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Lucky mum, 42, wins £10k-a-month for next 30 YEARS on Set for Life Lottery after using last £1.50 in account

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mother-of-two is celebrating after winning £10,000 every month for the next 30 years - after paying for her lucky dip with the last £1.50 in her national lottery account.  Vicky Mitchell played the new Set For Life game after a run of good luck with a couple of small wins. After reinvesting a £10 win on the Thunderball and a £5 win on Set for Life, the 42-year-old bought a £1.50 lucky dip Set for Life and was staggered when she realised she had scooped the top prize.  Now Vicky, from Halifax, West Yorks., - who won on the Monday August 12 draw - has plans to buy her own car and a bigger house. She said: "In a million years, you never think you’ll win big but this is life changing. "Getting my own car so I don’t have to share one or get the bus and moving to a bigger house with a nice garden are on the cards." Vicky doesn’t play The National Lottery regularly and she only occasionally picks up a ticket for one of the games.

'I've been living in the same council house for 93 years and get on with my neighbours'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pensioner who moved into one of Britain's first council houses will celebrate his 93rd birthday next month - in the same home since he has lived in since he was a baby. Cyril Hall, 92, and his family were the first to move into the then-new build estate in 1926 - and he says when he leaves it "will be in a box". He was barely two months old when his family moved into one of the earliest council estates in the country - and almost 93 years later it is still the only address he has ever called home. He has seen some of the biggest events of the past century, such as the second world war, a royal coronation and the miners strike from the modest three bedroom semi. The retired miner and his beloved wife Molly, 85, raised their seven children in the house. Cyril said: "I was still feeding from my mother when I was brought to this house. "My dad got the keys to the house on December 14, 1926, and we moved in the next day. It was the first house on the estate to be built.

13th World Gravy Wrestling Championships

The 13th annual World Gravy Wrestling Championships began in earnest this afternoon (Mon). Despite being placed in the top ten of the weirdest 'sports' and pastimes, hundreds of people flocked to the unusual event to get down and dirty in a puddle of gravy.  Competitors aim to win the coveted championship title by beating their opponents during a two-minute long wrestling match - in gravy.  Girls, boys and even the referee roll around in the brown stuff normally more associated with Sunday dinners and points are given out for fancy dress, comedy effect and entertainment value. Grinning faces galore could be seen among the challengers to the title which included someone dressed as a smurf and other gravy contenders as the Mario Brothers. The hilarious event aims to raise money for East Lancashire Hospice with all entrance proceeds going to the rest home, while participants can also raise funds for their own chosen charities.

The story of the „Painted Rocks”

Fort Irwin, California -- Anyone who's been here has seen it: the field of brightly painted boulders surrounding a small mountain of rocks that symbolizes unit pride at the Army's National Training Center. About 30 miles north of Barstow, California, off Interstate 15 and less than a mile before you get to the entrance gate to Ft. Irwin is a large jumble of natural rocks in a tall pile. The units who have come to train at Ft. Irwin have painted most of these rocks with their insignia and mottos. Some are really well done. Others are more crude, but they all portray a pride in their unit and the accomplishment of completing the grueling training they get over their month-long visit to the Army's National Training Center.