-cute puppy was named after a kangaroo because she hops around on her back paws - despite being born with SIX legs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Roo, an eight-week-old Labrador-cross, jumps around on her back paws because she was born with two extra front legs, that cause her a little trouble when she walks. Lauren Salmon, 33, from Orpington, Kent, bought Roo from breeders in Essex two weeks ago after her son Luke, 15, spotted the special pup online. Lauren has now contacted Dr Noel Fitzpatrick - the specialist who stars in Channel 4’s ‘The Supervet’ - to see if he can help to improve Roo’s mobility, because her extra legs get in the way when she's walking.