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Behind the scenes of not-so-glamorous red carpet facts

Hollywood is probably the most glamorous place in the world. It’s the place where the most beautiful people come together to make us all totally jealous of how perfect they are. Not only are these stars talented and rich beyond imagination, but they also look incredible – especially on the red carpet. Red carpet events are spectacular, but they’re also really long. Some award shows take hours, and that’s not including those wild after parties. So that makes us wonder – how do these stars, all dressed up in their magnificent gowns and dapper suits, still manage to look flawless, even hours into the ceremonies or premieres? However, we need to remember that each of these stars has their own army of stylists, makeup artists, and beauty experts – all of which possess tricks, hacks, and secrets, that help their clients look their best on the days it counts the most. And we’re here to bring you some of the less glamorous things celebrities are doing behind the scenes, that help them achieve that red carpet worthy look.

Wig tape is a girl’s best friend

If you ask any celebrity stylist, they will all probably tell you that double-sided tape is a woman’s best friend on the red carpet. When you’re famous, it comes with certain expectations to rock some seriously glamorous dresses on the red carpet. But some of these dresses can have some pretty tricky cleavages, which make them dangerous to wear. Nobody wants to have that red carpet disaster where you accidentally flash your lady parts to the whole world. So how do you make sure everything stays right where it should? You use double-sided tape, of course! Keeping the girls glued to your dress will help prevent a lot of awkward conversations later.

Shape it up

We all get envious of these famous ladies from time to time, and a lot of it has something to do with their perfect figures and how amazing they manage to look on the red carpet. But as you may already know, celebrities are humans just like us, with flaws and all (hard to believe, right?). Even they might sometimes feel the need to wear a body shaper underneath their dress. So next time you get jealous, take notice that there might be something underneath, holding everything in place.

Baby got back

Back in January, Kristen Bell caused an internet storm, when she confidently revealed she was wearing padded briefs to the Golden Globes Awards, to make her back side seem bigger. Hey, every one of us has something they wished they could change about their appearance, and there is no shame in using outside aids to do it! We say, whatever makes you feel confident, makes you look great – and we love that while most celebrities hide it, Kristen owned it.

Don’t sweat it

We all know this problem. You go outside on a humid day, and you’re constantly worrying about having visible sweat stains on your clothing. It can be really embarrassing, but if something like that happens on the red carpet – it’s much, much worse. This is why some celebrities are reportedly injecting Botox into their armpits – we kid you not – in order to prevent that underarm sweat. Botox is said to temporarily paralyzes the muscles and thus prevent a red carpet embarrassment, even when wearing long sleeved dresses.

A Twin Peaks situation

Another common problem for female celebrities, is when they’re wearing a dress that doesn’t permit undergarments to stay hidden – like a backless or deep cut dress. In that case, there are usually covers they can use to keep anything from “poking out”, but when the dress’ fabric is extremely thin, it would be visible. So what do celebrity stylists do in that case? They reportedly use two pieces of scotch tape to form an X-shape over those bull’s eyes to cover them up, while still remaining invisible under the fabric.

Slippery when wet

Aside from it being highly uncomfortable, spending the evening in high heels can also create other problems. It’s hard to imagine, but when these female celebrities walk glamorously upon the red carpet, their feet often get sweaty inside those pumps. The solution? Strategically placing pieces of sandpaper inside the shoes, to keep those feet from sliding down. We have to wonder whether having sandpaper inside your shoes is the more comfortable option, but who are we to doubt the red carpet experts?

The VPL problem

We all know that having a visible panty line is a major fashion faux pas. But it’s not always possible keeping those undergarments invisible – especially when your dress is tight and bright-colored. Going “au naturale” isn’t exactly helpful either, since these starlets often have to exit limos, or rock a dress with a thigh split – which can potentially be much worse (and we have specific cases in mind). So how to avoid a VPL fiasco? Apparently, if you cut off some nylons, you can use them as extremely thin undergarments.

Lady in red

When think about Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain, and Karen Gillan – your mind is probably going straight to that luscious, vibrant red hair of theirs. But how does it look quite so lively on the red carpet? Well, celebrity hair stylists have said that some starlets actually use some pomegranate or cranberry juice to accentuate the red shade of their hair. If you try this at home, just make sure to wash off the juice before you go outside.

Black eye avoided

Imagine you’re getting ready to go to a party, and you think you’ve nailed that eyeshadow look you were going for. But two hours into the party, you realize you look like a raccoon. Well, here’s a trick for you, straight from the red carpet specialists, to prevent that pesky eyeshadow fallout. While female celebrities get their makeup done before an event, their makeup artists put a piece of scotch tape under their eyes to keep it from getting dirty. Clever, right?

Face deodorant

Ever wonder how the gorgeous ladies who strut the red carpet often look so cool, even on the warmest days? How can they stand out there for hours at a time under those spotlights, without having their faces melting off? Well, either they’re superhuman, or they’re applying deodorant to their faces. That’s right – according to celebrity stylists, some of these ladies are applying antiperspirant on parts of their faces, to keep them from getting sweaty.

Cherry Jell-o

Bold red lips can be quite a statement on the red carpet, but keeping that red lipstick from fading all night long is a real pain for Hollywood starlets. All they should worry about is whether or not they’ll get that award. So apparently, a popular red carpet solution for this is applying some cherry Jell-O powder onto moistened lips before applying that red lipstick. That way, even if it starts to fade, no one will notice. Plus, your lips are delicious!

Visine and nasal spray

Let’s be honest here. Most of these stars don’t even get a decent night’s sleep before having to go on red carpet events, and they still manage to look more refreshed than we do on our day-to-day. How? Well, their beauty experts have some hacks up their sleeve. Not only do they use Visine to make their eyes look whiter, but they also use it (along with nasal spray) to reduce face redness, inflammation, and even acne – instead of putting on scary amounts of concealer.

Toning lotion

Before those A-list stars walk the red carpet, they often visit the tanning salon. And it’s not just about achieving that “I’ve been to the beach all weekend long” look, but also to look more toned. St. Tropez Skin Finishing Expert Fiona Locke had said that for stars who are planning to wear dresses that showcase the arms, she uses tanning spray under the triceps. This creates a visual effect that makes the arms look more toned.

Red makes white

Most celebrities usually visit the dentist’s office before the beginning of award season, but sometimes they’re just too busy doing amazing things. If they don’t have time to get their teeth whitened but still want their teeth to look brighter, their makeup artists often use red lip stain on the line of their gums – to make their teeth look whiter by comparison. That way they can flash that smile comfortably to all those red carpet cameras.

Stick-on undergarments

Aside from both being Brad Pitt’s exes, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston have another thing in common – they’re both fans of the thigh-high split dress, and they’re not the only ones. But how do these stars keep the sides of your undergarments from showing through the revealing split? According to celebrity stylists, a lot of them reportedly wear Shibue Couture undergarments. They’re seamless, and they don’t have any strings – they stay on using an adhesive material. That way, they can keep the important parts safely covered up.

The right bra

There are so many styles you can go with on the red carpet. Whether it’s strapless, backless, low cut, or plunging neckline – the most important thing is to wear the right bra that won’t stick out. Can you imagine seeing an A-list star walking the red carpet with a bra-strap out? The media would have a field day! If the star can’t go without a bra, there are stick-on bras that can literally fit into any type of dress. We can’t say if they’re comfortable, but they’re definitely helpful.

Hide those flyaways

Flyaways are the bane of every celebrity’s life, and those pesky pieces of hair don’t just affect those on the red carpet. In fact, there are some people around the world who still aren’t over the fact that Meghan Markle had loose pieces of hair on her royal wedding day! Obviously Meghan wasn’t up to date on the latest red carpet secret, otherwise she would have known just how to tame them – and it involves a toothbrush! Yes, all you need to do is spray the bristles of a toothbrush with hairspray and brush the stray ends.

Ditch the chafe

Although many of the celebs in Hollywood have tiny legs that are so far apart we could drive a car through them, there are still some women out there who suffer with chafing on the red carpet. In fact, Amy Schumer has been incredibly vocal about the fact that she has struggled with the friction in the past, but has found the perfect way to deal with chafing on the red carpet. To walk the red carpet with ease, she spreads deodorant on the problem area and lets the magic happen on its own!

If the shoe doesn’t fit

Have you ever wondered how these female stars are capable of walking on those incredibly high heels for such long periods of time? We all know that award shows and other red carpet events can last for hours and hours, during which these women not only have to strut confidently on their mile-high heels, but also look flawless while doing it. One thing these celebrities reportedly do, is wear a shoe that is a size bigger than what they’re supposed to be wearing. The shoe doesn’t fit, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with silicone pads and some double-sided tape, and this way – their feet stay both pain free and blister free.

Looking shiny

For some reason, we all want to look like shiny unicorns. We want to reflect the flashes from the paparazzi and glisten under Hollywood’s lights. We’re not sure why, we just do! The celebrities of Hollywood are no different, and the leading ladies want to do everything they can to ensure that they are as shiny as possible. While many of them use highlighter and makeup, J-Lo takes this one step further and actually spreads Vaseline on various parts of her face.

Get the bubbles popping

There are countless celebrities who are sporting the iced blonde look right now, and we’re totally loving it. However, anyone with blonde hair will know just how difficult it can be to maintain the icy tones without going yellow! It seems as though Robin Wright’s stylist has found the perfect way to ensure that her tones stay as icy as possible, and it involves a few bubbles! Yes, he washes her hair with champagne to give it a little boost, which shows just how rich she is. We wonder if Prosecco would work?

Getting hands-on

We can’t even imagine how stressful it would be to get ready for a red carpet event, because getting ready for a trip to the grocery store is bad enough. Yet, it’s fair to say that we would never think as far as Lea Michele when she walks the red carpet. While most of us would forget to do anything with our hands, apart from get a sparkling manicure, Lea goes one step further and makes sure her hands are on point! In fact, she highlights her hands to make them look perfect and youthful.

Time to relax

The run-up to any red carpet event is stressful and chock-full of primping activities, but it seems there are some people who take the time to just relax and have an all-important massage. However, this massage is not on their back or even their feet – but on their stomach! In the past, the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz have spent a few hours with a masseuse to get the blood flowing and the oxygen pumping to this area. It’s believed that this makes their stomach look taut and thinner.

Keep your brows on point

Nowadays, it’s all about your brows. They either have to be as bushy as Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows, or perfectly formed like other celebs – but they can’t be anywhere in between. That’s just how it works. Yet, you might know from experience that your eyebrows don’t always play ball. You can’t wipe away a hair without wiping away your brow powder, and before you know it you have one brow bigger than the other. To stop this, many celeb stylists tame eyebrows with lip balm, which will keep them in place all night.

Perfect that hairline

While were talking about brow powder, we might as well talk about baby hairs – because those two go hand in hand, right? Okay, maybe not – but in this case they do. When strutting the red carpet, the legend that is Chrissy Teigen often struggles with light baby hairs that sit at the front of her hairline. Because of this, her hairline can look uneven… but not for long! When she’s attending any kind of red carpet event, she uses brow powder to darken the hairs and perfect that hairline.

Use neutral eyeliner

When it comes to our eyes, we all want them to pop. Not literally, of course. We want them to stand out, and we want them to pierce through the camera in a totally non-creepy way. Unfortunately, tired eyes will often come in the way of this drama, and leave them looking basic. Thankfully, there is a way to change this, and it involves neutral eyeliner. By lining your eyes with skin-color liner, you will make them look even bigger than they are. Charlize Theron swears by this tip, so you probably should too.

The trusty blazer

Have you ever had one of those days where you just don’t like any of your clothes? Well, you’re not alone! Thanks to hormones and changes in the weather, there are some days where our clothes just seems to hang in the wrong places and hug all of our wobbly bits, and celebrities are no different. According to a celeb stylist, the best way to combat this wardrobe malfunction is to whip out your trusty blazer. Not only is this jacket smart, but it’s also flattering on any body type.

Keep it polished

If any celeb walked the red carpet with un-manicured hands, they would be ripped to shreds by the beauty police. Yet, where the heck do these celebs find the time? With busy schedules, there’s no time to get those babies to dry. Perhaps this is why Jessica Biel has found the perfect way to make sure her manicure is on point as soon as her fingernails have been painted. Instead of waiting around for them to dry, she uses specific Fast Drops that speed up the drying process.

The tights trick

One of the biggest secrets about celebrities on the red carpet and at award ceremonies is that many of them are actually wearing tights. Stylists have revealed that most stars actually wear them for a bit of extra support and to keep in unwanted jiggles or imperfections that they’d prefer not to show off. The tights are completely invisible, but leave skin looking shiny and smooth – just the way they want it to. The only downside is that they have to wear close-toed shoes to hide the seam.

Makeup from head to toe

Many people are set to believe that makeup is just for faces. But the celebrities of the world know that this is certainly not true. They will rub this stuff all over their body. Some add skin color foundation to lotion and spread if around their chest, arms, and legs. This is to make sure their whole body looks as fab as possible – and that it’s all the same shade and color. It would be pretty embarrassing if the skin on their face didn’t match the rest of their body.

The haircut ritual

While we’ve already given some hair tips, there is an important before big day ritual that can help ensure luscious locks. Many stylists recommend getting a haircut about two weeks before hitting the red carpet so the hair is fresh and lively. Then, they suggest sleeping in a hair mask to add moisture and conditioning extra well the day before. This way, everything will shine gorgeously as they strut their stuff down the red carpet.

The cure for redness

Image is everything on the red carpet, so if a celebrity ever notices their face is looking a little red, they’re bound to panic. Thankfully, there’s no need to be alarmed. It seems that Hailey Baldwin has the answer that everyone is looking for, and it’s diaper rash cream. Sure, it’s not something you might think celebrities would spread on their face, but it does the trick amazingly well. As Hailey says, it’s intended for red, bumpy skin, so why shouldn’t it work outside of the diaper area?

The benefit of sweat

Usually, sweat is something that celebrities avoid at every possible cost. All it seems to do is make unflattering stains on their outfits, hence why they get so much botox. However, sweat isn’t without its benefits, especially when it comes to looking good on the red carpet. That’s why Kim Kardashian uses Sweat Effect Transparent Jelly by Kryolan. The product gives her face a more natural glow when used with her highlighter, and her makeup artist swears by it. He wouldn’t dream of giving the reality star anything else.

Taping back the years

Apparently, there are more ways to give a celebrity a makeshift facelift than with their hair. Stars like Lady Gaga and Cher opt for a technique that’s a little simpler and which makes use of the red carpet’s favorite material – tape. Specially-designed tape that’s created for the skin has the ability to pull back a celebrity’s face without being too apparent on camera. It’s great for smoothing the skin and ridding the star of any unwanted wrinkles. It’s also another great alternative for those who want to avoid botox.

The toenail trick

Nails are usually a critical part of a female celebrity’s red carpet essentials. It’s important for them to have nicely manicured hands for the camera, although that’s not the only place the media looks. It’s just as crucial for their toenails to be on point when the photographers turn their way. That’s why people like Ashley Graham wear acrylics on their big toes. Apparently, these give off a good illusion of square nails and saves the star the time effort of going through a full pedicure.

Smooth feet

It’s incredible how often cameras will pay attention to a celebrity’s feet. Luckily, the stars of the red carpet don’t let this get to them. In fact, they’ve found a way to keep their feet smooth, so no-one can make a juicy story out of them. It’s called Baby Foot, and Zendaya is just one of the many celebrities who’s given it a try. The exfoliator is known for stripping a surprising amount of skin, but the results speak for themselves. The actress confessed that her feet have never been smoother.