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Grandmother of 11 becomes surfer chick at 67 and reveals how she stays in shape

***EXCLUSIVE*** This surfer chick in her SIXTIES is proving that you are never too old to pursue a career in FITNESS and has gone on to win Miss Fitness America even though she was the oldest competitor – and all this whilst juggling her duties as a GRANDMOTHER OF ELEVEN. Self-employed safe beauty advocate and health coach, Sharon Mehalek (67) from Illinois, USA, has been in the fitness industry for over 40 years and was always active. While she was in high school, there weren’t many options for women to participate in sports, so she became a cheerleader and was part of the pom-pom squad. After graduation, she was employed as an assistant. Over the next eight years she had five children, Travis (45), Dayna (44), Natalie (41), Brad (39) and Gavin (37). Being a mother fulfilled her, but after her fourth child was born, she knew she had to stay fit; she joined a gym and began taking aerobic classes. Once she had her fifth child, she decided to make fitness her career, starting by teaching group exercises at the gym. She has since kept in shape and taught various group exercise classes including; indoor cycling, barre, rebounding, kickboxing, pilates, yoga and strength classes in high intensity interval training (HIIT). She has also won a modelling competition and has taken the regional gold medal for both Miss Fitness America and National Aerobic Championships. In 2016 she had her first surfing lesson and has since become proficient in the water sport, as well as slalom water skiing and snowboarding. Her fitness journey came from a desire to set the best example for her children and 11 grandchildren who range from the ages of two to 18.


Nurse who hasn't used shampoo for 3 years says vinegar and water is better for hair

***EXCLUSIVE*** This nurse claims her hair is healthier since she stopped washing it with shampoo THREE YEARS AGO and began rinsing it with VINEGAR and RAINWATER that she collects once a week – and even her boyfriend is trying it. When psychiatric nurse, Rachel de Rond (28) from Haarlem, The Netherlands, was a child, she was born with natural curls that lost their bounce over time as she became older. In her twenties, she felt her hair was very dry and frizzy and had less curls. At the time she would wash her hair with shampoo every two days, but when the quality of her hair deteriorated, she decided to wean off using the shampoo and washed it once a week. This improved her hair slightly, so in August 2017, she discovered the no poo method, washing hair with a gentle alternative to shampoo, such as apple cider vinegar or even just water only. Rachel decided to follow this method and has dumped her shampoo bottles and other hair products. Since abandoning the shampoo and other synthetic hair products, she has noticed a considerable difference in the quality of her hair, which has become curlier and more volumized. She now uses a solution made up of grinded nuts and leaves from trees and plants called ayurvedic herbs which she leaves in her hair for 30 minutes, then rinses out with tap water. Four days later she refreshes her curls with rainwater, which she collects and adds a tiny bit of flaxseed gel on her wet curls. A year into discarding her shampoo bottles, her boyfriend, Max van Kessel (27), followed her lead with a little encouragement from her and hasn’t used shampoo or any product since. He is now following the water only method. Rachel says while she was initially worried, she would be accused of being ‘dirty’, she has received a positive response. Strangers love her new hair and they even question if she has styled her hair with curlers.

Couple stun loved ones by turning their daughter's christening into a surprise WEDDING

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple left friends and family stunned after turning the christening of their baby daughter - into a surprise WEDDING. Hannah Clayton, 29, and Darren Harding-Evans, 39, hatched a secret plot to throw the double celebration midway through the baptism of nine-month-old Bryony. Whilst guests took their turn taking photographs with the christening girl, the pair sneaked off and got ready to pull the surprise on Sunday afternoon (25/8). Hannah then reemerged at the back of the church in a flowing white wedding dress much to the amazement of the unsuspecting congregation. Many family members were left in tears as Hannah and Darren then exchanged vows on the altar of St Giles Church, in Wrexham, north Wales.  The couple went on to enjoy their reception at Holt Lodge, which had already been set aside for the christening celebrations, with their 74 guests. Only a handful of relatives were aware of the top secret plans - with even the flower girls and the best man being taken by surprise on the day.

A young couple spend their nights cuddling up to an unusual pet - their four-month-old fluffy RACCOON

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lexi Quigley, 23, and Blake Olson, 26, rescued Oscar in May 2019, when he was found in a pal’s backyard abandoned by his mum. Newborn Oscar, then two weeks old, required bottle feeds of kitten formula and Pedialyte every four hours, which Lexi, an accountant, and Blake, a teacher, juggled between them. The couple, of Tampa, Florida, USA, crafted a make-shift incubator out of a storage bin to ensure the little kit stayed cozy and safe as he grew.

Sunbed-addict woman, 38, left with 'dog bite' hole in her cheek due to excessive use

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman who was so desperate to be tanned that she would use sunbeds at least TWO TIMES A WEEK for THIRTEEN YEARS but is now trying to raise awareness of the dangers of sunbeds and natural sun after being diagnosed with MELANOMA resulting in a HOLE in her cheek that some people mistake for a DOG BITE. Between the years 1999 and 2012, marketing and communications specialist, Natalie Trout (38) from Indiana, USA, would regularly use a sunbed at least two times a week depending on the year. Throughout her life from the age of six, during the summer she would refrain from using sun cream, exposing her skin to the sun which would cause severe, blistered sun burns. During this time she taught English at a high school in Kampala, Uganda, for a year, where she would spend weekends by the pool unprotected from the heat of the sun. Despite being warned by people about the intensity of the sun, she didn’t take them seriously and hated using sun cream.  In 2015, she noticed a dry, red spot on her right cheek, but brushed it off as a small rash. But when she booked an appointment with a dermatologist, she warned her that this was a pre-cancerous spot that needed to be removed. She used liquid nitrogen on her face to freeze off the spot, in an attempt to prevent it from turning into cancer. However, a year later the spot was replaced with a mole that gradually changed shape and size every week. When she went back to her dermatologist, she diagnosed her with melanoma, a type of skin cancer that can metastasise. She then had to meet with a plastic surgeon to remove the melanoma, that required a surgical procedure which resulted in her having a hole in her face. Despite the surgeon warning her that the surgery may result in facial paralysis, he urged that this was the only option she had and if she let it spread, she could die.

This is the heartwarming moment an elephant is saved from the bottom of a 20ft well by rescuers using a crane

***EXCLUSIVE*** Video footage has captured how a huge rescue operation was launched to save an elephant stranded at the bottom of a well in an Indian jungle. The clip shows rescuers use a crane to hoist the huge animal out of the well and onto the back of a truck ready for release back into the wild. The massive rescue effort took place close to the Panagar army camp in jalpaiguri, Western Bengal, after the elephant is believed to have strayed from the Bishnupur jungle. Army officials realised the elephant was trapped in the well after hearing a noise coming from deep inside.

A mum-of-three has told how living without boobs after a double mastectomy has destroyed her sex life and her confidence and left her needing counselling

***EXCLUSIVE*** Claire Almey, 42, hasn't had a sexual relationship with her fiance Jon, 40, in over two years because she doesn't feel sexy or feminine after her operation. The young mum had surgery to remove her 34D breasts during her battle against stage three breast cancer in July 2017, and is now in remission. But the treatment means she's had to wait two years for new boobs, and might have to wait another 12 months for a reconstruction.

What the world will look like in 50 years: Underwater roads, hoverboard quidditch and self-cleaning homes will all be part of normal life in 2069, experts predict

Underwater highways, hoverboard-based sports and holidays in space are some of the upcoming revelations which will be commonplace in 50 years' time, a new report on the future of technology has predicted. The report also predicts the mass-scale production of 3D-printed organs, implants to monitor our health and self-cleaning homes will be key parts of everyday life. The predictions have been compiled by a group of academics and futurists, including TechUK president and co-chair of the Institute of Coding Jacqueline de Rojas, director of engineering and education at the Royal Academy of Engineering, Dr Rhys Morgan and food futurologist Dr Morgaine Gaye.

Children of temporary refuge camps

Deputy High Commissioner for UN High Commission of Refugees (UNHCR) Kelly T. Clements on Tuesday stressed need for additional support from the international community for refugees in Libya. More than 268,000 Libyans are now internally displaced, including 120,000 displaced since the beginning of the armed conflict earlier in April between the UN-backed government and the rival east-based army in and around the capital Tripoli.