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A woman from Cheltenham celebrated her 100th birthday with a huge street party outside the home where she has lived her entire life

***EXCLUSIVE*** Peggy Samuels was born at the property, which is situated a short walk away from the town centre, on August 20 1919. Bunting had been hung up on the telegraph poles and balloons were tied to the fences for the happy occasion. As Peggy made her grand entrance from the doors of her home, she was visibly moved to see her family and friends and hundreds of local people gathered together. She was presented with a huge birthday cake as well as flowers, chocolate and gifts from residents of every generation. In tears during the presentation as the crowd cheered their birthday wishes, Peggy's day was made extra special by the people she has known during her long life.

A gardener has become an internet sensation as she helps her followers to overcome mental health issues by encouraging them to start digging up the garden

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ellen Mary, a social media influencer with nearly 13,000 followers, wants people to embrace their love of gardening and its health benefits. She offers remedies including the best plants to drink and tree hugging to "bring balance to your body and even help some illnesses."

A miracle teenager who was Britain’s smallest baby when she was born the same size as a MOBILE PHONE has celebrated receiving her GCSEs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Aaliyah Hart was just seven inches (17cm) long and weighed 12 oz (340g) when she was born three months prematurely in May 2003. Doctors gave the tot a one percent chance of survival when they found her lungs had not developed properly but she stunned medics and went on to survive. Aaliyah, who was small enough to sit in the palm of her mother’s hand at birth, went on to defy the odds and started school but only weighed the same as a two-year-old.

Haunting portraits of child patients at an „imbecile asylum” in the late 19th century

***EXCLUSIVE*** These are the haunting portraits of CHILD patients taken at a Victorian imbecile asylum - when just being a „slow” learner could see a child committed to a mental institution for life.  The photographs - taken in 1886 - reveal the young inmates of the Imbecile Asylum in Burlington, New Jersey in the United States. Little is known about the young boys and girls pictured other than that they would have been considered mentally disabled by Victorian society and would have likely been kept in care for the rest of their lives. „Imbecility” or „idiocy” in the nineteenth century was the catch-all, legal term used to denote chronic, life-long conditions. These would be understood today as mental or learning disabilities, which were present from birth. However the term could also be cruelly used to denote children who simply had different ways of learning or seemed „slow” and lacking intelligence to Victorian society.

A cat which went missing 12 YEARS ago has finally been found and - re-homed by its owner's daughter

***EXCLUSIVE*** The black-and-white feline, named Quincey, disappeared from its owner Margaret Smith in December 2006 in Witham, Essex. Despite months of searching no trace was found, and Margaret died two years later -believing he had died in a car accident or from an illness.

The mischievous young fox pulls on the tail feathers of a golden eagle in the mountains of Avila, Spain

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the adorable moment a mischievous young fox playfully bit the tail of a golden eagle after the pair formed the most unlikely of friendships. The brave fox trotted up to the glorious eagle and bit the end of the bird's feathers as the two walked around and played with each other. Photographer Guillermo Dominguez Arteaga, 34, captured the adorable exchange while he was hiding in the mountains in Avila, Spain.