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Parents of premature twins who were born weighing the same as half-a-bag of sugar reunite with the helicopter crew who saved their lives

The parents of twins who were born at just 22 weeks weighing the same as half-a-bag of sugar have been reunited with the helicopter crew who saved their lives. Against all the odds, the twins pulled through and are said to be the youngest surviving premature twin boys in Britain. Jennie Powell, 41, went into labour on August 16 while on holiday in Cornwall. With the nearest available bed in Oxford, the couple were flown by an HM Coastguard helicopter to the John Radcliffe Hospital. A year on, the family celebrated the 'miracle' by meeting up with the staff who flew them to Oxford and had no idea whether the boys survived until now. 

Horrific injury that blinded woman, 22, in one eye when eggs exploded in her face after she microwaved them for SIX minutes following instructions she found on Google

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman said she was nearly blinded in one eye and suffered horrific facial burns after two eggs she boiled in the microwave EXPLODED in her face. Bethany Rosser, 22, decided to make boiled eggs for breakfast and Googled for instructions on how to do so using a microwave. The insurer read on popular recipe website it was safe to microwave the eggs in water without them bursting - so long as she added salt. Bethany says she followed the guidelines to a tee, and took them out the microwave to cool at around 9am after six minutes at 600W.

Fitness instructor needs implants removed after £5,000 boob job costs mum job

***EXCLUSIVE*** A former fitness competitor who got a £5k boob job to boost her confidence after breast feeding has been left in agony by the now-recalled implants. Kate Michalkova, 44, increased her A-cup chest to a 34D after breastfeeding and intense physical training left her with "non-existent" boobs. They looked "amazing" and gave her the confidence to enter and win countless fitness competitions - but after four years she was hit by a cocktail of crippling illnesses.  A private clinic used textured implants by manufacturers Allergan - which were recalled worldwide last month due to alleged links to cancer.

Shocking moment photographers surround and take upskirt photos of a female cosplayer in Japan - leaving her in tears

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the shocking moment a female cosplayer is left shaken in tears after photographers surround and take UPSKIRT photos of her. Disturbing footage has emerged online of the weeping young woman desperately trying to flee the large gang of photographers - many of whom had their cameras pointed up her skirt. The viral clip - which was filmed on 11th August at Japan’s biannual cosplay event, „Comiket 96” in Tokyo - has amassed over 4 million views in a few days. Social media users have condemned the appalling scenes.