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'Wheelchair-bound' benefits cheat is caught falsely claiming £17,000 in disability benefit by photograph of her riding an ELEPHANT

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who claimed 17K in benefits saying she was wheelchair-bound seven days a week was caught - hot air ballooning and riding ELEPHANTS. Natalie Davis said she was too sick to work but was holidaying abroad, flying down zip lines and climbing mountains.  Davis started claiming Disability Living Allowance from 1999 on the basis she had ME as well as chronic fatigue syndrome and asthma. In 2006 she maintained that she still had all the medical issues as well as panic attacks as well as obsessive compulsive disorder.

Inside the eerie abandoned rocket development facility in Florida that competed to design NASA spacecraft that took man to the moon

***EXCLUSIVE*** Peek inside the abandoned rocket development facility that once competed to design the spacecraft that would take NASA to the moon. Eerie images show the huge abandoned site, with NASA emblazoned on the side of test silo, the crumbling interior with the ceiling falling down and paint peeling off the walls. Other striking shots show a chain link fence topped with barbed wire warning of no admittance, graffiti on the walls and exposed metal work and pipes. The stunning photographs were taken at the Aerojet Dade Rocket Development Facility by a photographer known as Bullet.

Rare vintage photographs of Christie’s Auction House rebuilt after a WWII bomb almost destroyed it show London's art market getting back on track

***EXCLUSIVE*** Vintage pictures have been unveiled depicting Christie’s Auction House after the building was re-built following a BOMB EXPLOSION during WW2 that left nothing but a SHELL in its place. Retro photographs show auctioneers selling antique furniture in London-based Christie’s Auction House with bidders eagerly awaiting their favourite pieces. An image of Edward Smith, the auctioneer’s clerk, who has been working with Christie’s for over 60 years, assisting the auctioneer. Further pictures show bidders inspecting different pieces and waiting in the crowd for their favourite pieces to be put up for auction. The set are taken in July 1954, 13 years after the building was bombed in 1941 during World War Two, where all that was left was a shell.

A Brit has become the first person in the WORLD to hear Taylor Swift’s new album Lover - after it was accidentally put on sale a day early in Asda

***EXCLUSIVE*** Taylor Swift super fan, Seb Woolcock, could not believe his eyes when he walked into Asda's Bedminster store in Bristol to find the pop star's latest alum, Lover, on the shelf. The seventh studio album produced by the 29-year-old singer is lined up for worldwide release at 5am on August 23 UK time, and midnight in the states. But a handful of lucky Swift fans in Bristol have managed to get their hands on a copy 12 hours before anyone else.