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It’s Tony Hawk! Adorable little bird is skateboarding sensation

***EXCLUSIVE*** A tiny little sparrow has amazed the internet by learning how to skateboard. The fearless bird called Cota has learnt how to navigate ramps on his skateboard. The rare white bird, from Shizuoka, Japan, has over 50K followers on their Instagram page @cotasun. The Java Sparrow, can jump on a skateboard at the top of a ramp and ride down it, keeping perfect balance.  The carefully constructed ramps are made by his anonymous owner, who has lovingly made steps for Cota to get to the top of the ramp. Even going the effort of making a see-saw platform for Cota to get extra speed.

Daredevil diver calms giant shark with just a touch of his hand

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning images and video have revealed the shark whisperer who redirects huge tiger sharks with just his hands. The incredible images show the fearless diver swimming underwater with the large predators in competition for food. Other striking shots show the sharks challenging with their enormous mouth wide open to show their dominance before he controls or redirects them with his hand. The remarkable photographs were taken by photographer Cam Grant and other friend of MooreaMoana Tours owner Pierrick Seybald (34), from Moorea, French Polynesia, in the water off Tuamotu Island with tiger sharks.

‘They all smokes’: Heart-breaking photographs of child labourers

***EXCLUSIVE*** An eight-year-old girl stops to look at the camera as she carries a huge sack of goods on her back, struggling to lift it up the hill as she desperately tries to finish her job in the early morning so she can go to school. This is just one striking image in a set of heart-breaking photographs published by the Library of Congress this week. They were taken by photographer and reformist Lewis Hine in the early 20th century, in an attempt to end the barbaric practices of child labour. The eye-opening photos show children like eight-year-old Jennie Camillo from Philadelphia. She’s pictured in an awkward position with a grimace on her face, holding a box full of cranberries that’s the size of her own torso. In another picture taken in 1911, a father sits idle as he watches his children work. The jobless Dad is relying on his children to pick nuts, which they can make $3 a week doing. Not all of the photographs are sad. In one picture, a group of children have created a playground in a dump and appear to be having a joyous time. Lewis Hine photographed children for the National Child Labor Committee, which was a lobbying organisation that helped bring about stricter labour laws concerning children.