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Mother of eight reveals she has been breastfeeding for FIFTEEN YEARS – after beating the odds with an incurable condition that made it hard for her to conceive

***EXCLUSIVE*** MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: Meet the mum of eight who says that for FIFTEEN YEARS she’s been either pregnant or breastfeeding her babies who are roughly one to two years apart – but despite this she has had no stretch marks. In September 2004, primary school teacher and business partner, Greta Dench (38) from Melbourne, Australia, and her husband, Simon, welcomed their first child, Jeremiah (now 14) after struggling to conceive for a year due to her having polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). While they never planned to have a big family before they were married, once they had their first child they were eager to have another. After discussing it with her husband, they agreed to have three more kids, landing on four children. Over the next five years they had their children; Felix (13), Ezra (11) and Hugo (9). The satisfaction of being able to raise four children encouraged them to try for a fifth child, Jasper (now 7), who was born in 2012. The same cycle continued for their next three children; Vera (4), Benji (2) and Elsie (five months), who were all born two years apart almost to the day. Greta says that daily exercise and nutrition has helped her raise her eight kids and despite having that many children, she did not have a single stretch mark. She says that anyone can raise a big family if they are organised enough.

From addict to athlete: Married, fit content creator, 31, who spent most of his life on heroin shares his inspiring journey to sobriety

***EXCLUSIVE*** LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA: Taylor became a nationally qualified athlete after recovering from his addiction. AFTER FIRST trying drugs at the age of TWELVE, this man thought he was ‘BORN TO DIE A DRUG ADDICT’ as he spiralled into a HEROIN, meth and crack cocaine addiction and spent most of his life ‘covered in dried blood, searching for veins’– but when his mum threw him into rehab for five months he fell in love with the gym and credits it with keeping him sober for almost four years. Content creator, Taylor Reichelt (31) from Los Angeles, California, USA, struggled to connect with people growing up which weighed on his mind heavily. At 12, Taylor first tried marijuana which instantly helped to shut his brain off and he felt like he was able connect with his peers who were smoking too. By the time Taylor hit his twenties, he was making good money running a sushi kitchen whilst doing heroin which made him feel like he had made it. To his friends and family, he was a successful young man with the whole world at his feet but when he was 22 Taylor lost his job because of his drug use and in despair, he started using meth and crack cocaine as well as heroin but once again he felt as though he belonged with the people he associated with. When he was 27, Taylor had resigned himself to dying a drug addict and would find himself on bathroom floors, covered in his own dried blood, spending up to 48 hours desperately searching for a vein to get high. During this time, Taylor would have to watch and say nothing out of fear of being cut off when his dealer abused his girlfriend but one day his fear escalated and his mum picked him up and drove him to rehab, where he stayed for five months and fell in love with the gym. Following his stint in rehab, Taylor was introduced to the 12 step programme and became a nationally qualified athlete, he now speaks in schools to educate teenagers and parents about drugs. Taylor has been sober since October 10, 2015, and is married to Stephanie Harger (30).

The £25 million turquoise superyachts delivered to a millionaire by Princess Yachts - with the colour chosen by the man’s six-year-old daughter

***EXCLUSIVE*** A six-year-old was asked by her father to pick the colour of his new £25million super-yachts - and chose TURQUOISE. The multi-millionaire buyer had become confused by the endless options of colour for his two posh new boats. So he brought his six-year-old daughter in to help - and she picked the brightest colour available. She chose turquoise and the lurid blue-green luxury vessels were built and delivered to the happy customer.

Armless father

CHANGTU: Wang Gang, a 33-year-old villager from Hexi Village of Liaoning Province, lost his arms due to an accidental electric shock at the age of 13. After years of hard practices with his feet, he can not only take care of himself but also do some simple housework and take care of his sick mother. Wang Gang got married with He Xiaoman four years ago and had their son Rourou in October of 2018. The birth of Rourou brings great joy to this family, and Wang Gang puts all his heart to take care of his son and the family. Though he is not a perfect father, he will be the most diligent one, the armless father said.

A couple got married in the school hall where they first met and now live streets away from where they used to live and play as kids

***EXCLUSIVE*** Reunited 20 years on Jemma Fullthorpe, 33, and Phil Allen, 32, were walking past Kingsthorpe Lower School one day and decided to ask the head mistress if they could get married there. She agreed and they had a „perfect” wedding there on August 3.