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Face of oldest direct human ancestor, which lived 3.8million years ago, revealed by scientists

***EXCLUSIVE*** An ancient human ancestor that lived more than four million years ago has been brought to life by scientists in stunning recreations.  It is the face of a species known as Australopithecus anamensis, an ancient species even older than the famed Lucy - a member of a related species known as A. afarensis. The tiny skull was found almost entirely intact in Ethiopia in 2016 and proves the two species co-existed for at least 100,000 years. Researchers uncovered the adult male skull in the river delta of a now-extinct lake and the researchers found the species had a small brain with a long, narrow skull. However, it also reveals the species had prominent cheekbones that make the face look like more recent humans. A. anamensis is the oldest known member of the genus Australopithecus. Our own genus, Homo, is widely thought to have evolved from this group. MRD, the informal moniker given to the skull, has been dubbed as the next great 'celebrated icon of human evolution'.

Chinese firm plans to bring your dead cat back from the grave by implanting clone with your pet’s memories

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bonkers Chinese company that clones cats for cash is taking a bold new step in its quest to bring pets back from the dead. The firm says it's working towards technology that will allow customers to not only create a copy of their feline, but also implant memories into the test tube tabby. Sinogene Biotechnology Company created what it called the world's first cat clone last month, and is now charging £29,000 for the service. The hope for cat owners is that their beloved moggies can be cloned over and over, effectively allowing them to live on forever. But while cloned cats are genetically identical to their 'ancestors', each lab-grown pet forms their own personality and memories. That could all be about to change. Sinogene says it's dreaming up tech that would allow it to implant a cloned pet with the memories of your lost furry friend. That means your replacement would not only look like its deceased "ancestor", but behave like it too.

Cerne Abbas giant gets a refreshing makeover as workers begin the arduous once-in-a-decade task of re-chalking the iconic Dorset feature

Cerne Abbasm one of Britain's lat remaining giants is receiving a once in a generation spruce up to prevent it wasting away. The giant chalk figure has survived on the Dorset hillside since the 17th century and is at constant threat of performing an unwanted disappearing act. A makeover is due, and the chalk man is getting re-chalked by volunteers to keep him visible. 

Hangzhou's first pet pig cafe has become a new web celebrity place

Zhejiang, Zhejiang, China: The store is nice and crowded, and sometimes you have to wait in line. Different from stroking cats and dogs, playing with pigs should be more exquisite, especially holding their posture, they will bark if they are not comfortable.

Schoolboy, 13, who took up magnet fishing to keep him off the streets reels in a huge haul of weapons including guns, grenades and knives from Britain's murky waterways

***EXCLUSIVE*** A teenager from Leicester who uses a magnet to fish in waters has discovered a number of weapons in just three weeks. 13-year-old George Tindale discovered the weapons in the River Soar while magnet fishing with his father. George has been doing the unique hobby for a year, and has come across objects like bikes and trollies.

Mysterious cloudy lake near Japanses Alps

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dense clouds by a lake disappear to reveal a beautiful mountain range. Scores of people who hiked up to the lake in the Japanese Alps were rewarded with the picturesque view of the neighbouring peaks. The mountain can also be seen reflecting off the water as it appeared through the clouds. Photographer Takeshi Mitamura captured these shots from the Happo Pond, on Mount Karamatsu in the Japanese Alps, which is just over 2,000 metres above sea level.

Dad left stunned after spotting Freddie Mercury’s face in an Aldi PORK CHOP

***EXCLUSIVE*** Derek Simms, 47, couldn't believe his eyes when he popped his £3.49 pork chop into a pan only to find the rock legend appear ten minutes later. The dad-of-two had been cooking dinner for him and his wife Donna, 46, as a bank holiday treat at their home in Blackpool. In awe of his dinner resembling the late superstar, Derek took some photos before tucking in. Engineer Derek said: "I've never seen anything like it. "I've cooked a lot of things and lived a lot of years but I've never seen my food resemble a celebrity before. "Before I served up I called over my wife and she clocked it straight away. "We looked at it for a minute of two but we were both hungry so I ended up eating it. "I know it's a bit silly but I've shown people and they say it's a dead ringer for Freddie. "I'm a big fan. I never saw him live but I would have loved to. "I just don't know what else to say.