Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A 'plane mad' five-year-old inspired after meeting RAF personnel has donned a flight suit and climbed a SIX-MILE mountain to raise money for injured pilots

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pint-sized captain in the making, Jacob Newson conquered the 2,277 foot high Pen-y-Ghent mountain, one of the biggest peaks in Yorkshire, with his ex-forces veteran dad Andrew.  The youngster, who has been obsessed with jets since he was a baby, raised more than £6,000 for the RAF Benevolent Fund, a charity that provides financial and emotional support to injured pilots and their families.  Dressed in his beloved flight suit, Jacob reached the peak in just over an hour and half on Tuesday, August 27, and completed the whole circuit in around four and half hours.

A schoolboy narrowly cheated death when a metal spring catapulted into his back in a freak trampoline accident

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jamie Quinlan, 12, was bouncing on his friend’s trampoline when the spring shot out at 70mph “like a bullet”.  The terrified youngster collapsed in agony when the 6ins metal coil ripped through his T-shirt and lodged in his back - just centimetres from his spine.  He was rushed to hospital by ambulance where surgeons removed the spring which created a 6cm-deep hole in his skin.  His parents Ian, 62, and Sandra, 55, who have two other sons, are speaking out about the dangers of garden toys following the freak accident last weekend.  Ian, a full-time carer for his wife who has Parkinson’s disease, said: “It was a terrible thing to happen, and it really scared me.”

Incredible images show Allied planes blitzing Nazi strongholds before hero troops storm Normandy beaches

***EXCLUSIVE*** As thousands of brave soldiers stormed the Normandy Beaches under a hail of gunfire 75 years ago, incredible photos show how the Allied air forces kept German reinforcements at bay, destroyed Nazi weapon and munitions factories, and conducted devastating bombing runs on Hitler’s defensive strongholds in a powerful new book. Striking shots from 1944 – including the build up to the D-Day Landings, the invasion itself, and its deadly aftermath - include US bombers striking a Nazi bunker on the French coast; an allied aircraft wreaking havoc at a German oil refinery; and RAF Typhoon emblazoned with ‘D-Day Stripes’, a black and white paint scheme which helped identify allied aircraft and reduce the chances of getting shot down by friendly fire. Another poignant shot shows visibly relieved American GIs looking to the skies after spotting their airborne guardian angels during Operation Overlord, the epic allied assault to liberate German-occupied Europe.

A footie-mad groom was "delighted" when his bride compromised her dream traditional wedding cake - so that half the cake was decorated in honour of his football club

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nicki Morris, 49, tied the knot with Shaun Morris, 54, last Saturday (August 31), and organised a special surprise for her beau when the time came to cut the cake. Devout Bristol City FC fan Shaun was chuffed when the cake was unveiled - and half of it was iced in bright red, decorated with Robins badges and little footballs made of icing. The half-and-half masterpiece - which is also made up of a traditional white wedding cake with delicate white fondant butterflies and roses - was created by Nicki's friend and cake-maker, Sally Gough.

This stunning image of the lesser-know Southern Lights was captured

***EXCLUSIVE*** A landscape photographer captured the moment the beautiful Southern Lights filled the night sky with a spellbinding cascade of colour. William Patino, 32, captured the natural light display - caused by collisions between electrically-charged particles and atmospheric gases - in Queenstown, NZ. The Southern Lights - 'aurora australis' - are the southern counterpart of the Northern Lights caused by disturbances in the sky. Charged particles released from the Sun are blown towards Earth by solar winds, largely deflected by the atmosphere.

Artefacts have been discovered from the Battle of Worcester which is the first time archaeologists have been able to pinpoint where the battle took place

***EXCLUSIVE*** Musket balls, horse harness fittings, horseshoes and belt buckles are among the artefacts that have been found at a construction site in Powick.  Historians have always known the area was the site of the final battle of the Civil War, but no actual physical evidence had ever been found and recovered until this find.  Richard Bradley, onsite lead archaeologist said: ‚ÄúIt is fantastic to be able to finally locate and map physical remains of the battle and to relate this to the historical record.