Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Talented makeup artist is dazzling Disney fans online by transforming herself into some of the studio’s most beloved characters using facepaint and incredible skill

***EXCLUSIVE*** This talented Disney fan can transform herself into the cartoon characters from her favourite movies - just using make up. Lucy Cook, 25, uses paints, brushes and her face as a canvas to replicate her favourite characters from Lion King, Toy Story, 101 Dalmatians, and Snow White. The stay-at-home mum, of Poole, Dorset, paints the mask-like make up in astonishing detail, and posts them online, where fans can't believe it's her real face. Each look takes Lucy between two and four hours to design and then paint, done with the use of movie stills.

Couple who scooped £1m on lottery scratchcard say it was all thanks to cat Shortcake

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple who scooped a £1 million lottery scratchcard prize say they only won because of their cat, Shortcake. Andrew and Paula Hancock went to a petrol station after forgetting the cat's dinner and grabbed a Monopoly Millionaire Scratchcard while they were there. In the rush of excitement on realising he had landed the couple a seven-figure jackpot, Mr Hancock forgot to buy the six-year-old ginger tom's food again. Andrew, 46, and Paula, 43, who live near Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, now plan on enjoying some time off with a holiday to Australia and other trips abroad.

A miracle teenager who was given just a ONE PERCENT chance of survival after being born three months prematurely has defied the odds to celebrate his 18th birthday

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ross Anderson weighed just 2lbs, the same as a bag of sugar, when he was born at 28 weeks on August 11, 2001. Doctors warned parents Mandy and Carl their son was unlikely to survive and he spent the first two months of his life on a specialist unit at Birmingham's City Hospital.  He was later transferred to Worcestershire Royal Hospital where he incredibly went on to make a miracle recovery against all the odds.  And on Sunday (11/8) Ross marked the birthday milestone by celebrating with friends, family and his girlfriend Isabelle with a party at his home in Worcester.

Window cleaner who looks identical to Simon Cowell reveals how celebrities mistake him for the real X Factor judge

***EXCLUSIVE*** EAST SUSSEX, UK: Meet the cleaner who looks so much like SIMON COWELL that he’s STUNNED celebrities including the BGT JUDGE HIMSELF and has even been asked by clients to CLEAN WINDOWS DRESSED LIKE HIM. Uncanny pictures show window cleaner, Andy Penfold (54) from East Sussex, UK, donning slick black Ray-Ban sunglasses just like Simon Cowell. In one picture, Andy can be seen standing next to the Britain’s Got Talent judges, including Simon himself, and another picture shows him with his thumbs up next to Peter Andre.In the summer of 2014, Andy had backstage tickets at the Isle of Wight festival to watch the band Republica perform, as he is friends with the lead singer. He forgot his glasses and ended up buying a new pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses for the event. When he put them on, he was suddenly ambushed by people there who noticed the resemblance between him and Simon Cowell. He was then encouraged to send in a picture to a lookalike agency, who signed him, and he has since been attending numerous charity events dressed as Simon Cowell. On the same year, he was offered a job to feature in a music video with the band Rouge Kiss who were contestants on the X Factor. He was then invited to the set of Britain’s Got More Talent (BGMT) where he met Simon, Amanda Holden, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon, who were all shocked by their resemblance. He has had many strangers approach him for pictures and even in his paid cleaning job, he’s had clients ask him to clean their windows dressed as Simon Cowell.

A pub has created a 12,000 CALORIE burger that comes with its own health warning - stating the pub will pay £500 towards a gravestone if any customers die eating it

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pub has cooked up the UK's most calorific burger ever - a 12,000 calorie feast containing 1.5kg of beef topped with 25 bacon rashers. The Big Ben Number 10 comes with a health warning and bosses at the George Pub and Grill state they will pay £500 towards a gravestone if any customers die eating it. The £28.95 meal is stacked high with 10 juicy beef patties - weighing 60oz - and dozens of American cheese slices. Adventurous eaters can pay an extra £6.90 for extra bacon rashers and a further dollop of liquid cheese over the whole monstrosity.

A team of divers reunited a man with his £800 iPhone X after finding it still worked -despite being discovered at the bottom of a LAKE

***EXCLUSIVE*** Warren Palmer, 44, and stepson Anthony Hanstock, 24, went searching for the mobile phone after a member of staff at a water park lost it last Wednesday (8/8).  The pair spent just 15 minutes with a metal detector before finding the iPhone at a depth of four metres at Spring Lakes Water Park, Long Eaton, Derbys., on Friday (10/8).  They were stunned to discover the phone still worked and were able to reunite it with grateful owner Brad Beech two days after he dropped it while wakeboarding.  Pro diver Warren, who also works as a caterer with wife Shell, 44, said it was "incredible" to see the phone working at the bottom of the lake.

This is the extraordinary moment a volcano erupts shooting luminous hot lava from the surface as a lightning bolt strikes the centre of the mountain

***EXCLUSIVE*** Photographer Martin Reitze, 55, captured these rare images as volcanic ash escaped from the Ebeko volcano in Russia whilst the lightning froze the ash cloud in time. Martin, from Munich, Germany was standing around a kilometre away from the northern crater of the volcano when it erupted. The volcano expert said: "The strong lightning which shows in the image is a very rare exception, as it was much stronger than usual.