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A brewery has launched two new craft beers hoping to be the finest in all the galaxy - because they are named after STAR WARS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Original Stormtrooper Beer is for every fan that wishes they could be chilling in a cantina with Chewbacca and Han Solo.  Canny company The Sourceror has created Lightspeed Pilsner or Galactic Pale Ale all with a bottle designed with the iconic white-helmeted villains.  Spokesperson Ben Fowler said: „No-one had produced a Star Wars related beer before – primarily because Lucas/Disney won’t licence alcohol products.”

Britain’s smallest detached house measuring just 13ft wide sells for £155k

***EXCLUSIVE*** Number 15 Goldhill Road, in Knighton, Leicester is just three metres (13ft) wide and seven metres (26ft) high and covers 338 square feet over two floors. The cosy residence, which is about the width of a tennis court, was built in 1900 and had been partially renovated after its elderly resident recently passed away. The property went under the hammer for £155,000 - less than half the average £365,697 for a detached home in Britain.

Grandfather, 73, reveals that a pair of Jimi Hendrix's red suede trousers that the guitarist gave him after a gig in 1967 could have been worth £25,000 but are now worthless because he had them altered so he could wear them

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man who was given a pair of trousers by Jimi Hendrix which could have sold for up to 25K says they are worthless - after he had them altered so he could WEAR them. Stunned Mickey Martin, 73, was handed the red suede strides by the legendary guitarist during a gig in Cheltenham, Glos., in February 1967. Mickey, then 21, was working at the venue and couldn't believe his luck when Hendrix gave him the distinctive trousers for fetching him drinks all night. In 2018 a pair of Jimi's trousers sold at auction for £25K. But Mickey has revealed they lost a lot of the value when he decided to have them taken up three inches - so he could wear them out on the town. He also didn't get the rocker to sign them and with a lack of prof and the alterations means the trousers are probably worthless. Grandfather Mickey had been playing snooker when the owner of Cheltenham's Blue Moon club ran in and asked for someone to work that evening as he was short-staffed. Mickey then spent the next few hours running soft drinks from the bar to Hendrix and his band - before finding himself in the dressing room after the show. Mickey said: "Jimi came over to me, gave me a pair of trousers and said, 'here you are man - thanks a lot for taking care'. ''We didn't talk much - he just smiled. The gig was fantastic though - I was blown away by him. He was awesome.

A 15-month-old boy suffered a three inch gash across his throat and almost bled to death after falling over with a glass in his hands

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Sonny Noble was walking with the glass when he tripped on an outside step and dropped it before falling down on to one of the shards. His mum Tasha, 31, heard the smash on August 23 and ran out to find the youngster back on his feet but covered in blood. When Sonny looked up at her Tasha saw he had suffered a horrific three inch-long cut going from one side of his neck to the other. With blood gushing from the wound, the quick-thinking mum-of-three grabbed a tea towel and used it to stem the bleeding. She then called for her oldest child, nine-year-old Izzy, to get help. Izzy and Tasha, with Sonny in her arms, ran out of the house and on to their street in York, North Yorks, and frantically called for someone to help. A neighbour spoke to a 999 call handler and just six minutes later an ambulance arrived and took hold of Sonny, whose skin was pale and lips were blue. The child was rushed to A&E, where doctors managed to stem the bleeding before placing him into an induced coma and fitting a tracheostomy tube to breathe through. His condition was touch and go for some time but the brave youngster started recovering at a remarkably fast rate within days of his admission to hospital.

Boy, five, with 'butterfly skin' suffers 'third-degree burns that require morphine every time he bumps his skin'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jamie Cockeram is a typically cheeky schoolboy - but his smile masks the agony of a skin condition which means he suffers blisters at even the slightest touch. Jamie, aged 5, faces a daily battle against the painful blisters and tearing skin caused by Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (RDEB). Father Simon Cockeram, says the condition is „horrific” but adds: „He’s had it since he was born, so it’s all he knows. Jamie is so resilient and cheeky with a great sense of humour. But now he has begun asking, Why have I got butterfly skin? Will it go away? How do we answer him?”

Lord of the Rings enthusiast recreates powerful scenes from J. R. R. Tolkien’s fantasy epic using tiny scale models

***EXCLUSIVE*** An ex-wedding snapper has recreated scenes from Peter Jackson's iconic The Lord of The Rings film trilogy - using tiny scale models. Nicholas Busch, 37, built Bilbo Baggins' Shire and Sauron's land of Mordor from the movies inspired by JRR Tolkien's fantasy epic in two months. His Middle Earth picture anthology shows characters Frodo Baggins and companion Samwise Gamgee in a variety of locations and poses. One depicts the hobbits leaving their green pasture home in the Shire, while another sees them returning to the iconic yellow door 'hole in the ground'.

Calf born with a fifth leg on her head finds a forever home

***EXCLUSIVE*** A calf born with a fifth leg on her head has been given a forever home by a kindly couple. Elsie the baby Black Angus had been accidentally separated from her mother at a livestock auction and faced a grim future if she was not cared for quickly. Matt Alexander, a 38-year-old farmer spotted the unusual animal and immediately texted some pictures of her to his fiancee Maghin Davis. „As soon as I saw her I said: We have to have her” - said Maghin, 29, who helps run a farm with Matt. „No one was going to bid on her and her mom wasn’t there, so she won’t survive. She had just been born and she was so helpless, we couldn’t let her die. I take on rescues. You never know what’s there’s going to be at our house, I actually feel weird if I’m not bottle feeding something. Most people think of cattle as their livelihood, they don’t rescue animals, so when they see a calf like Elsie they just see her as a problem, a waste.” Maghin and Matt managed to track down the mother, reunited her with Elsie and brought them both back to their pastures in Hathaway, Louisiana.

A drinks company has launched an unusual festive tipple in the run-up to Christmas - Brussels sprout flavoured GIN

***EXCLUSIVE*** The controversial concoction - produced by Pickering’s Gin - is bound to divide opinion among gin lovers. It is believed to be the first of its kind in the world and was distilled using 100kg of Brussels sprouts – that’s enough for 2,000 Christmas dinners - sourced from a farm in Scotland. The result is an unmistakably „sprouty” aroma with a surprisingly sweet, slightly nutty taste with a green, herbaceous and peppery twang.

The 80-year-old roll of loo paper believed to the oldest in the UK

***EXCLUSIVE*** Museum chiefs are hoping to scoop an award for their most cherished exhibit - an 80-year-old roll of loo paper believed to the oldest in the UK. The toilet roll was made in 1936 by chemist EE Russell and has pride of place in the Garden City Collection museum in Letchworth, Herts. It has now been put forward as the museum's entry in the Object of the Year Awards which celebrates the county's museums.