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Parents of ALBINO twins relocate to protect them from the sun

***EXCLUSIVE*** A set of parents moved their family-of-nine almost 3000 miles to protect their albino toddlers from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Ally and Ryan McNallen decided to move their seven children from the desert to the mountains to help give their identical twin sons Aldridge and Argon, 18 months, a better quality of life. The white-haired, fair-skinned twins were diagnosed with albinism in summer 2018, a condition in which their skin, hair and eyes lack melanin pigment.

The 1968 Mustang GT, driven by Steve McQueen in Classic Film „Bullitt” which will be up for auction in January

***EXCLUSIVE*** It's a car that changed movie history - The 1968 Ford Mustang GT featured in the Steve McQueen thriller "Bullitt" will be sold off, by Mecum Auctions. It'll hit the auction block in Kissimmee, Florida, in January.  McQueen tore through the streets of San Francisco in the green Mustang to create the 1968 film's most iconic segment. That 10-minute scene became the gold standard for onscreen car chases and turned the car into a cultural icon.  For decades after the movie's release, though, the "Bullitt" Mustang disappeared. It wasn't until January 2018 that the car was rediscovered when Tennessee salesman Sean Kiernan revealed that it had been in the family garage over the decades since his father picked it up for $6,000.

Woman, 25, who discovered she has vaginal clamping syndrome while trying to lose her virginity celebrates FINALLY being able to have sex with her husband

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman who discovered she has a rare condition that prevents her from having SEX with her husband after being unable to REMOVE HER TAMPON – but is determined to be a mother. In 2010 nanny and gym instructor, Mary Staud (25) from Texas, USA, was at a beach during a church camping event and to her disappointment, she got her period halfway through the week. They were supposed to be spending all day on the beach playing in a volleyball tournament and she was determined to enjoy her time, so she decided to use a tampon. A few hours later, she went back to her room to change it but to her horror she couldn’t remove the tampon. She was in so much pain when attempting to remove it she almost fainted each time. The pastor’s wife who was one of the organisers of the trip, rushed her to hospital where they gave her pills to relax her and after some time the doctors managed to surgically remove the tampon. Following her traumatic experience she has since refused to wear a tampon again. In 2011, she met the love of her life, James (26), in high school while they were in physics class. They began dating and fell in love in February that year. Due to her Christian background, Mary abstained from sex until she was married, so in 2014, the day after she and James got married, they felt ready to have sex. However, the problems returned and she was in excruciating pain. Her vagina felt like a ‘brick wall’ and after trying and failing for a couple of months, she visited her doctor who suggested she may have vaginismus, a condition where the vagina suddenly tightens up as you try to insert something into it. They also told her that it could just be skin blocking the vaginal canal, so she requested they remove her hymen and any extra skin. However, when they tried to have sex again several weeks after the surgery, it still didn’t work. For two and a half years of going into a shame spiral and feeling guilty about not being able to consummate their marriage, she decided to find out more about vaginismus online and how to ‘cure’ it. In August 2018 she met with a pelvic floor physical therapist, who helped her regain control over her pelvic floor muscles. She received manual therapy where they stretch and loosen the muscles by using a dilator. It was successful and she was able to have sex with her husband for the first time. She now says that while she sometimes does still experience pain during sex, their sex life is better, and her confidence has boosted within their relationship. Throughout her journey, James has shown support and empathy towards her condition and she has felt secure in herself. Despite being warned that she may never have children of her own, Mary and James have decided to try.

Student who began dating her boyfriend, 58, when she was 16 insists they're just like any other couple - despite the 42-YEAR age gap

***EXCLUSIVE*** A FORTY-TWO-YEAR age gap wasn’t enough to deter this loved up couple who have been together for three-years despite meeting when she was just SIXTEEN and having people point and stare at them in public, branding their relationship SICK and her a GOLD DIGGER. Student, Urszula Grzelak (19) from Warsaw, Poland, first met her partner and love of her life, sales associate, Nigel Thorpe (61) from Oxford, UK, when she visited family in the UK in August 2016. Nigel was a friend of Urszula’s aunt and attended a dinner party she was hosting to celebrate her niece’s arrival. Urszula found herself feeling drawn to Nigel and he listened whilst she spoke about her studies and what she wanted to do when she finished school but after the meal, she went up to her room, never expecting to see him again. Two weeks into her stay, Urszula’s aunt was having problems with her partner and decided it would be best for the two of them to stay with Nigel until the end of her holiday. The pair spent whole days together visiting local attractions whilst her aunt was at work and Urszula was in awe of Nigel’s music collection and they bonded over their passion for rock music. As days passed Urszula realised she’d fallen in love with Nigel and one night decided to tell him. Nigel was shocked by the revelation and told Urszula he needed time to think. A few days later, Nigel drove her to the airport and he hugged her and gave her a kiss which told Urszula he had the same feelings for her. Back in Poland, she couldn’t wait to tell her parents about Nigel but they were not happy and tried to cut her off from Nigel by taking away her phone and the internet. This was unsuccessful and Urszula made sure the pair kept in touch over FaceTime, before moving to the UK in June last year to live with him. Now, Urszula’s parents are happy with their daughter’s choice of partner, seeing how happy she is and Nigel has even stayed at their family home in Poland. Although her parents have accepted her relationship with Nigel, the same can’t be said for strangers who often point, stare and laugh at the couple when they are out in public. Urszula has been branded a ‘gold digger’ and Nigel a ‘sugar daddy’ but they have learnt to ignore the comments as they are just two people in love.

Obese couple who didn't have the energy for sex after eating Chinese takeaway every night have shed 13 stone between them to spice up their love life

***EXCLUSIVE*** This inspiring couple have lost an astonishing THIRTEEN STONE collectively – and admit that it has SPICED things up in the BEDROOM and made them better parents. In March 2012, Rebecca Edwards (29) from Hampshire, UK, met her now husband tree surgeon, Aaron (31), through a dating app and five months later she became pregnant with their first child, Lily (5). At the time they were together, Rebecca was at her peak weight of 14st 8Ib and UK size 18, while Aaron was 23st and was an XXL shirt size. They had been overweight for the majority of their adult lives; indulging in junk food and takeaways while Rebecca was studying at university and he had his first job after leaving high school. During this time, they both hated themselves and would have no confidence; Rebecca couldn’t bear to shop for clothes and Aaron felt like he couldn’t wear what he wanted. They struggled to keep up with their daughter and felt like they were failing her. In 2016, they welcomed their second child, Isla (3), and were over the moon and they got married in September 2017, but their weights had prevented them from doing daily activities. Feeling depressed, they couldn’t muster up the energy to turn their lives around. Collectively, they would both consume around 7,000 calories a day from Chinese takeaways and ready-made meals, which caused them to feel lethargic and they lacked romance. It wasn’t until two years later when Rebecca saw another mum pushing her baby in a pram up a large hill that she decided she would work on losing weight. She began cooking all their meals, which meant that they were eating junk food and eating out less. While before Aaron would eat two portions of rice in one sitting, they are now sharing one portion of food between them which helped in their weight loss massively. Rebecca works out in the gym six times a week on weight training and cardio and Aaron works out three to four times a week on muscle training and they each consume 1,700 calories and 2,500 calories a day respectively. Their new lifestyle has resulted in Rebecca shrinking to a healthy 10st and UK size eight to 10, while Aaron is now only 14st and size medium. They say that their relationship has improved a lot since their weight loss; they feel more confident in the bedroom and they feel like better parents to their daughters.

A high-flying 11-year-old was crowned European Youth Scrabble champion months after his little brother became the under-eight world champ

***EXCLUSIVE*** Reuben Moisey achieved his feat after his younger brother Joshua earned the title of best under-eight Scrabble player in the world in Dubai aged seven. Whizzkid Reuben claimed European glory last weekend when he won 12 of his 13 games and was the highest scorer out of all under 18 categories. Joshua, now eight, also competed and was awarded best European player under ten.