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Woman, 29, stuns doctors by walking, biking, and lifting weights 10 years after being diagnosed with a spinal cord tumor that meant she may never walk again

***EXCLUSIVE*** ARIZONA, USA: Doctors told this woman to prepare for life in a wheelchair after surgeries to remove the TUMOUR on her spinal cord left her with severe nerve damage, but she’s proved them wrong by walking again. Enrichment instructor, Krystalynn Chee (29) from Arizona, USA, noticed numbness in her right foot in 2009 which led doctors to run many tests on her feet, but to no avail. As the numbness began to spread up her leg, they decided to do an MRI scan on her spine in 2010. The MRI located an intramedullary tumour growing inside Krystalynn’s spinal cord on the nerves, so surgery was arranged imminently to remove the tumour. The nine-hour surgery was successful but in the days that followed, Krystalynn noticed weakness and numbness in her legs, which doctors suggested was to be expected after surgery because of how close they’d cut to the nerves. Two months after surgery Krystalynn was able to walk again but the weakness persisted in her legs. Unfortunately, Krystalynn returned for surgery in September 2016 because a build up of scar tissue was applying pressure on the nerves in her spine again. A month later, Krystalynn returned for a third surgery due to a fluid build-up which required draining. The recovery was harder after each surgery, but after the third doctors warned that she should prepare for a life in a wheelchair because they didn’t think she’d walk again due to multiple surgeries which caused nerve damage. They also said that her back strength was diminished so she’d never be able to lift anything heavier than 10 pounds. This was crushing for Krystalynn, but she remained optimistic and became determined to prove them wrong. She spent six months in a wheelchair before shocking her doctors by using a walker and returning to the gym to lift 25-pound weights.

Girl, 9, who wasn't expected to reach her first birthday is defying the odds despite terminal brain condition

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the brave mother who was devastated when she was told her daughter's condition meant she wouldn't make it past ONE let alone live into adulthood but now at NINE-YEARS-OLD has surpassed everyone's expectations - but she admits discrimination is real and that many friends have stopped inviting them to birthday parties. Family support specialist for raising special needs children, Brittany Miller (29) and forensic federal law enforcer, Ryan Miller (45) from Queen Creek, Arizona, USA are parents to three girls, Juliette (14), Audrey (12) and Brooke (9) who was born with Aicardi syndrome which is a rare neurological syndrome to which doctors say children won’t survive childhood. When Brittany found out she was pregnant with Brooke in February 2009 she felt elated and there weren’t any signs of complications. Brooke was born on November 10, 2009 and weighed 8lb 6oz. The only thing they noticed at this time was one of Brooke’s eyes wouldn’t open, which turned out to be microphthalmia, where one eye doesn’t grow at the same rate as the other in utero. At just five weeks old however, Brooke started having seizures and was rushed into Phoenix Children’s Hospital where, during the course of their investigations, Brooke had a CT scan, spinal tap and an MRI and subsequently found out something was terribly wrong. After all this testing Brooke was diagnosed in December 2009 with Aicardi syndrome. The doctors said that although children with this condition can live out their childhood, she would be unlikely to make it past her first year.

Ed Sheeran has donated around 300 items to the St Elizabeth Hospice charity shop in his home town of Framlingham

***EXCLUSIVE*** Global popstar Ed Sheeran has donated 300 items of clothing to a charity close to his heart. The clothes from the Suffolk popstar have been donated to the St Elizabeth Hospice store in Framlingham. To get a big donation of clothes would be a nice surprise for any charity shop, whoever it came from. However one Framlingham store certainly got more than it bargained for - when a giveaway of 300 items came from none other than home-grown popstar Ed Sheeran. The musician, who lives near the town and grew up in the county, is preparing for his eagerly anticipated homecoming concerts in Ipswich over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

One-of-a-kind Bugatti La Voiture Noire becomes most expensive new car EVER after being sold for £15.5MILLION

Bugatti's La Voiture Noire has become the most expensive new car EVER after being sold for £15.5million. The Batmobile-esque supercar was sold to an anonymous owner in June and will now be paraded before motor enthusiasts in the US this week. Named after the French for "black car", the 8.0-litre turbocharged W16 engine beauty was made to celebrate Bugatti's 110th anniversary. The sleek machine is inspired by Type 57 SC Atlantic coupes developed in the 1930s by founder Ettore Bugatti's son Jean. It's been interpreted and modernised into the 21st century for the mystery buyer - who won't actually get to drive it for another two years. In the meantime, the buyer can dream about the car's speed - it can hit 60mph in 2.5 seconds with a top speed of 261mph. The all-carbon fibre body also makes the car incredibly light, despite its 1,500 horsepower.

Surgeons didn't expect girl to make a recovery after 20-foot fall before prom night, as she had a 90 per cent chance of being in a permanent vegetative state

***EXCLUSIVE*** UTAH, USA: Prom celebrations went awry for this teenager who had to be AIR LIFTED to hospital after suffering a serious head injury that left her in a coma - and doctors feared she only had a TEN PER CENT chance of ever WAKING UP. Prom is a cherished celebration for many, but for Avery Tanner (18) from Utah, USA, the day’s events were only just beginning as the day began with abseiling, followed by lunch, an evening dance and then dinner. Unfortunately, on April 20, 2019, Avery’s parents, Jesse Riley (39) and Caysie Riley (38) received a call that Avery had been hurt and was being rushed to hospital. A group of Avery’s friends were abseiling, and it’s thought that Avery pinched her hand in the carabiner clips and let go of the rope suspending her. She hit her head against the cliff and fell 25 feet, only to be miraculously caught in the arms of one of the boys who’d already taken the descent. Avery coded and died momentarily in the helicopter, before being resuscitated. Once at the hospital, doctors stabilised Avery and carried out CT scans of her head and spine before placing a monitor in her skull to measure intercranial pressure. Jesse recalls the first time he and Caysie saw Avery after arriving at the hospital as the most painful sight ever because she looked as if she was dead. Avery spent 23 days on life support, and an MRI revealed that she had suffered a diffuse axonal injury, meaning the wires to the brain were torn from their connections. The prognosis was that 90 per cent of patients never wake up from their coma, while the other 10 per cent are in a permanent vegetative state. This was devastating for Avery’s family who feared she had been given a death sentence at only 18. Jesse did physical therapy exercises with Avery five times a day, stretching out her limbs and joints to prevent them from tightening up. Every time he got to her hands, he would tell her to squeeze his hand and then pause, but nothing happened. On the tenth day however, Jesse felt a squeeze – but doctors assured him it was only reflexive and not intentional. Two days later, a physical therapist told Avery to squeeze her hand and Avery did so, then when instructed, she let go and wiggled her fingers, so on day 12 Avery came out of her coma.

The world's oldest eyes have been found in an insect that buzzed around Denmark 54 million years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** They belonged to a primitive crane fly and contained eumelin - a natural pigment found in human peepers. The remains of the creature contained an early form of compound eye seen in many of today's animals - including crabs, bees and dragonflies. It sheds light on the evolution of the organ. It was previously assumed eumelin did not exist in arthropods.

Britain's oldest DONKEY - who has lived TWICE as long as expected

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pepper was born in the late 1960s and is still thriving on the farm where she has lived for 35 years. Her exact date of birth is unknown as her arrival pre-dates animal documents - but carers say she is at least 50. Elderly Pepper, who has had two foals of her own, is double the age of an average donkey. She has lost most of her teeth with age, meaning her tongue usually hangs out of her mouth. But the well-loved donkey enjoys a daily grooming at Dairyland Farm Park in Newquay, Cornwall, where she has lived since 1984.

Iguana Island

***EXCLUSIVE*** This island is so densely populated with iguanas it almost looks like the rocks on the beach are made from the reptiles. Tens of thousands of the lizards soak up the sun before diving into the ocean - and there are so many that they look like part of the landscape. Amateur photographer Nina Waffenschmidt, 33, had to take care not to step on the creatures as she visited Fernandina Island in the Galapagos. Around 120,000 marine iguanas live on the beaches of the island, diving into the sea to feed.

Two new world records in Miniatur Wunderland

Hamburg: Frederik and Gerrit Braun, bosses and founders of Miniatur Wunderland, stand together with Lena Kuhlmann, record judge of Guinness World Records for a photo. With the connection of the new "Monaco and Provence" section, the plant will be expanded by a further 315 metres, thus increasing the existing world record. The railway line in Wunderland now measures 15,715 metres. The Wunderland was also awarded the title of "the world's largest model railway at all scales".

Cows on a boat

***EXCLUSIVE*** Better Use The R-Udder....More than 100 cows squeeze onto a tiny boat as they are transported to market. The herd are accompanied by farmers and passengers many of whom are perched to the aft and stern of the vessel. The livestock travel 300 kilometres on the small boat to their way to the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka. They are crammed onto the smallest boat possible because they are the cheapest to rent. Photographer Azim Khan Ronnie photographed the cows standing on Postologa Bridge above the Buriganga River in Dhaka.

Down and out in America: The Invisible Homeless

As Sacramento struggles to find a solution to its growing homeless problem - opening and closing shelters, converting hotels to help the homeless, occasionally clearing out homeless encampments - a new problem confronts the county. The number of people, including families with children, living in their cars in Sacramento County has drastically increased in the last four years. Volunteers canvassing the county in January found four times the number of vehicles where people were living than they counted in 2015. Researchers estimate people were sleeping in at least 340 vehicles in the county. This included approximately 100 children. Most of the vehicles were in the city of Sacramento. The problem illustrates the complex task of reducing the homeless population in Sacramento, which has seen rents and housing prices rise dramatically even as it budgets tens of millions of dollars on shelters and support services. The city is scrambling to avoid problems like those in San Francisco, where scenes of squalor have become a symbol of the divide between the rich and the poor.

Carpet mass

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tens of thousands of hand-woven carpets create a colourful patchwork on the horizon below crooked mountains. As they are flipped by attendants, the freshly washed carpets ripple in the wind before being laid out to dry in Turkey.

A plane landing looks like it is on fire

***EXCLUSIVE*** A ball of fire appears to eject from the underside of a plane as it touches down at San Jose International Airport in California, USA, but on closer inspection it is actually the dust and smoke kicked up by its wheels.

Dolphins play in front of ship

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of bottlenose dolphins swim in front of a huge cargo ship as it heads out to sea. The dolphins can be seen leaping out of the water together as the enormous 'MV Scot Carter' sails towards them. A total of five dolphins came in at low tide to hunt, dodging between boats and ships as they searched for food. Scientist and amateur photographer Val Gall photographed the dolphins at Chanonry Point at Fort George, Inverness.