Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

‘I thought I was going to die. Now I’m having a baby’: Woman, 28, whose life was saved by a liver transplant from an old friend prepares to welcome the child she never expected to have

***EXCLUSIVE*** PENNSYLVANIA, USA: AFTER becoming severely jaundice and fearing she would die, this woman was diagnosed with a rare liver disease which was causing her body to fail until an old school friend miraculously became her liver donor to save her life, and she is now preparing to welcome her first child. Wellness and essential oil educator, Amanda Washek (28) from Pennsylvania, USA, developed a persistent tiredness and nausea in 2014, despite her efforts to feel better. As her symptoms progressed, Amanda also became incredibly dizzy and couldn’t keep food down. After months of sickness, Amanda’s husband Justin (29) rushed her to the hospital but her health had declined so much that her skin had become yellow and nurses were taken aback by her yellow complexion. Amanda instantly received a blood transfusion, but her health didn’t improve in the following days, so she had to be transferred to a better equipped hospital. The idea of being transferred was a warning sign for Amanda who realised that something had to be seriously wrong. Doctors were able to monitor Amanda’s condition for two weeks and she was diagnosed with primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) in May, a condition she’s believed to have had for most of her life but had progressed rapidly in the months prior to being admitted. The only effective treatment for the condition is a liver transplant, but doctors assured Amanda that she wouldn’t need one for another five to 10 years. Unfortunately, after being monitored, her condition continued to decline, and she was listed for a transplant in September 2014. It became apparent that Amanda wouldn’t survive if she didn’t get a liver transplant soon, so she was instead listed for a living donor and the first living donor to speed up the process. Miraculously, Amanda’s donor, Maddie (28) is an old school friend who she regularly enjoyed meeting up with. Since becoming Amanda’s donor, the pair have grown even closer.

Woman, 27, - who lived for almost 20 years with a massive facial nerve tumour - has had her life changed after the growth was removed thanks surgery performed aboard a hospital ship ran by charity

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum-of-four who lived for nearly 20 years with a massive facial nerve tumour was saved after having FREE operations onboard a hospital ship. Isatu, 27, had her amenoblastoma removed last September and underwent three surgeries including excision and full reconstruction. She first developed the jaw cancer aged 10, which caused her to lose several teeth within weeks of contracting the ailment. The Creole speaker from Sierra Leone had difficulty breathing, as the tumour was pushing her tongue back into her throat and restricting her airway.

Rare sight - two jay birds scrapping for their lunch

***EXCLUSIVE*** Phil Clark, 40, snapped the colourful and noisy animals at a bird hide in Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Galloway.  The bus driver, from Inverness, Scottish Highlands, was at the lookout spot from 7am till 4pm, patiently waiting to photograph wildlife.  But the animal lover was stunned to see two jay birds not wanting to 'share their food'.  The dad-of-three said jays are difficult to spot because they are intelligent.