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Woman learns to embrace curves after diet obsession caused her periods to stop

***EXCLUSIVE*** BELLMORE, NEW YORK, USA: This woman was so obsessed with dieting that her PERIODS STOPPED – but she has since embraced her curves and is now on a mission to show others that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Nutritionist, Emma Nacewicz (29) from Bellmore, New York, USA, wasn’t self-conscious of her body shape until she reached high school where she realised that she was curvier than her friends and had to wear the same clothing brands they were wearing to fit in. At around 11st 6lb and a UK size 12, Emma found that she always had to buy the biggest size available and the clothes were too tight on her. After leaving college Emma felt fed up with her body and decided to lose weight, before long she was receiving compliments about her smaller figure and had people coming to her for advice on how to achieve the same results. Emma became hooked on being told that she looked great and soon spiralled into having a disordered relationship with food and exercise where she avoided social events out of fear of going off plan and limited herself to just grilled chicken with vegetables and tap water if she did go out for dinner. Emma did an hour of cardio and an hour of weight training every day and if she did give into temptation, she would work out for twice as long the following day to burn off the calories. In addition to feeling guilt around food, Emma’s restriction caused her periods to stop for five months and at 11st 6lb and a UK size 12 she was unable to lose any more weight no matter how hard she tried. Five years ago, Emma had a realisation that she was missing out on living life by trying to force her body to be smaller and smaller which was making her miserable. She discovered intuitive eating and that’s when things started to change. At 5ft 6in, Emma is now a happy and healthy 15st and UK size 18, she’s an advocate for self-love and body positivity and she no longer considers the number on the scales to be reflective of her worth. Through Instagram she hopes to show other men and women that they don’t have to conform to what they see in the media.

Brides on a budget reveal how they had TWO wedding ceremonies for £2,000 by making bouquets out of comic books, borrowing a dress and making a 'DIY doughnut wall'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the couple who spent just £2.5K on their BUDGET DREAM WEDDING after spending only £70 for BOTH of their WEDDING DRESSES and having their GUESTS contribute to their £1.7K HONEYMOON to MALTA. PhD student, Lisa Garwood-Cross (27) and her wife Steph (25) from Manchester, UK, had their first date in February 2016 after meeting on Tinder and both ended up proposing on the same day in March 2017. Between then and their wedding day they bought their own house and started a blog about living a frugal lifestyle. Their top priority was to buy their own house before they got married, so they decided to put together a thrifty wedding without compromising the size of it, as they wanted to make sure all of their loved ones could attend. They hired the Swinton Masonic Hall which they used without a wedding license and instead did their legal paperwork two days before. They bought comic books worth just £1.58 which they turned into bouquets and spent just £48 for both of their wedding rings they bought from Etsy. Lisa bought her wedding dress second-hand on an app called Shpock for just £70 and Steph borrowed her mother’s wedding dress. They provided a pizza buffet for their wedding meal for which they spent £400 for 100 guests. To avoid spending money on her bridesmaids’ dresses, since they were all spread out across the country, she asked them to pick out black knee-length semi-formal dresses either borrowed or bought so that they could all blend in together. Their guests all pitched in honeymoon contributions as wedding gifts to send the couple on a seven-night all-inclusive honeymoon to Malta.

A mum endured a nine-year battle including seven rounds of IVF and three miscarriages to have her miracle family

***EXCLUSIVE*** Emma Rees, 38, thought she would fall pregnant straight after marrying husband Lyn, 38, but they struggled for years. The forked out thousands of pounds on private IVF, only for each fertilisation to end in a miscarriage or unsuccessful attempt. But after she had a two-year break to focus on being an aunt, she finally fell pregnant on her SEVENTH attempt at IVF. The proud parents welcomed twins Sophie and Ollie, now one, and now feel their family is complete. The local government worker from Brynamman, Wales, said: “They were everything I'd imagined and more.

Learner driver, 17, totals her car on her way to her FINAL driving lesson - but passes her test the very next day

***EXCLUSIVE*** A learner driver on the way to her final driving lesson totalled her £2000 car after she was forced off the road by an impatient motorist the day before her driving test.  Hazel Ross, 17, claims she was driving with L plates in her silver Renault Clio, when a motorist drove her off the road forcing her crash her car at 10.30am last Friday (30/8).  She was driving to Chatteris, in Cambs., for her final driving lesson with her mum Wendy and friend Dylan Ayres along the B660 road which has a tight bend. Hazel claims a Ford Fiesta drove "closely" behind her before attempting to overtake her on the bend.

Beach BBQ burns boy's feet

***EXCLUSIVE*** A five-year-old boy suffered serious burns to his foot after standing on an abandoned barbecue at a busy beach. Oliver Briggs was enjoying an afternoon at the seaside when he stepped on the smouldering fire pit buried in the sand. He screamed in agony and his shocked mum Kristina Willmore carried him into the sea to cool the burn. Oliver was then rushed to A&E and had to be transferred to a hospital with a specialist burns unit. He suffered severe blistering to the sole of his right foot. Medics had to cut away the blistered skin and wrap Oliver in bandages.

Eco beach hut scheme to save cliffs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Plans have been unveiled for 28 eco-friendly beach huts to be built into a fragile seaside cliff to protect it from erosion. The timber-clad 'pods' will be erected on two tiers hallway up the 80ft sloping seaside cliff near to Sandbanks in Poole, Dorset. The stilts will act as pile foundations and be drilled into the ground to improve the stability of the cliff. Each beach hut will have its own balcony overlooking the sea and 140sq ft of floor space. Plans have been submitted to the local council to approve.

James Bond's „Diamond's Are Forever” Moon buggy is up for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** James Bond's iconic moon buggy from Diamonds Are Forever has emerged for sale for £490,000 ($600,000). Sean Connery can be seen in the 1971 film driving across the Nevada desert in it while escaping from villain Willard Whyte. Unlike other Bond vehicles, this was the only one of its type ever built, and it was subsequently used on a worldwide publicity tour to promote the film's release. The 13.5ft long, 8.5ft high, 8.5ft wide buggy has a steel frame clad in aluminium panelling with a distinctive Plexiglass dome on top.