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Mum told facial paralysis was due to pregnancy finds out she has brain tumour

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman who suffered FACIAL PARALYSIS and partial DEAFNESS which doctors attributed to PREGNANCY – but it turned out to be a BRAIN TUMOUR the size of a RACQUETBALL. Barista co-owner, Jessica Holroyd (40) from Michigan, USA, first began experiencing symptoms such as dizzy spells, headaches and unsteadiness when she was just 22 years old after the birth of her first child, Josiah (19). She initially assumed it was just symptoms of childbirth, lack of sleep and being a mum for the first time, so she ignored it. However, when she fell pregnant with her second child, Ethan (17), in 2002, her symptoms grew worse; she had severe headaches, dizziness and nausea. She was in so much pain, she couldn’t get out of bed for most of her pregnancy. When she went to the hospital, doctors couldn’t find anything wrong and attributed her symptoms to her pregnancy. She ended up going into labour six weeks early and instead of improving, her health problems had worsened. Due to her ongoing headaches her doctors thought she may have had a spinal fluid leak, so she underwent a blood patch where they took blood from her arm to inject into her spinal cord to stop the leak. Two weeks later, she had a CT scan which showed that her symptoms were caused by a condition called acoustic neuroma, a benign tumour growing in her brain. The benign cyst roughly measured 2.25 inches the same size as a racquetball; her doctor warned her that if they had left it to grow, it would have been inoperable. It had been pushing on her nerves which is what caused her facial paralysis and partial deafness. She underwent an eight-hour surgery where they removed her right acoustic nerve which was causing deafness in her right ear and they had to leave two millimetres of the tumour on her facial nerve to see if the muscle movement would return which didn’t work. Jessica’s facial muscle movement has only come back by 40 to 50 per cent since the surgery. For 10 years Jessica felt insecure about her appearance and would hide herself away until she joined a makeup team who made her feel beautiful again. Throughout the experience of telling them her journey and seeing pictures of herself in a new light, she finally felt ready to face the world and claims that it was life changing.

Social media-loving schoolgirl, 15, killed herself after spending hours in her bedroom posting photos and statuses from her phone in a quest to get 'likes'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum has called for social media to be banned for under-16s after her teenage daughter committed suicide when nobody liked her status. Ruby Seal, 15, would spend her evenings and weekends attached to her smartphone switching between her different social media profiles to post pictures.  In extreme cases she would spend hours locked in her bedroom posting several photos and statuses a day in a desperate bid to get likes. In a bid to stop her, mum Julie switched of their home WiFi - but Ruby would use 4G instead and racked up data bills of £200 per month.  In the months leading up to her death the schoolgirl would share cryptic statuses and messages to her friends asking 'If this was my last day what would I do?' and memes claiming she was a "disappointment".

Fancy splashing out? Stunning five-bedroom converted Victorian water tower with its own observation deck offering 360-degree views over London goes on sale for £2million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Make a splash with this stunning £2m converted Victorian Water Tower complete with its own OBSERVATION DECK with 360-degree views over London, perfecting for sitting back and enjoying a cocktail or two. The fabulous eight-storey home offers the opportunity for a lucky purchaser to live in a unique property within easy commuting distance of central London. In fact, according to a previous occupant, on a clear day it is even possible to read the time on Big Ben’s tower with a pair of binoculars. Mesmeric photos show the imposing exterior of the lovingly restored tower, built in 1896; the spell-binding views from the tower’s impressive observatory deck; and the ultra-modern stainless steel-clad pavilion at the base of the tower.

Fascinating photographs show what Birmingham really looked like when the feared Peaky Blinders ruled the city

***EXCLUSIVE*** Viewers of hit TV programme PEAKY BLINDERS will be familiar with bleak living conditions faced by the residents of Birmingham in the Edwardian era. And as the new seasons hit our screens, fascinating images have come to light showing how bad life in the West Midlands city really was back then. The collection of photographs primarily come from Birmingham Corporation who in 1904 made a photographic survey of all Ôslum propertiesŐ creating a unique visual archive. ItŐs exactly these communities where gangs like the Peaky Blinders would thrive as they took advantage of the squalor and poverty. The pictures show the classic back-to-back houses that was common in industrial cities across Britain Đ and the poor inhabitants that lived in them.

A British company has developed the world’s first gender-neutral mannequin to model 'genderless' clothes

***EXCLUSIVE*** They were created by Yorkshire-based retail supplies company The Retail factory in response to the growing trend among fashion labels for unisex clothing ranges. Retailers such as John Lewis, Abercrombie and Fitch, H&M, Next and Zara already supply gender-neutral clothing lines, but there is no specific way to display them. Some shops use gendered mannequins, whilst others dispense with mannequins altogether - neither of which are ideal solutions in a retail environment. This challenge inspired Gemma Liddon, national sales manager at The Retail Factory, to develop the world’s first gender-neutral mannequin for general sale.

Half-armed man stands on his own feet through calligraphy

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jia Weijun, a half-armed man who lost his two hands in his childhood and has been practicing calligraphing since 1992, establishes a stall to sell passers-by folding fans with hand-written characters in Xi'an city, northeast China's Shaanxi province, 27 August 2019. In the meantime, Jia also does live streaming to promote himself. He is able to write 200 characters in 6 minutes and sell each for 2 Yuan. Jia is not an ordinary disabled person attempting to stand on his own feet. Jia is a member of Calligraphers Association of Shaanxi, and hence he is nicknamed half-armed calligrapher.

Coffin keeper looks after 567 coffins

***EXCLUSIVE*** Liu Chaoxian, a construction worker in day time, turns to be a coffin keeper at night to take care of 567 coffins of deceased ancestors of the clan, which is a local tradition, in Qibo village, Pingba county, Anshun city, southwest China's Guizhou province.