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Groom couldn't remember he was married after waking from coma 10 days after fall

***EXCLUSIVE*** A groom who plummeted through a bannister on his wedding night didn’t remember he was married when he woke up from a coma. Chris Mallon, 49, had been helping a hotel porter carry wedding gifts to the honeymoon suite of Macdonald Houstoun House in Uphall, West Lothian when he tripped and fell. He suffered skull fractures, a broken back, a fractured and dislocated shoulder, a broken hand and bruising on his heart and lungs after the horrific fall on June 14. His new wife Avril, 43, watched the horror unfold as she was just yards behind Chris when he slipped and plunged 12ft down the staircase, suffering a brain injury.

Romantic stuns girlfriend by secretly preparing massive 250ft marriage proposal etched in the sand on their seaside holiday

***EXCLUSIVE*** A beach sand artist has this week helped a man with a big heart proposed to his girlfriend at Brean in grand style. Stefan Cahill popped the big question to Heidi Mason on Thursday afternoon (August 15th) at Brean Down after getting sand artist Simon Beck to create an 85-metre wide, swirling design on the beach featuring the huge letters „Will you marry me, Heidi?” in a heart. Stefan had encouraged his unsuspecting girlfriend of four years up onto Brean Down for a walk and it was then that the lettering started to be completed on the beach below as both watched on!

World record for the fastest headstand on a motorbike hitting 76mph

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the moment a man broke the world record for the fastest speed ridden on a motorcycle - while doing a headstand. Brave Marco George, 30, managed to get up to 76mph during his record world record attempt on Saturday, August 17. Marco, from Fleet, Hampshire, broke the old record at Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire.

Only showering for one minute, ONCE a week has cured my eczema

***EXCLUSIVE*** COLORADO SPRINGS, USA: THIS WOMAN has suffered with eczema since childhood but years of using steroid creams has made her allergic to EVERYTHING with even her own clothes making her feel like she is on fire – but now she’s ditched the meds in favour of a natural approach and claims SHOWERING ONCE A WEEK for just ONE MINUTE has helped. Assistant manager, Neyina Arrieta (28) from Colorado Springs, USA, has had eczema since she was only two years old and she frequently treated it with steroid creams to manage her painful eczema which covered most of her body, including hands, face, arms and legs. Neyina often wore socks on her hands to prevent herself from scratching and people asked whether she was contagious. The change of seasons would cause Neyina’s eczema to flare before it was controlled by creams. However, as she got older, the flares became more frequent and harder to maintain. By March 2017, her entire body flared up which forced Neyina to try taking Benadryl for eight months to manage her symptoms because she was reacting to everything around her, including foods she’d eaten all her life, animals and plants. Wearing clothes made Neyina feel as though her skin was on fire so she decided to get rid of her entire wardrobe and instead wear cotton polo shirts which irritated her skin less. In 2018, Neyina had an allergy test to work out what she was reacting to, but her results showed she was allergic to almost everything, including cats, dogs, most outdoor trees, grass, dairy, yeast, gluten, latex, avocado, penicillin, mushrooms and soy. Going outside left Neyina in hives with no understanding how to improve her condition. She started following eczema support groups on Facebook and had someone tell her that her symptoms resembled topical steroid withdrawal (TSW). Neyina denied it initially but once she started researching it herself, she felt relieved that she wasn’t exaggerating her problems and she investigated natural methods of healing TSW. Now, Neyina doesn’t use any moisturiser as she is allowing her skin to create its own oils after being dried out from steroids. Neyina only takes one shower a week for a minute each time, she meditates daily, eats a mostly vegan diet and doesn’t have anything artificial.

James Dean crash site photos sold at auction

Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. - A collection of 30 original glossy photos, many unpublished, which vividly document the fatal car crash site of Hollywood actor James Dean sold for $22,498 according to Boston-based RR Auction. Dean was tragically killed at the age of 24 when his 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder, coined the ''Little Bastard,'' collided with a 1950 Ford Custom driven by Donald Turnupseed on September 30, 1955; the accident occurred when the actor was driving westbound on U.S. Route 466 en route to a racing event at the Salinas, California Municipal Airport.

Mum claims her baby was scarred for life after being slashed in the face with a scalpel during C-section

***EXCLUSIVE*** A baby delivered by C-section has been scarred for life after she was allegedly slashed in the face with a scalpel during the incision into her mother's stomach.  Mum Amber Woollard, 23, had the emergency surgery last year after going through 72 hours of labour without having given birth. She says newborn Valenci was immediately taken away by midwives, who then told her the devastating news her baby had been born with facial deformities.

Plant that has lain dormant for almost 60 years grows 15 feet in a few weeks

***EXCLUSIVE*** It has lain dormant for almost 60 years with experts unable to identify it. And until two months ago, the mystery plant at Cambridge University Botanic Garden stood barely more than a foot tall and was set to be removed because it was so uninteresting. But to the amazement of staff and visitors alike in the last few weeks it has rocketed up to 15 feet and is now threatening to break through the roof of the glasshouse where it was first recorded in 1962. The 'asparagus on steroids' it is about to bloom for the very first time, and in the process will finally reveal its identity - before it dies.

Bee-eaters show off their catch

***EXCLUSIVE*** Colourful bee eaters appear to be showing off the insects they've caught for the camera. The 9-inch long birds fan out their wings as they land on a branch with beaks full of dragonflies. The series of images was captured by IT consultant Arindam Saha, 39, in the Khisma Forest of West Bengal, India.

Paddling around and climbing on the Matanuska Glacier

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adventurers paddle their canoe to an extraordinary ice tunnel on top of a glacier. To get to the beautifully blue, hidden 'supraglacial lake' the group had to climb 50ft walls of ice. It took hours for the group of 'glacier tourist guides' Brett Winterbottom, 27, Warren Maddox, 26, and Shannon Kaelin, 24, to get to the lake in Alaska. Photographer David Crane, who took pictures of the daring trio, revealed it was the first time they had managed to get a boat to the top of Matanuska Glacier.

School bus visits migrant hostels in Tijuana

Mexico, Tijuana: A migrant child sits alone between tents in a hostel. The group "Angeles de la frontera" (Angels of the Frontier) visits three migrant hostels in the Mexican border town of Tijuana with a school bus. There the group works weekly with about 150 migrant children. "Many have difficulties reading and writing," says project leader Andrea Rincon, who attributes these difficulties to a lack of practice. The Mexican group has contacted the organisation The Schoolbox Project and now plans to implement its experience with migrant children in Greece in Mexican Tijuana. "Among the volunteers are also psychology students," Rincon continues. "We also work on emotional aspects through games and manual work," says the project manager, who is delighted with the cooperation of the migrant children.

Damselfly plays hide and seek with photographer

***EXCLUSIVE*** NOW WE SEE YOU - A damselfly appears to play hide and seek with the photographer as it attempts to conceal itself behind the stem of a flower. However, it’s big eyes are the big give away! Sonia Hill, 41, from Calne in Wiltshire, UK, said: “I really enjoy macro photography and when I saw the damselfly move behind the stem I thought there would be a fun image to get here!” Sonia explained: “I’ve attempted to get a ‘hide and seek’ picture a few times before, but this is the first time I’ve been happy with the result.” The dark spots on the insects compound eyes are called pseudopupils and they are an optical illusion. Compound eyes are made of many ommatidia, the photoreceptor cells that make up an insects eye. These cells appear black when pointing at the observer because they absorb the incidental light that lands on them.  Sonia said: “It was great to meet such a cooperative damselfly! Usually they just fly away.”

Deer and bird pals

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bird and an antelope appear to be best of friends as they come face to face. The black Drongo landed on the back of the Blackbuck, which didn't seem bothered about the bird hitching a ride on it's back. Anurag Kumar, 26, a mechanical engineer, who was visiting his local national park said 'I was watching a group of Blackbuck who were playing amoungst themselves then suddenly I saw the Drongo come and land on the back of the Blackbuck.' 'The antelope then started carrying it around the grassland as the bird perched on her back. After a little while she turned towards the Drongo as if she was caring for the Drongo and them continnued walking around. It was a touching moment between the Blackbuck and the Drongo.' Anurag was on a safari vehicle in the Blackbuck National Park, Velavada, Gujarat, India to capture this moment.

Beautiful aerial pictures of Icelandic riverbeds taken from a helicopter

***EXCLUSIVE*** Water from Icelandic glaciers flowing across a black sand beach look like intricate paintings when photographed from above. The white water, coloured by sediment in the ice, runs across the sand and into the Atlantic ocean in a network of rivulets. Photographer Gunther Riehle flew over the spectacle in a helicopter, as driving or hiking off-road across the area is banned to protect its fragile eco-system. To capture these images, he flew 1,100ft above Skeidararsandur in Iceland - a 500sq-mile plain of volcanic black sand.

Campo Viejo's pink fountain

***EXCLUSIVE*** A wine company launching its first Rosé today unveiled a 20ft-high shocking pink fountain. Campo Viejo, usually known for its red wine, created an alfresco bar and rosé fountain to 'bring a touch of Spain' to the UK. The pink fountain's jets reach higher than an average house. The new wine is described as 'pale in colour and vibrant in taste, with flavours of cherry, citrus, strawberry and rose petals delivering a refreshing, dry finish, giving a slice of Spanish life with every sip'.

Waterlilly harvesting

***EXCLUSIVE*** Farmers fill their wooden boats with harvested water lilies which are later sold at a market. Hundreds of workers spend all day in the water harvesting the flowers, loading them on to the boats to take back to their farm. They are then distributed to market to be sold. The water lilies is found in almost every body of water in Bangladesh, and the long stalks are used in vegetable curry in the country. Photographer Azim Khan Ronnie photographed the harvest in Mushiganj, Bangladesh.

Wildebeest create dust cloud

***EXCLUSIVE*** A thunderous herd of wildebeest create a huge dust cloud as they charge towards a river in a bid to cross it before being caught by waiting crocodiles. Thousands of wildebeest, also knows as gnus, carry as much speed as they can into the water in order to make the daring. Such dramatic crossings can result in carnage as young calves struggle to swim across, and in the aftermath crocodiles can be seen with dead carcasses. Every year between July and October the wildebeest migrate from the Serengeti in Tanzania to Maasai Mara National Reserve in South West Kenya.

Osprey portraits

***EXCLUSIVE*** An osprey rises dramatically out of the water after swooping down to catch fish. The majestic bird of prey's wings strike a stunning V shape as it climbs from the surface of the sea. The osprey was part of a group of around six seen out hunting at Chanonry Point, on the Black Isle in Scotland. The images were captured by avid photographer Val Gall, in the early morning.