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'Fruitarian' couple who ditched veganism to follow extreme raw fruit-only diet say they have never felt better - but admit they have to eat a LOT of bananas to keep hunger at bay

***EXCLUSIVE*** This couple say it would be impossible to have the same quality of life had they not turned to a raw vegan fruit-based diet in their quest for optimal health. Wellness consultants for Flavours of Light, Ali Reza Khorasany (28) from London, UK, and Daniella Siira (22) from Motala, Sweden, were both following largely raw vegan fruit-based diets when they met on Instagram in summer 2017 and bonded over their passion for health, fruits, nature, fasting and travelling. They both believed that the optimal human diet is a fruit-based raw diet where air, water and sunshine are important for wellbeing. Ali has been following a mostly raw fruit-based diet for almost four years now after becoming burnt out from trying to forge a successful career in the city’s banking world whilst maintaining a muscular physique through bodybuilding. Feeling chronically ill, he went to the GP at the end of 2014 who told him he was ‘fine’ despite suffering from constipation, excess wind, bloating, excess fat, acne, dark circles, dehydration and fatigue, so he decided to search out how he could remedy his symptoms himself. Ali, a lifelong Michael Jackson fan looked to the star in awe of his stamina and good health and researched his diet which eventually led to his transition to fruitarianism. Daniella has been following the same lifestyle since November 2016 after a trip to Southeast Asia saw her experience the abundance of exotic fruits on offer there as she shied away from the traditional fried rice and noodle dishes. For Daniella who has struggled with eating disorders, anxiety and digestive issues, she has found that following a fruitarian diet has improved her health and wellbeing, and she started to see the benefits after just two weeks. Ali and Daniella split their time between Southeast Asia and the UK and Sweden respectively. In Asia, they find that the quality of fruit is much higher and they enjoy exotic fruits such as durian which isn’t available in Europe. When at home, the pair get sustenance from ripe bananas and dates.

Luxury lifestyle of 17-year-old brit rich kid of instagram who has a £1.7 million car collection ð and he only passed his driving test last month!

***EXCLUSIVE*** A teenager who once boasted of owning a £1.7m fleet of supercars at the age of 17 has been fined £249 after he pranged his mum's car - while going to buy a rail card. Jack Watkin was illegally driving Jo Stringfellow's Range Rover Sport when he collided with a bus near his home in Alderley Edge, Cheshire. The bus driver tried to speak to Watkin about the minor shunt, and although the 20-year-old was not to blame, he refused to give his details and drove off. It later emerged the self-proclaimed 'rich kid of Instagram' was not insured to drive the £70,000 car. At Stockport magistrates court, he admitted failing to stop after an accident and having no insurance. Watkin previously made headlines after claiming to own seven lavish sports cars, including two Mercedez-Benz, a Porsche, Rolls Royce and Bentley - which he apparently kept in a huge garage at his home. He claimed his family's wealth meant they were known as the 'British Kardashians'. In court, the self-employed photographer was ordered to pay £115 in costs and surcharges. His driving licence was also endorsed with six penalty points. The crash occurred on December 5 last year after Watkin went to buy the rail card at Wilmslow railway station.

NO CLOWNING around: This fabulously fun property – complete with its own bowling alley and cinema room – can be yours for a cool £1,500,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Prepared to be bowled away by these incredible shots of a converted Turkish Bathhouse which dates back to 1875 to a stunning family home – including a huge reception room filled with natural light, a dazzling circus motif, and the unmissable bowling alley; an industrially-styled kitchen to die for; and a spectacular mezzanine which is perfect for whiling away the afternoon with a good book. For those seeking total serenity, head to the luxuriously appointed master bedroom spread over the entire first floor with its striking nickel bath feature and expansive views out over the sea.

Obese woman who was taunted by bullies who said 'big girls should kill themselves' loses 196lbs - but says being left with loose skin has dampened her sex life

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman was teased for being obese for most of her life and even attended a school where cruel bullies encouraged big girls to KILL THEMSELVES but after finding out she was pregnant she has turned her life around and lost over FOURTEEN-STONE – the only problem now is the excess skin which she admits dampens her SEX LIFE. Although accountant Kara Beck (25) from Kansas City, USA, used to eat vegetables and fruits, she still regularly binged her way through over 3,500 calories in a day, and with only exercising twice a week for 20 minutes each time she allowed the pounds to pile on. Her favourite binging foods were chipotle burrito bowls, big bags of crisps and whole tubs of ice cream. Kara grew up in a small town in Wyoming with her teacher parents and brother and sister. She attributed her weight gain to being hereditary as both sides of her family had struggled with obesity and diabetes. She also had very low self-esteem which perpetuated her unhealthy diet. Then in August 2016 Kara fell pregnant, when she jumped on the scales at the time, she was 26st 4lb and a dress size 32. Doctors kept telling her how risky her pregnancy would be due to her weight and they showed her how badly her weight was affecting her health. In January 2018 Kara had a gastric bypass and this was a key turning point for her in her venture to lose weight. More than a year and a half later, Kara has changed her life by losing an incredible 14st, she now weighs 12st 4lb and is a size 10.

Teenage father, 19, scoops £10,000-a-month for a whole YEAR on first ever go at a 'Set For Life' Lotto draw after downloading app while sat in the BATH

***EXCLUSIVE*** A teenage father scooped an incredible lottery win on his first attempt while sitting in the bath. Sam Lawton, who lives with his girlfriend Connie Bell, a HR worker, and their one-month-old son, won £120,000 in the National Lottery's newest game, Set For Life. The data analyst, from Leamington Spa, won £10,000 a month after matching five numbers in the one in 1,704,377 game. The 19-year-old is now looking forward to spending the money on a holiday to New York, driving lessons and a deposit for a new home. He revealed he was inspired to play after seeing Dean Weymes, 24, win a £3million prize.

From Russell Crowe's Gladiator armour to the axe in The Shining: Film fans get the chance to bid for some of the silver screen's most iconic props at auction

Film fanatics will be able to get their hands on a piece of Hollywood history as memorabilia from the world's most famous movies goes under the hammer. Screen-matched Roman General armour worn by Russell Crowe in Gladiator and Jack Nicholson's hero axe from The Shining are among items to go on sale at Prop Store's annual live auction of film and TV memorabilia. Rare lots on offer at the live-streamed auction, held at London's BFI Imax and presented by Odeon, are anticipated to fetch more than £6million.

Sunbed addict who would have tanning sessions 4 or 5 times a week - has been left with a Harry Potter-like scar after having a cancerous lump cut out of her face

***EXCLUSIVE*** A tanning addict who fried herself on a sunbed four of five times a WEEK was left with a Harry Potter style scar after cancer had to be cut out of her face. Erica Brook, 43, visited the tanning salon almost every day from the age of 15 cutting down to twice a week in her 30s. The former air hostess and model - who didn't wear suncream on holiday - cut back when she noticed a scabby lump on her forehead, but it was too late. She was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma - a type of skin cancer - and surgeons were forced to cut it out of her forehead in a zig zag shape, needing 20 stitches.

Couple crowd-fund their wedding to fulfil dying groom's dream to walk his daughter, one, down the aisle - after being 'months to live' following brain tumour diagnosis

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple lived out their "dream wedding" after the groom was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour and given just weeks to live. Kaya Rimple-Waters, 24, entered into a race against time to marry her soulmate Aidan Waters, 26, who proposed after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The former warehouse worker went to hospital with a broken nose when doctors discovered he had a brain tumour the size of a satsuma. He was diagnosed with aggressive grade 4 astrocytoma in April and given just weeks to live.

A mystery 'vandal' has transformed this BUS STOP into a cosy living space - complete with armchair, bookshelf, and a banner that reads "Stop in the name of love"

***EXCLUSIVE*** The previously "boring" village bus shelter has now been changed into a space that commuters are calling "the best bus stop" and "a cosy cabin". The brick shelter has been decked out with a bookshelf, a green armchair, and placards hanging on the back wall containing framed paper hearts and the words "You are beautiful". A sign under the bookshelf reads: "This bus stop has been decorated using only gifted or recycled materials as a present to the community. We hope it makes you smile.

This super-rare first edition of Pride and Prejudice is expected to fetch up to £8,000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jane Austen's 1813 classic will be up for grabs as original three volumes will go on auction on September 4. The novel tells the story of Mr and Mrs Bennet and their efforts to find matches for their five daughters - Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia. It was Austen's second novel after her 1811 debut Sense and Sensibility - and the front page of Volume One boasts "By The Author Of "Sense and Sensibility".

Fishing boats

***EXCLUSIVE*** This village is overrun with fishermen as hundreds of boats return to shore at the same time due to stormy weather. The traditional wooden trawlers line up and form an unusual sight, as it is customary for them to spend nine to ten months of the year at sea. Forced to dock on the Khaprabhangha river in the Patuakhali district of Bangladesh, the fishermen make use of their time, repairing their nets. Amateur photographer Shahriar Amin Fahim captured pictures of the scene while visiting from the capital of Dhaka.

Shopper 'mortified' after realising chocolate on her bum looked like awkward accident

***EXCLUSIVE*** A shopper was left mortified after she walked around Tesco's with a dollop of melted almond chocolate on her bottom - making it look like she had a unfortunate accident. Julie Wood, 37, shared her "embarrassing" story on Facebook along with pictures of her trousers showing them covered in lumpy chocolate. She said she had sat on the almond and orange chocolate bar without realising and drove to Tesco by herself to do her weekly shop.

Praying mantis is confused by its reflection

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two praying mantis appear to dance together in mid air against a golden glowing backdrop. But this is just one female praying mantis and its reflection! This clever picture, taken by photographer Romain Doucelin, was captured in his own home in France against a mirror near his front door. Romain said: “I thought I had two praying mantis on my mirror face to face! Fortunately, my camera was not far away.” “I took the pictures quickly because the insect appears to be confused to see itself. I was just as surprised as me!”

Swallow has fly by supper

***EXCLUSIVE*** An adult swallow displays remarkable agility as it manages to feed its chicks while flying past. Without ever touching down, the swallow fed its young 20 times in 45 minutes, putting insects into its mouth while still in mid-air. Each feed came and went in less than a second as the parent continually flew off in search of more grubs. Amateur photographer Sue Sibley captured the bird's behaviour in Culver near Sandown, Isle of Wight.