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Sisters gave birth to their daughters just six hours apart - and the same midwife helped deliver both

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two sisters took over the maternity ward together when they both gave birth to little girls just six hours apart - with the help of the same midwife. Phoebe Rose, 28, and her big sister, Sophie Thomson, 31, had due dates just one day apart but never imagined that they'd end up giving birth on the same day. The older sister found out she was six weeks pregnant just a few days before younger Phoebe called her to break her own news. Baby Nellie was the first to arrive, after Phoebe went into labour, and proud aunt Sophie arrived at Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham to visit her new niece, already in labour.

A husband and wife have welcomed a baby boy THREE YEARS after he was first conceived by another couple

***EXCLUSIVE*** Michele and Bobby To have welcomed their snowflake baby ‘Alex’ into the world - three years after he was conceived by a donor couple in 2016 and implanted in Michele’s womb last year. Michele and Bobby To, of Arvada, Colorado, USA, adopted an embryo that was conceived by a donor couple in March of 2016. Their ‘snowflake’ baby Alex was born in March, after an adopted embryo was successfully implanted into Michele’s womb. Michele said: “It feels a little like Alex was waiting for us, frozen for three years. It’s kind of neat. "

An Elvis tribute singer has been left „All Shook Up” after being slapped with a staggering £9,000 fine for singing in his home

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dean Holland is mortified that he can no longer perform on the internet for fans or rehearse for gigs after complaints from his neighbours.  In a bitter twist the 45-year-old Presley fan, who wears his Elvis quiff by day, was handed the mammoth penalty on August 16 - the 42nd anniversary of the King's death.  The fine, which was handed to him and partner cleaner Katie Mooney by Bradford Magistrates Court, comes after they failed to adhere to the terms of a noise abatement notices handed to them earlier this year.  A warrant had been issued by the court in May this year, when a team from Environmental Health entered his home to remove two TVs, a juke box, speakers and DJ equipment.

Welcome to Britain's most unusual shop which has no name, no prices and is run by a man who decides what to charge his customers - by looking at their shoes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Part gypsy, part 'Spanish pirate', Pat, is in charge of pf the store tucked away on a street corner and sells 'a bit of everything'.  It has no signs over the door, no phone number, internet and not a single price tag in sight.  With stock ranging from animal skin clothes to guns from the 1960s, anyone who walks in off the street is likely to find things to take home that can’t be found anywhere else.  And if customers want to make a purchase then they’d better hope owner Pat likes their shoes - because that’s one of the ways he decides what prices to charge people.  Pat says he isn’t bothered about making money, only about “creating good vibes” at the store in Paignton, Devon, and wants people to bargain with him over how much to pay.

A baby porcupine has limited time left with his new best pal after forming the unlikeliest of friendships with a sausage dog

***EXCLUSIVE*** Porcupette Diablo made friends with little puppy Fig under the watchful eye of surrogate mum Estelle Morgan.  The zookeeper hand-reared Diablo to give him the best chance of survival when his mum Hannah rejected him at Cotswold Wildlife Park in Oxfordshire.  When Diablo was just a few days old, Estelle introduced him to her puppy Fig for some company and essential social interactions to help his development.  The prickly pair were seen playing in the garden together and enjoying the little time they have left before Diablo returns to the zoo.

A retired teacher who has spent more than 60 years building model planes has amassed a fleet large enough to rival the Royal Air Force itself - and now wants to give it away

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cliff White has made nearly 300 models since he started in 1956 while completing national service at Hendon Aerodrome in London, where he worked as a carpenter on the RAF’s wooden aircraft. His collection spans the RAF’s entire history, starting with the classic First World War Sopwith Camel up until today’s cutting-edge Eurofighter Typhoon fast-jet. But sixty three years and hundreds of models later, the 85-year-old from Lincolnshire is now looking to rehouse the display - which takes up two walls in his specially-converted garage. Cliff has refused several lucrative offers for individual models because he does not want to divide his impressive collection, which he hopes to see “go home” to Hendon Aerodrome, where the RAF Museum is now based. Cliff, of Lancing, West Sussex, said: “My eyesight and dexterity is not what it once was. It is now time to try and move them on. “I don’t want to see the collection go in the skip.

Climbing 1,000-meter-high cliff in Chongqing

The Cloud Bridge, part of the Via Ferrata project and located in the Yunyang Longgang Scenic Zone in Southwest China's Chongqing, opened to the public April 26. The bridge is over 700 meters high and primarily consists of a climbing ladder, cable bridge, cliff climbing and other projects, according to information released by Yunyang county government. Tourists can experience breathtaking views climbing the mountain via the steel handrails, life cable, and other facilities, and even those with no climbing experience can scale the steep cliff safely, according to the government.