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Girl who was paralyzed as a teen after contracting a rare illness reveals how she learned to play piano and paint with her MOUTH

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the inspiring musician and artist who is proving that she is still able to pursue her dreams by playing PIANO AND PAINTING with her MOUTH after a rare ILLNESS left her PARALYSED from the NECK DOWN. University student, musician and painter, Grace Fisher (21) from California, USA, was celebrating her 17th birthday when she began to feel extreme pain in her neck and tingling in her arms. She was rushed to the hospital and within just 15 minutes, she lost the ability to walk. A few weeks later she was diagnosed with a rare polio-like illness called acute flaccid myelitis. She had to have steroid treatments, plasmapheresis, intravenous immunoglobulin therapy and even chemotherapy. Her diagnosis devastated her as she was told that she was paralysed from the neck down. Grace has always been passionate about composing and playing musical instruments including piano and guitar as well as painting. Due to being paralysed, she could no longer live out her hobbies. While she was in rehab at Craig Hospital, she had a dream that she could still play the piano and paint using a mouth stick. This was enough for her to try it out with a music therapist at the hospital. Since then she has been accepted into the University of California Santa Barbara where she is studying musical composition and has also set up a foundation that provides music and art therapy to other kids with physical and cognitive disabilities called the Grace Fisher Foundation. She now wants to raise awareness of her story and be an inspiration to people with disabilities to show that it is possible to live out their dreams regardless of a disability.

A real all-rounder! Circular three-bedroom 1930s home with panoramic views, a retro pastel kitchen and funky games room goes on sale for £950,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Looking for a funky home which is an all-round winner? Look no further than this 1930s masterpiece with a modern twist on the coast of Essex that could be yours for £950,000. Incredible images show the fabulously futuristic two-tiered round house’s dazzling exterior, the eye-catching retro styled kitchen, and the dreamy views out to sea from the building’s front room with its original 1932 mosaic floor. Other striking shots show the light-filled interior with a quirky games room, spacious bedrooms, a circular hot tub, and even a partial moat to complete the architectural gem.

Collection of vintage pedal car collection including Rolls-Royces and Bentleys goes up for sale for £200,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A remarkable lifetime collection of over 85 vintage toy cars has emerged for sale for £200,000. The fleet of rare pedal cars were acquired over almost half a century by retired car garage owner David Worrow, 72. They form what is thought to be the biggest private collection of its kind in the world. The collection includes child car models of Rolls Royces, Bugattis and Bentleys, as well as a quirky amphibian car.

Bear-ly an arm's length away

***EXCLUSIVE*** A remarkable photo shows the “oh s**t” moment a huge 1,500-pound brown bear strolls just FIVE FEET in front of a startled photographer. The stunning shot was captured by British pensioner Lynda Morten on a photography exhibition in Kamchatka, Russia as the huge grizzly bears feast on salmon just inches away from her guide, Andrew Parkinson. Other stunning shots, taken by Lynda (68) and her 69-year-old husband Barry, show a mother bear pouncing on a salmon as her young cubs watch on anxiously, the ferocious bears forming a circle to trap doomed fish, and an adolescent bear about to tuck into the freshly caught and brightly coloured dinner. Photography guide Andrew Parkinson, who stars as the wincing photographer in the exceptional image, recalls the encounter with the mammoth bear vividly. His group named the bear ‘Swag’ due to his cocksure nature and alpha status.

Most expensive British car ever to be sold yours for just £19,000,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** It is one of just two F1 road cars to be given the Le Mans specification by McLaren, after one won the famous 24hour race in 1995, making it one of the most desirable vehicles in the world. You do, however get an engine bay lined with 16g of pure gold (to dissipate the huge heat generated by the 6.1 ltr V12 engine)...and a full set of matching luggage for your money. The stunning motor was sold by auctioneers RM Sotheby's at their prestigious Monterey Auction over the weekend.

Chinese vase sells for 2000 times its estimate

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare Chinese vase that was uncovered during a house clearance has sold for a whopping £230,000 - 2300 times higher than its £100 estimate. The 10.75in piece had belonged to a unsuspecting Suffolk pensioner who was clearing his house to move into a care home. He had inherited the vase from an aunt who had lived in Singapore several years previously. Auctioneer Nigel Papworth knew he was on to a winner when an opening bid of £800 came in at the start of the auction and after fierce bidding from several Chinese buyers the hammer finally came down at a whopping £230,000.

Dramatic never-before-seen pics reveal WWII bombing raids on factories in Germany and Nazi-occupied Netherlands from pilot’s perspective

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dramatic photos showing a series of heart-pounding World War Two bombing raids from the pilot's perspective have come to light. They were taken from Blenheim bombers undertaking attacks on targets in Germany and Nazi-occupied Netherlands in 1941. Several capture the immediate aftermath of a direct hit, with flames and clouds of smoke signifying they had achieved their aim. The album, which contains almost 100 photos, has emerged for sale with Toovey's Auctions, of Washington, west Sussex.

Custom Rolls Royce that was built for Edward VIII set to sell at auction for whopping £200,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The breathtaking Phantom 1 saloon was ordered in 1927 when Edward was still known as Edward, Prince of Wales, or 'the playboy prince'. The royal was known for his love of golf, tennis, parties and expensive cars with the Rolls among his most valuable. He kept the motor for ten years during which time he took the thrown following the death of his father George V in 1936.

Exquisite' 13-bedroom castle on the site of Mary Queen of Scots’ favourite retreat which comes with its own pub and helipad goes on sale for £8 million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Every man's home may be his castle, but you'll need £8 million to buy this spectacular Scottish version that's the real thing. The impressive castle built on the site of one of Mary Queen of Scots' favourite retreats has just been put on the market. Seton Castle stands proudly in the East Lothian countryside in the same spot that used to be home to the royal Seton Palace. The palace, which was demolished in 1789, was regularly stayed in by the Scottish queen as well as her son James I. Its stone was used to build the current castle which was designed by acclaimed architect Robert Adam and completed in 1791.

Incredible stories of hero brothers awarded Victoria Cross in 1800s

***EXCLUSIVE*** The extraordinary story of two hero brothers who both received the Victoria Cross can be told after their bravery medals emerged for sale. Major General Reginald Sartorius was awarded the highest honour for gallantry after he rescued a wounded comrade under heavy fire during an African campaign in 1874. Major General Euston Sartorius followed in his footsteps five years later, earning a VC for leading his men in a daring offensive on a heavily guarded hill in Afghanistan, overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds. His small force engaged in a sword fight with the 'fanatical' enemy atop the hill, slaying seven of them. They are one of just four sets of brothers who have received VCs since the award was introduced by Queen Victoria in 1856 to honour acts of bravery during the Crimean War. The miniatures of their VCs are being sold by their descendants with auction house Dukes, of Dorchester, Dorset, who expect them to fetch £20,000.

Magnificent Gothic 10-bed Welsh castle with 31 acres and stunning views of Snowdonia on sale for £2.85m

***EXCLUSIVE*** Glandyfi Castle looks out across the picturesque Dovey Estuary to the mountains of Snowdonia national park in north west Wales. The 10 bedroom Gothic style property with octagonal towers and imposing chimneys stands high on wooded hillside. The castle, which was built out of local stone, has recently undergone a major renovation, with a new glass roof for the courtyard.

Stark 100-year-old pictures show horrifying conditions Brit soldiers faced in the First World War trenches

***EXCLUSIVE*** Muddy Hell: Shocking 100-year-old pictures show the quagmires which British troops in the First World War had to fight, live, and march through. Sobering images from the Great War show soldiers battling free a car entrenched in deep mud; a smiling trooper putting on a brave face as he examines his flooded dugout on the Front Line; and an exhausted mule presumably drawing its last breaths as French soldiers desperately try and pull the doomed beast out of a deluged shell hole. Another brutal shot, part of the National Library of Scotland’s online collection, shows a struggling soldier attempting to drag a large gun along a sodden railway track surrounded by bog.

Elegant Georgian villa with 40 acres of parkland within 20 miles of central London where Oscar-winning movie Blithe Spirit was filmed goes up for sale for £6.5m

***EXCLUSIVE*** Grade II listed Denham Mount, in Denham, Middlesex, was used for the 1945 film adaptation of Noel Coward's comic play starring Rex Harrison and Constance Cummings. Much of the film was shot in the property's veranda which overlooks picturesque parkland and a lake. The villa was built by architect Robert Lugar in the early 19th century who said of it 'this pleasing retreat offers everything the mind of taste could require to produce comfort and cheerfulness'.

Sir Francis Drake's former home for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A breathtaking waterfront mansion that was once home to Sir Francis Drake has emerged for sale for £5m. Belvedere in Exmouth, Devon, is nestled on the banks of the River Exe and was historically part of the Nutwell Estate. Nutwell was the Drake family home and passed through the generations before falling into the hands of the explorer in the 16th century.

Remotely-piloted boat that was world's first-ever drone vehicle when it was launched in First World War is restored

***EXCLUSIVE*** The world's first drone boat is rediscovered - after 100 years in the shadows. A historic British torpedo boat, which was converted into the world's first remotely controlled 'drone vessel' as part of a top secret project at the end of the Great War has been painstakingly researched and restored after being discovered rotting in a West country boatyard. The pioneering CMB9/DCB1 was one of 12 Coastal Motor Boats (CMBs) built by the Admiralty in 1916 to target German destroyers. The fast, lightweight 40ft motor torpedo boat, which could travel at 40 knots, sunk the German destroyer G88 off Zebrugge in Belgium in 1917. Subsequently, it was one of four vessels converted into Distance Control Boats (DCBs) for top secret trials to see if unmanned patrol boats with torpedoes could be radio controlled via aircraft and directed towards enemy targets. The boat was found in a sorry state covered in brambles in a boat yard in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, by marine surveyor Robert Morley a decade ago, who has spent tens of thousands of pounds restoring and researching it's colourful history.