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Mother, 30, discovers she has cancer after spotting a lump while she was breastfeeding her son

***EXCLUSIVE*** PAIGNTON, DEVON: THIS MOTHER-OF-TWO was the picture of health after completing a half marathon less than five months after giving birth, but this soon changed when she discovered a LUMP on her breast whilst BREASTFEEDING her son – and now she is urging the government to lower the screening age of mammograms after learning that breast cancer can happen to anyone. Amy Palmer (30) from Paignton, Devon, UK, had successfully completed her first half-marathon in February 2019, just five months after giving birth to her youngest son, Lenny (11 months). That same week, Amy also celebrated turning 30 and was feeling healthier than ever. Less than a month after completing the Exeter half marathon, Amy found a lump in her right breast while breastfeeding Lenny. She saw her GP about the lump but was assured it was only mastitis and she need only come back if the lump was still present two weeks later.  After two weeks, the lump was still noticeable, so she returned to have an ultrasound and a biopsy of the lump, but the doctors still insisted it was unlikely to be cancer. One week later, Amy received a call from her doctor asking if she’d be able to come in that afternoon, at which point she knew the diagnosis had to be cancer. On March 20, 2019 Amy was diagnosed with HER2 positive breast cancer, devastating Amy and her husband, Colin (35) and her older son, Frankie (3). A lumpectomy on April 11 removed a lump which was an inch in size, and Amy is currently undergoing six rounds of chemotherapy before starting radiation in October. After receiving her diagnosis, Amy had to stop breastfeeding her youngest son which was the first of many sacrifices she would have to make as a mother battling cancer. It was hard for Amy to explain to Frankie what was wrong, and she has felt an enormous amount of ‘mum guilt’ as treatment has led her to miss out on a lot of memories with her family.

Meet the little girl with possibly the best playhouse in the world -- a massive 350sqft Harry Potter themed fortress

***EXCLUSIVE*** Grandparents Dave and Ruby Dunlop had the incredible two-storey magical Wendy house built in their back garden, for their eldest granddaughter Logan, two. The amazing structure features Hogwarts Castle, Ollivander's wand shop, Platform 9¬ĺ, and even part of the Dursleys' Privet Drive. It has a broom swing set, slide, and secret hatch, as well as a wooden bridge leading to an owlery, just like the one from JK Rowling's books.


A terminally-ill man whose life was saved after his wife raised £450,000 through one of the biggest ever crowdfunds has announced they are having a baby

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mike and Kate Brandon, from Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, are expecting their first child after five years of fighting leukemia and undergoing IVF treatment. Kate, 36, set up a GoFundMe page in April 2016 after learning that Mike, 34, had acute lymphoblastic leukemia - and had just weeks to live. The aggressive cancer had spread to 35 percent of his cells, leaving the pair with no options in the UK.

Chinese gene firm clones cat, sparking wide consumer interest

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cat lovers who are devastated by the death of their beloved felines may soon be able to have their pets cloned, following the birth of China's first cloned kitten. The cloned kitten, named "Garlic," was born on July 21 and cloned at the laboratories of Sinogene Biotechnology Company in Beijing. The company started its experiment on cat cloning in August 2018, and Garlic, a British shorthair, was born 66 days after an embryo was transferred to a surrogate mother, the company said at a press conference on Monday in Beijing. Garlic and the original cat, which supplied the cells, appear identical but have different temperaments and personalities, Lai Liangxue, the company's chief scientist and a research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told the Global Times on Monday. A cloned cat's life expectancy is the same as any other cat, Lai said.

Woman, 23, is left wheelchair-bound after doctors said she was too young to have a stroke 'and blamed anxiety for her slurred speech'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Drewy pictured at the time of her stroke in hospital. MEET THE inspiring model and actress who suffered a STROKE in her early TWENTIES that was initially BRUSHED OFF as ANXIETY by doctors who thought she was ‘TOO YOUNG’ to have a stroke – resulting in her missing the treatment window and ending up in a wheelchair which she admits she’s furious about. In June 2018, model, actress and disability advocate, Drewy NovaClara Curious (23) from Toronto, Canada, was in the car with her husband when she began experiencing stroke symptoms of numbness and weakness of the arms and slurred speech. She panicked at the thought of having to go to the hospital, as she hated it there, so she tried to figure out what was happening to her. The severity of her condition forced her to go to the hospital where the doctors diagnosed her condition as anxiety and insisted that she was too young to have a stroke, so she was discharged, to her frustration. Drewy and her husband immediately went to another hospital where they explained what had happened and doctors there felt heart broken and diagnosed her with an ischaemic stroke, where a blood clot stops the blood supply in the brain. However, as the first hospital kept her in for hours before discharging her, the effect of the stroke had escalated. This resulted in the doctors treating her with medicine to prevent and dissolve blood clots, reduce blood pressure and reduce the cholesterol level. Drewy was then left in a wheelchair unable to walk and had to re-learn how to talk. The experience proved difficult for her as she has always been an independent person, however, she has learned to accept her new life. After receiving stares from strangers, she decided to give people something to look at by ‘dressing up’ her wheelchair with light-up wheels and sporting a bold aesthetic. She has named her wheelchair Opal, her crutches Bonnie and Clyde and her walker Amethyst. She now wants to help raise awareness and encourage others.

A widow told how she formed a friendship with a SEAGULL nearly a decade ago - which visits her twice a day

***EXCLUSIVE*** Maggie Burns-Bellingham, 71, was moved when she saw the injured bird hopping around her garden on one leg, back in 2012. She named him Mr Seagull, and began hiding Nurofen inside bits of chicken from M&S to nurse him back to health. But the brazen seagull hung around after he recovered - and for the past seven years, he has visited twice a day.

Single mother, 28, feared she'd be paralyzed after discovering her tingly limbs were due to a brain tumor

***EXCLUSIVE*** TENNESSEE, USA: This single mum was left petrified that she may no longer be able to care for her four-year-old son after experiencing paralysis when putting him to bed one night that left her confined to the floor for THREE HOURS before help came – with scans later revealing the cause to be a GOLF BALL-SIZED tumour on her brain. Corporate sales coordinator, Lyndsay Whitmore (28) from Tennessee, USA, started experiencing brief moments of paralysis in her right side which she initially believed was her limbs falling asleep as the momentary paralysis would end within a couple of minutes. The paralysis continued to occur throughout the week, and as the fourth paralysis episode took hold of Lyndsay’s right leg, she was putting her son, Evans (4) to bed, but when she tried to get up her right side was numb and immovable. She was stuck lying on the floor until her friend was able to come and stay with Evans so Lyndsay could head to the hospital. While the paralysis had lasted a matter of minutes the previous times, this time Lyndsay had no sensation on her right side for three and a half hours. Doctors did an emergency CT scan which located a large, golf ball-sized meningioma on Lyndsay’s brain. An MRI was done shortly after and then Lyndsay was rushed to ICU until a craniotomy could be scheduled. After receiving her diagnosis, Lyndsay went into shock and feared her life was over and as a single parent she was terrified of leaving her son an orphan. Although she tried to remain optimistic ahead of her brain surgery, Lyndsay was fearful that the slightest surgical error or complication would damage her ability as a mother, as her greatest fear was how her tumour would impact her son and her capability of being his parent. Lyndsay’s brain surgery took place on February 21, 2019 but surgeons were forced to leave a small trace of the tumour as it had grown on a vein, and if removed it was likely to cause a bleed on the brain.

Sixty-year-old lady adopts 600 stray dogs in Anhui

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hu Xiuping, a lady in her sixties, adopts over 600 stray dogs and 30 cats in Hefei city, east China's Anhui province, 21 August 2019. These dogs are adopted variously from owners, dog sellers, and animal shelters. Hu started her pet adoption since 1999 when she saved a dog encountering car accident. She keeps doing so because not only she had a dog who died accidentally, but also pets relive her from bad memories of family. Hu asks for dog food via WeChat, but few respond to her now. She thus is under the pressure of preparing 3000 kg dog food for her 600 adopted dogs.

A pensioner who was on the brink of death made a miracle recovery after being treated by his own GRANDDAUGHTER on the hospital ward where she works

***EXCLUSIVE*** John Maiden, 78, was rushed to A&E by ambulance after suffering serious seizures following a nasty fall at home on July 19.  His family were told to come to see him as doctors thought he was unlikely to pull through. But John's condition began to improve and after spending more than a day unconscious he finally woke up at Worcestershire Royal Hospital. Following further checks he was transferred to Medical High Care - the same ward where granddaughter Simone Maiden, 24, works as a senior health care assistant.

A group of secondary school friends were stunned to discover a time capsule of 90s memories they buried 22 YEARS ago featuring accurate predictions of their lives

***EXCLUSIVE*** The six pals decided to hide the container as 15-year-old girls to capture memories of their childhood friendships on February 13, 1997. The collection of memorabilia featured posters of men they fancied such as pop star Peter Andre and copies of Just Seventeen with a young Holly Willoughby on the cover. The girls also buried diary entries and hand-written notes predicting each others future lives, such as their careers and what sort of men they would end up with. But as the years went by Gemma Lynch, Emma Page, Sian McGreary, Gemma Albiston, Gemma Roughsedge and Katy Wynne, lost touch after leaving school.It was only when Emma, who came up with the idea of the capsule after watching Blue Peter, contacted the girls on Facebook that the gang were brought back together. Armed with shovels and a metal detector the 37-year-old women returned to Helsby Hill, in Helsby, Cheshire, on July 27 in search of their old memories. And they were left "screaming with joy" after they unearthed the steel cylinder before taking it back to Sian's parents home to reminisce with a bottle of prosecco.  Incredibly, the former Helsby High School students had managed to predict four of their future careers with pinpoint accuracy. Emma, a primary school teacher from Kelsall, Cheshire, said it was "goosebumps" moment when they uncovered the capsule they buried as teenagers.

Father films the shocking moment he finds late teenage son’s grave robbed and damaged - and urges vandals to come forward

***EXCLUSIVE*** A father has filmed the shocking moment he found his late teenage son’s grave robbed and damaged by yobs and has urged the vandals to come forward. Sixteen-year-old Marcel Jayden Bellairs-Honiss was found dead in his bedroom in Wharley Hook in Harlow, Essex on 6th March 2016. Irreplaceable mementos and photos from his grave at Parndon Cemetery in Harlow were discovered damaged and stolen on Saturday 17th August. Marcel’s late sister, Alana, who died when she was aged three-days-old, is also buried opposite her brother’s grave.  Marcel’s father, Alan Honiss, 50 said that the appalling incident has left him and his family broken. Alan recorded the heart-breaking moment that he found Marcel’s grave vandalised and shared the clip to Facebook - in the hope that it would help catch the assailants. Alan’s video has since amassed over 34,000 views since it was uploaded on Facebook - with social media users sharing the footage in the hope for further information about the vandals.

A dementia sufferer has remarried his wife of 12 years after he proposed again -- when he forgot their first wedding and was convinced she was his new girlfriend

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bill Duncan, 71, has been with Anne, 69, for 18 years, but has forgotten parts of their life together due to his illness. Over the past nine years, Anne has cared for Bill full time and he now struggles to talk, so she was shocked when he popped the question last week. Devoted Anne was sure he'd forget, but convinced she was his new girlfriend, smitten Bill persisted, and kept asking when they'd be walking down the aisle.

Beijing's Pangu Daguan dragon head has been auctioned for nearly 5.2 billion yuan

Beijing, Beijing, China: The judicial auction of ''dragon head'', the much-watched building no. 5 of Pangu Daguan in Beijing, ends at 10:00 am on August 20, 2019. As one of Beijing's landmarks, Pangu Daguan, which stands like a giant dragon beside the Beijing Olympic green, attracted much attention during the Beijing Olympic Games. Recently, Pangu Daguan again by people concerned. According to the information provided by ali auction, the bid was obtained by company affiliated to the Jinyu group for about 5.187 billion yuan.

20000 cricket lovers and over 500 million Yuan flock to Ningyang for best grigs

***EXCLUSIVE*** 20000 cricket lovers from over 20 cities rush to Ningyang, the largest grig fair in northern China, to buy best crickets and cricket boxes in Ningyang city, east China's Shandong province, 21 August 2019. Ningyang cricket fighting is listed among provincial intangible cultural heritage. Not only buyers, but also over 15 thousand locals go to fields for crickets. The total revenue can reach 500 million Chinese Yuan with the cricket with highest price reaching 160 thousand Yuan.

Hotel high in cloud saves hikers

***EXCLUSIVE*** The wooden hotel erected 1800 meters above the sea level is about to be replaced by a new hotel invested by local government and villagers, in Luxi county, Pingxiang city, east China's Jiangxi province. The hotel was built by Lin Guoqing, a local farmer, and other villagers in 2013. They transported bricks and mortar to the cliff by foot. The construction lasted almost two years. When the hotel done, it is able to accommodate 100 tourists at most. The hotel saves numerous hikers who journey into Wugong Mountains, where nights are too cold and terrible for people to live outside. Lin also carry bottles of water to the hotel, which takes him seven hours along due to bad condition of road.

A photographer captured the "mesmerising" moment a snake fought to avoid being eaten after a great egret scooped it out the water

***EXCLUSIVE*** Janet Hix, 63, was taking some photos of the large heron when it plucked a non-venomous plain-bellied water snake from a pond at the Colleyville Nature Center in Texas. She watched in disbelief as the egret whipped the snake back and forth to try and disable its meal. But the snake fought back by striking at the bird and coiling its body around its bill to close it shut during the six minute battle.