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Woman, 37, claims breast implants were to blame for ovarian cysts and crippling migraines - saying she felt like she was 'dying' until they were removed

***EXCLUSIVE*** OHIO, USA: This woman developed large OVARIAN CYSTS and was incredibly sick but no doctor could explain why, until a colleague’s wife told her about BREAST IMPLANT ILLNESS and she learned that her breast implants were ‘TICKING TIME BOMBS’ which made her believe she was dying. General manager, Kellee Green (37) from Ohio, USA, hated being told to ‘eat a burger’ by people who thought she was too thin and felt that she had a child-like frame, with her 32A breasts making matters worse. After hating her body for so long, Kellee opted to have 300cc breast implants in 2010, making her a 32D and helping her to feel womanly. In 2015, Kellee started having migraines up to five times a week so her neurologist provided her with medication, but this didn’t help, and she developed crippling anxiety also. In 2016, Kellee had a cyst removed from her ovary and after surgery she was diagnosed with endometriosis, which has been linked to breast implants. Since her diagnosis, Kellee has had three tennis ball sized cysts removed from her ovaries. Kellee didn’t want to become too fearful, but her odd symptoms continued as in 2017 she became nauseous and developed vertigo, making the room spin uncontrollably. The numerous symptoms caused Kellee’s health to drastically decline in February 2019 and she ended up in hospital for three days, but her scans came back healthy. Kellee saw a neurologist, gynaecological doctor, psychologist and an autoimmune doctor multiple times, and mentioned her implants to them but no one could diagnose her. Fortunately, Kellee’s boss mentioned her sickness to another colleague who asked if she had breast implants because his wife had become ill as a result of her implants. Kellee reached out to this woman and was told about breast implant illness and the countless side effects implants can cause. She immediately sought to have her toxic implants removed, with her surgery taking place on July 17, 2019.

What would James Bond say?...DB5 'estate'!

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare Aston Martin that would be more suited to a family holiday than a James Bond movie has emerged for sale for £1.2m. The DB5 Shooting Break is an estate version of 007's iconic coupe and is one of only 12 examples ever made by the British car giant. It is also one of just four models built in in left-hand-drive making it one of the rarest Aston Martins in the world today. The quirky motor has the same stylish front end as the car made famous by Sean Connery in Goldfinger but the rear is a completely different story.

Norwich Cathedral installs a 55ft-tall HELTER SKELTER in its nave for £2-a-slide

Worshippers slammed a cathedral for being 'disrespectful' after it installed a 55ft-tall helter skelter in its nave in order to give visitors a better view of its medieval roof. The funfair ride has a viewing platform at 40ft, allowing riders closer to Norwich Cathedral's 69ft-high roof - if they are willing to part with £2-per-slide. Reverend Canon Andy Bryant said the idea came to him during a visit to the Sistine Chapel in Rome, adding that he hoped it would incite more visitors to the cathedral. He said he understood traditionalists may question the decision, after a similar stunt saw Rochester Cathedral slammed by parishioners for installing a crazy golf course.

Turn molehills into mountains in this tiny off-roader

***EXCLUSIVE*** This quirky-looking Italian off-road microcar from the 1960's has emerged for sale at auction for £33,000 ($40,000). The bizarre Ferves Ranger is one of just 50 survivors of its kind and is powered by a tiny 18-horsepower engine based on Fiat 500 parts. Despite its lack of power the motor is incredibly desirable and has the capability to cover terrain that no other microcar could dream of - and unlike a Ranger Rover, if the tiny motor gets stuck you can just push it out on your own.

City slicker couple swap their two-bed south London tower block flat for the idyllic Isles of Scilly where they run the only general store on the tiny island of Bryher with 84 inhabitants

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple who have swapped bustling London for the idyllic Isles of Scilly say they are loving their new life. Aaron Haile, 39, and her husband Mark Bothwick, 45, made the bold decision to quit the capital for the tiny island of Bryher off the Cornish coast. They have taken on the island's only general store which doubles as a post office for the outpost's 84 inhabitants - in stark contrast to London's 8.7million population. Their previous home was a two bedroom Lewisham flat in a tower block in south east London.

Han Dynasty tombs discovered in east China

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two ancient tombs with delicate stone reliefs were discovered in Jinan city, east China's Shandong province, local archaeological authorities said Wednesday (7 August 2019). Located in Jinan's Jiyang district, the tombs are believed to date back to the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D. 220), according to the city's institute of archaeology. They were found when local residents dredged a pond at the end of 2018. After nearly four months of archaeological excavation work, a total of almost 60 stone reliefs and more than 90 portraits were unearthed in the tombs. They vividly depict scenes of daily life in ancient times, in addittion to several portraits of goat heads, which are commonly seen in tombs with stone reliefs in the region. The approximately 20-meter-long and 15-meter-wide tomb is said to be the largest double-passage tombs with stone reliefs from the Han Dynasty ever found in Jinan.

The home with its very own Secret Garden! Stylish country house in grounds that inspired famous novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett goes on the market for £595,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stylish home that sits on the land that inspired Frances Hodgson Burnett to write The Secret Garden has emerged for sale. The charming three bedroom house is tucked within the grounds of magnificent Great Maytham Hall in Cranbrook, Kent. The stunning country home, built in 1721, was home to the author between 1898 and 1907 when she was aged in her 50s.

Stunning Scottish location for the price of a London shoebox

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning Scottish retreat with its own private loch has emerged on the market for just £250,000 - less than a tiny London studio flat. Loch Cottage, north west of the village of Kirkmichael in Perthshire, has 65 acres of pasture and woodland. It is metres from the Cateran Trail, one of the country's great walking and mountain biking trails. And the property has fishing rights for the nearby River Ardle, which is home to brown trout and salmon.

Turtle trails

***EXCLUSIVE*** Turtles leave tyre-like tracks in the sand as they crawl back towards the sea having laid their eggs. The sea creatures mate on the beach before burying their eggs on the sandy shoreline. Photographer Haitham Al Farsi camped less than a mile from the beach, visiting every day before dawn to try and catch a glimpse of the green turtles as they made their way back to the water. Thousands of turtles made the journey at Ras Al Hadd in Oman on the Arabian Peninsula.

Big boats look like the form part of a city scape

***EXCLUSIVE*** So many boats crowd the shoreline in a busy city it's hard to tell where the buildings end and the ships begin. The colourful vessels are moored in their hundreds at a large boat-building area in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Shipbuilders in Bangladesh began exporting their ships to other countries in 2009, and it has since become a growing trade in the area. These photographs were taken by Abdul Momin, 28, who flew a drone 400ft above the ships to capture the shots.

British shoreline is lit up by glowing neon blue plankton

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British shoreline is lit up by glowing neon blue plankton, making it look like a tropical destination. The bioluminescent creatures, which naturally light up the water, create a mesmerising natural phenomenon known as 'sea sparkle' as they gather in the shallow water. Amateur photographer Rob Amsbury took the stunning pictures in Penmon, on the island of Anglesey, Wales, after venturing out in his paddle boat until 3am. The 37-year-old said he has been lucky enough to witness the incredible glowing blue plankton before, but said this was the brightest display he had seen.