Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Renters of this Portsmouth penthouse should never be late for anything whilst they live here – because the apartment is perched in the top of a giant clock tower

***EXCLUSIVE*** The uniquely characterful property is split across two levels of the impressive tower, which is part of the former Royal Marine barracks.  The views from the many circular port-hole windows are simply stunning, with panoramic vistas across the harbour, the city skyline and the Isle of Wight visible from the property.  Meanwhile, there are a number of incredibly charming features inside, such as the original external white clockface – measuring 6’8″ in diameter – which beautifully dominates the drawing room.

First ever roll of Vegan tartan

***EXCLUSIVE*** An animal-friendly kilt company has launched the world’s first vegan TARTAN. Kilts are traditionally made using wool, but Slanj Kilts, based in Glasgow, uses polyester viscose to create the tartan. Faux leather is used to make the kilt straps. The company, which has kilt and trews stores in Glasgow and Edinburgh, officially registered the new product with The Scottish Register of Tartans in June, ahead of the launch this month.

A pair of new houses in Kingswood Bristol have stirred controversy over their location and appearance

***EXCLUSIVE*** The detached properties, built in a narrow lane beside the Golden Kebab on Two Mile Hill Road, have been described as „vile” and „ridiculous” on social media. One Facebook user wrote: „Unbelievable that this was allowed.” Bristol City Council originally rejected the planning application for the homes, but they were approved following appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. Estate agent Nexa Bristol had been advertising the three-bedroom properties for sale, but they are currently off the market until new carpets are laid.

Ooze britain 1909! Early twentieth century mugshots reveal the ‘habitual drunkards’ whose bad behaviour and boozy reputations got them banned from london pubs

***EXCLUSIVE*** These are the fascinating mugshots of Edwardian drunks which reveal that binge-drinking was a problem in Britain over 100 years ago. Dazed, giggling, unsteady and clearly still intoxicated whilst posing for the camera, the portraits reveal the men and women whose boozy reputations and bad behaviour got them BANNED from being served in pubs in London in the early 20th century. These mugshots were compiled by the Metropolitan Police in 1909 to help them enforce the Licensing Act – which gave police the power to apprehend those found drunk in a public place for the first time in Britain. A visual directory of these drunken mischief-makers was then sent to pub landlords across the capital so that they knew not to serve them alcohol.  Each drunkard’s entry includes photographs (front and profile views), their name, alias, residence, employment, physical description, distinguishing marks, nature of conviction and the sentence received. Many of the drunkards in the mugshots were committed to an inebriate reformatory for three years.

These incredible photos capture the kinetic chaos of Pacu Jawi - a traditional bull racing festival in Indonesia

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the moment Indonesian jockeys take part in a brutal bull race where they are dragged through mud while clinging on to the tails of two charging cows. Professional photographer Andrew Tan, 56, captured these incredible images whilst at the Pacu Jawi - a traditional bull racing festival in Tanah Datar, West Sumatra. The jockeys will race for around 100 metres on muddy tracks through rice fields, whilst biting the cows tails to encourage them to go faster. Andrew, from Singapore, Asia said: "A jockey will stand and balances on wooden ploughs attached to a pair of bulls and will hold the bull tails for balance.