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Schoolgirl, nine, who lost both her legs and her left arm to meningitis is 'chuffed to bits' with her new £10,000 'bionic hero' hand that means she can finally fist bump her twin brother

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the heart-warming moment a brave nine-year-old triple-amputee was left „chuffed to bits” - after being fitted with a „bionic hero arm”. Rinae Hedgecock took less than an hour to get used to the new hi-tech prosthetic which now means she can pick up a coca-cola bottle and even high-five her twin brother. The youngster contracted a deadly strain of meningitis as a five-year-old and lost both legs, her left arm below the elbow and the fingers and thumbs on her right hand. She made a remarkable recovery after being 24 hours to live at one point but struggled with the plastic prosthetic arm she had been given. Rinae dreamed of getting a „hero arm” made by Bristol-based company, Open Bionics to help her grasp objects, dress without help, and achieve a level of independence.

This incredible video grab shows the mind-blowing moment a baby is birthed by a „natural” c-section- her mother opting her to literally crawl out of her womb

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the moment a mother opted for a 'natural' c-section - allowing her daughter to wiggle out of her womb on her own. Charlotte Knowles, 31, had a traumatic first birth so wanted to make sure baby Lyla's arrival was as stress free as possible. Doctors assisted with the birth, helping her little one out of the incision, but then left her to crawl and push herself out the rest of the way - rather than being pulled, called 'calm birthing'. The tot was propped up while she wriggled out, and the whole process was so calm, she barely cried and even fell asleep half way out, with doctors having to gently wake her.

Brave girl, 7, donates bone marrow to save big sister from rare cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A brave seven-year-old girl has given a life-saving bone marrow transplant donation to save her big sister from a rare form of cancer. Little Makaela Dancey has performed an adorable act of sisterly love by enduring painful surgery to help stop her sibling from suffering with the disease. Keira Dancey, 13, had her life turned upside down when she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia in December 2017 - a rare cancer that affects only 3,100 people each year in the UK. Following countless treatments to fight the aggressive illness, the teenager found out that she needed a life-saving bone marrow transplant. And she was handed a remarkable lifeline from her sister Makaela, the only suitable donor in the family.

Desperate mother fears her 17-year-old son will die because the family cannot continue to spend £4,000 a month on cannabis oil that stops him having hundreds of seizures every day

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bailey Williams, 17, has had epilepsy since the age of two, but in recent years it has became so severe he would regularly fall to the floor and turn blue.  Doctors tried everything - endless kinds of drugs and therapies - but nothing worked, until a law change meant he was able to have full extract cannabis oil.  Bailey, from Cardiff, was given a prescription from specialist doctors for medicinal use in June, and his parents said it instantly reduced his seizures to less than five a day.  But it is still not available on the NHS, meaning Bailey’s parents have to pay thousands to a neurologist in London for the medicine, which is injected three times a day.  His mum, Rachel Rankmore, 43, called on the NHS to start providing prescriptions so families do not lose out because they can't afford the drug.

Woman ditches make-up and bares acne to the world to help other sufferers

***EXCLUSIVE*** GRAZ, AUSTRIA: Hiding behind makeup wasn’t an option for this woman after her skin broke out in painful acne at the age of TWENTY-FIVE even after a doctor said it wouldn’t make her ‘CATASTROPHIC SITUATION’ any worse – but she’s determined to help other sufferers by sharing her bare face with the world. Like many teenagers during puberty, office clerk, Bianca Jantscher (25) from Graz, Austria, started to breakout in spots and always made sure her pimples were covered with makeup when she left the house. When Bianca had her first boyfriend at 15, she was prescribed contraceptive pill Diane, which also helped skin problems. Within weeks of taking the pill, she noticed that her skin had improved significantly, and she no longer felt like she had to cover up. After being on the pill for almost 10 years in October 2018 Bianca noticed that she had been suffering from mood swings, felt overwhelmed with life and was constantly stressed and restless. After researching her symptoms in relation to the pill, she decided to stop taking it. Within weeks Bianca’s mood improved and she recognised her old positive self return. Bianca knew that her skin might get worse after coming off the pill and in January 2019 noticed her first spots appear before her skin flared painfully in March which left her skin feeling deformed. Bianca tried to offset her acne with manuka honey face masks, not touching her face and changing her towels and pillowcases daily, but to no avail. Bianca was diagnosed with acne conglobate, a rare and cystic acne, and was asked by doctors why she didn’t take the pill and was prescribed various courses of cortisone pills and antibiotics in an attempt to clear her skin. By May 2019, there had been no improvement to Bianca’s skin and it was suggested she tried isotretinoin, a drug with lots of side effects which is sometimes used to treat certain cancers. After reading the side effects, Bianca decided against medication and decided to accept her acne in the hopes of being able to heal naturally. Bianca started her Instagram page and has been proudly sharing pictures of her acne to encourage other women to love themselves for who they are. She’s received nothing but positivity and support online but in real life she has had a colleague joke that she wouldn’t want to look like Bianca when she comes off the pill and even had a doctor tell her that wearing makeup wouldn’t make her ‘catastrophic situation’ any worse – but Bianca has the inner strength to continue embracing her skin.

Chilling book explores how Hitler dressed KIDS in Nazi uniforms for sick propaganda stunts

***EXCLUSIVE*** Shocking photos show how Hitler and his Third Reich managed to brainwash an entire generation of youngsters to subscribe to his fascist worldview. Haunting black and white pictures, mostly taken in the 1930s, show toddlers in full Nazi regalia, a group of eagers teens throwing an enthusiastic Hitler salute, and a group of apprehensive young boys manning an anti-aircraft in the final weeks of the war. Another photo shows a line of Hitler Youth members, swastika proudly on display, grinning at the camera as they prepare themselves to fight for the Fuhrer.

Colourful fat-throated lizard

***EXCLUSIVE*** A male lizard displays bright colours on its throat as it tries to attract females. The fan-throated lizard suddenly revealed a burst of bright colours that unfolded on a flap of skin from its neck. Highly territorial, the brown reptile perched on a thorny bush to give itself the best chance of picking up a mate. IT specialist Indranil Basu Mallick, 34, observed the lizard's behaviour near his home in Pune, India.

These are the epic pictures of a lightning strike in America's Midwest - captured by a daring storm chaser

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kevin Palmer, 26, photographed the breathtaking spectacle in Wyoming after travelling to one of his favourite lightning spots and patiently waiting for the lightning to strike.  He was delighted when he was able to capture the ominous thundercloud and a flash of fork lightning illuminating the night sky near Sheridan, Wyoming.  Kevin, who took the breathtaking images on August 14, said it was the perfect night for watching the lightning as the full moon gave the cloud a silver tint.

Squirrel rescued from the sea

***EXCLUSIVE*** A small furry animal has been rescued from near-certain death and being swept out to sea. The soggy squirrel had a lucky escape after being pulled from the River Hamble soaking wet and shivering. It was rescued by Ian Rankin and a colleague, James Slater-Smith, who had been working at Port Hamble Marina. The two marina operators were sailing a boat when they spotted “something” struggling in the water at the end of a pontoon on Monday afternoon. They rushed towards it after realising it was a small squirrel. Using a large barge pole the two managed to fish the animal from the river which Ian described as being “terrified and shivering”. To help the traumatised animal recover and once back on dry land, the 32-year-old found an old crate filled with rags and placed it in a field behind the marina. According to Ian, when night-shift workers checked on the tree-dwelling rodent to see if it was ok they found it curled up in a ball and fast asleep. When Ian returned the next day the unnamed squirrel was gone. It is believed it fell into the river further upstream.

Dancing bear puts on show for photographers

***EXCLUSIVE*** A grizzly bear puts on a show in front of the camera as it dances by a tree. The young bear showed off its moves by standing on its back legs and stepping side to side with its paws in the air.

Aerial pictures of fishermen casting their nests

***EXCLUSIVE*** Giant nets cast by fishing boats in the sea create water droplet-like shapes. The nets, which were at least three times the size of the boats, created mesmerising outlines on the still water. Travel photographer Olivier Apicella captured these shots at Doc Let Beach in the Ninh Hoa Province of Vietnam, one of prettiest stretches of coastline in the country.

Headless flamingo

***EXCLUSIVE*** A flamingo apears to have lost it's head as it searches for food. The bird which feeds on seaweed and crustaceans was captured at the unusual pose by photographer Romain Doucelin who was observing the birds at sunset in a marsh in the Camargue, in the village of Saintes Maries de la Mer, France.