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Woman whose boyfriend died after saving her life in a horrific car crash reveals how she is honoring him by 'living life to the full' - despite being paralyzed from the chest down

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the inspirational woman who is lucky to be alive after a horrific collision between her taxi and a horse KILLED HER BOYFRIEND and would have killed her too if he hadn’t pushed her out of the way – and although she now faces life as a paraplegic she is determined to honour his memory by living life to the full. Public figure, Tamara Mena (33) from Los Angeles, California, USA and her boyfriend Patrick Riner had been enjoying their third care-free year together and were planning to get married. They were excited to let their hair down across the border at the famous party resort of Rosarito Beach, Baja, Mexico on October 15, 2005 where they were going for the night with their friends. Knowing they’d be drinking, the pair decided to take a taxi but as they were on the motorway going approximately 70 miles an hour, out of nowhere a saddled horse was standing in the middle of the road. The taxi driver tried to avoid it, but it was too late to react, and the car ploughed directly into it. The animal landed on the roof, crushing the vehicle’s left side. Sadly, her boyfriend and the taxi driver were killed instantly but astonishingly, Tamara survived after her boyfriend pushed her down to protect her. She didn’t escape unscathed as she was left with a broken spine, neck, ribs, shoulder, nose - and a broken heart. When Tamara woke up and realised her loss, she was forced to make a choice to give up on life or to carry on without him. Patrick was a positive force and loved the life he was robbed of, which helped to make her decision to continue.

The wildlife-mad couple who took their daughter on her first safari when she was just SIX MONTHS OLD

***EXCLUSIVE*** This couple are so passionate about wildlife that they introduced one of their children to it at just SIX-MONTHS-OLD and hope that sharing images of their kids wandering around Africa feeding giraffes and playing with ostriches will inspire others to get involved in conservation. Doctor Natalie Burrard-Lucas (35) and wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas (35) from Buckinghamshire, UK, met in 2002 when they both studied in London and bonded over their love for travel. The couple went on a few backpacking trips together during the summer breaks before heading back to university, sparking Will’s love for photography as he captured the fascinating sights he was able to visit. The couple married in 2010 and Zambia was their dream honeymoon location, a destination they both wanted to visit for a long time prior. Shortly after the honeymoon, Natalie came across a position to work in a hospital in Zambia which she saw as an unmissable opportunity. In 2012, Natalie took a sabbatical from her role as junior doctor in London to work in a hospital in rural Zambia for a year. Will, who turned his photography hobby into a profession in 2010, moved with Natalie and frequently visited the national park to capture the wildlife. During that year, Natalie worked frequent 30-hour shifts, there were power cuts, the nearest supermarket was an hour away and there was no hot water, however the experience enabled Natalie and Will to appreciate a new way of life. Once the sabbatical was over, they moved to Buckinghamshire where they began thinking about starting a family. Their daughter, Rosie (4) was born in 2015 and they took trips during Natalie’s maternity leave, with Rosie’s first safari in Zambia when she was just six months old, before a six-week trip when she was nine months old. In 2017, Benjy (2) was born and went on his first safari at nine months old for two months.  Natalie now works as a locum GP which enables her to take extended periods of time off to continue to travel. The family tends to fly out to Africa for three months a year to go on safari together. The children have grown up accustomed to seeing wild animals, including African elephants, baboons, giraffes and ostriches.

'I feared the breast cancer that killed mum - then found out I was an IVF baby': Woman, 22, reveals how teenage heartbreak led to a search for the family members she never knew she had

***EXCLUSIVE***  A woman who discovered she was conceived at a fertility clinic is now searching for her half-brother after finally meeting her egg donor. Robyn Ranford, 22, met her egg donor in February 2018 after contacting her dad to find out if the breast cancer which killed her mum in 2012 was hereditary. The postgraduate student, of London, was then told not to worry - because she was actually conceived by IVF treatment at the Bristol Fertility Clinic. Shocked Robyn also found that she wasn't biologically related to half-sister. Bereaved, and confused by the implications of her conception, Robyn waited four years before tracking down the woman who had donated her eggs to the clinic - Angie. Thanks to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) - the regulating body for egg donation in the UK - she then discovered she had a half-brother. Beyond the year of his birth, 1996, Robyn has no details at all about his identity, though she has since started research to track him down. She is now appealing to members of the public who might be able to help identify her mystery sibling for any help they can give.

An ice cream parlour has been making customers laugh with their brand new summer-themed concotion - SEAGULL POO ice cream

***EXCLUSIVE*** The whacky ice cream is grey in colour, with a white blob on top and a decorative brown 'nugget' in the middle, and is reportedly "exotic in flavour".  Pete Small, who owns Joey's Ice Cream Parlour in Ilfracombe, Devon, said he wanted to "come up with something special and amusing".

Walking the 5800-kilometer-journey from Inner Mongolia to Tibet

***EXCLUSIVE*** Yunhe, the username of the man who attemps to walk from north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region in one year, now arrives in Beijing, China, 8 August 2019. Yunhe started his journey with his dog Qiuqiu, and intends to share the whole journey via internet livestream.

Woman sheds almost 6st after signing up to popular workout classes

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW YORK, USA: After this woman was DUMPED by her first boyfriend she spent two months crying and gorging on FAMILY PACKS of cookies and even refused to leave her apartment – but after signing up to a kickboxing class she got her mojo back, lost almost five-and-a-half-stone and is now a self-declared ‘BAD ASS’. Jacqui Horn (22) from New York, USA, struggled with her weight for her entire life and her life lacked structure, which often saw her gorge to the point of vomiting as a child as she desperately tried to clear her plate. As she hit her teens, Jacqui’s weight affected her self-esteem and she’d try countless fad diets in a bid to shed the extra pounds, dreaming that one day she would wake up thin. Insecure, she considered herself lucky to have friends even if they treated her poorly and after her first serious boyfriend broke up with her at 19, Jacqui fell into a deep depression, thinking that no one would ever love her. For two months, Jacqui cried, didn’t leave her apartment or go out with friends and instead binged on family size packs of cookies. As time passed, she started to hang out with her friends more and one day they signed up to a kickboxing class which Jacqui fell in love with. Before long she was going to class every day and as her endurance increased, she became mindful of what she was eating. Jacqui has gone from 15st 10lb and a UK size 22 to 10st 5lb and a size 10 and what she has lost in weight she’s gained in confidence.

Shanghai's highest bookstore to calm a readers' mind

***EXCLUSIVE*** Duoyun Books inside the Guangfulin Relics Park is a bookstore whose antique surroundings and refined decorations can easily calm a reader's mind. Established by Shanghai Century Publishing Group and Songjiang District government on 26 June 2018, it won the title of "The Most Beautiful Bookstore of the Year" during the 2019 China Bookstore Convention in Beijing.

This is the heartbreaking moment a mum reunited her premature twins - for one final goodbye cuddle after one passed away just three days old

***EXCLUSIVE*** Victoria Robinson, 25, went into spontaneous labour at just 23 weeks and three days and gave birth to non-identical girls Winter and Ocean. Weighing just 1lb 5oz and 1lb 2oz respectively, they had constant round-the-clock treatment from at least 30 medics.

Smart well lid installed in Beijing

***EXCLUSIVE*** The well lid is equipped with solar cell to support various functions. For example, it can show videos to passers-by no matter which direction they are from; it also contains GPS to prevent itself from being stolen. The well lid is also able to censor conditions including water level, poisonous gas, etc.

Cartoon scarecrows

***EXCLUSIVE*** Shandong, China: Shandong Jining, beam township Jia gudui village one hundred mu big intersection flowers bloom.Cartoon scarecrows are cute and adorable.Millions of visitors travel to Jia gudui village of flower to admire the view...Jia gudui village rich in tourism resources, ancient village house intact, the village west ''provincial cultural relics protection unit'' Jia gudui of ruins, is the origin of the dawenkou culture, has a high research value.In addition, Jia gudui village has abundant tourism projects: fishing, picking, yangko, lion dance, sheep, chicken, etc., to develop tourism superior natural conditions.The village combining Liangshan's sense of honor culture, leisure tourism development mode, the launch of rural tourism, farming experience, dining experience, such as rural leisure tourism products, will Jia gudui village into a pile of Shandong folk customs experience.To Jia gudui village into a pile of Shandong folk customs experience.

This cheeky kingfisher was caught out gobbling a fish whilst sitting on a 'no fishing' sign

***EXCLUSIVE*** The bird was photographed as it used the sign on a pond in Lincolnshire to perch with its prey.  Wildlife snapper Vince Burton said the sign was used by the birds to rest and spot their next victim.  Vince, 46, of North Tuddenham in Norfolk, said: "It's good for the birds that they can't read.  "I watched as they perched to look for fish and then waited until they were successful and returned there with their catch to eat.  "The images were shot at Wildlife Photography Hides in Lincoln and are of a breeding pair.   "Both male and female were visiting the hide and like all couples, the occasional squabble broke out."

Thousands of cows are lined up to be sold at a bustling cattle market

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thousands of cows are lined up to be sold at a bustling cattle market in Bangladesh. Over 50,000 of the animals are gathered together by farmers in Shibganj Upazila, Bangladesh. Photographer Abdul Momin, 28, said the animals were being sold as sacrifices for Eid celebrations. The brahman, sahiwal and Indian cows will be the sacrificial animals for the Islamic holiday, which honours the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God's command.

Rat hunting crabs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Usually synonymous with sewers and rubbish bins, the rat was spotted hunting for crabs, by Amateur photographer, Leon Kirkbride. Leon explains," I noticed a Rat searching around the rocks bottom of the harbour next to the water. It was in and out of the various gaps between the rocks foraging around the seaweed, it was constantly on the move probably trying to avoid the groups of Herring Gulls flying around. After a few minutes the Rat then started pulling at something between some of the rocks, I looked through the camera lens and noticed it was a crab" "This was the first time I've seen a Rat hunting Crabs, it was quite an interesting thing to watch and shows these rodents will adapt to any conditions hunting for food."