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One bean in a whole can

Steve Smith who opened a tin of Heinz Baked Beans to find it was full of bean juice with one solitary bean. Bristol. September 04 2019. See SWNS story SWBRbean. A man says he's 'bean had' after opening a can of Heinz Baked Beans - and found ONE bean inside. Flabbergasted Steve Smith, 41, had bought the multipack tin from Tesco Online and was hoping to cook a quick meal after a busy day. But the local councillor based in Bristol was thwarted by a shocking discovery - there was only one bean in the tin. The can was full of bean juice - but only one bean.

Heartbroken mum is appealing for birthday cards for her son battling a harrowing skin condition which has left "had enough of life"

Rhys Williams (14) from Bolton. A heartbroken mum is appealing for birthday cards for her son battling a harrowing skin condition which has left "had enough of life". See SWNS story SWLEskin. Tanya Williams is pleading for help to save her son, Rhys, who is losing hope having suffered a rare life-limiting and agonising skin condition since he was born. At birth, his parents had no idea whether he would ever reach his teenage years. The youngster is now 13-years-old, but he is confined to a wheelchair because of severe epidermolysis bullosa, which results in painful skin blisters, sores and has even caused his fingers to fuse together.

Gannet mating dance

Two gannets come together in a sweet embrace as part of a mating dance. The pair of birds put their heads in the air before they crossed beaks and rubbed up against each other. This intimate courtship ritual, photographed on the Yorkshire coastline, strengthens the bond between two gannets when they return from feeding trips. Paul Dibben, 53, who captured these shots of the mating dance on a cliff ledge at Bempton Cliffs nature reserve, East Riding of Yorks, said he could hear the gannets 'croaking in low tones'. SEE OUR COPY FOR DETAILS

Red sail boat slices through glaciers


A striking red yacht slices through a serene Arctic landscape punctuated by craggy glaciers.

The boat's crimson sails are almost glowing as it sails between dramatic glaciers on the west coast of Greenland.

Professional photographer Kah-Wai Lin was sailing at night in the Disko Bay around Ilulissat Icefjord, the sea mouth within one of the world's fastest moving and most active glaciers, called Sermeq Kujalleq.

Mr Lin, who specialises in landscape photography, said: "We used to spend all night sailing, usually from 9pm until 4am, to capture the midnight sun and golden hour.

"It is like a natural sculpture garden out there, and each iceberg is absolutely unique.

"The boat is a Russian expedition yacht.

"It looked beautiful against the skyline."

The 36 year old, from New Jersey in North America, said it was around three degrees celsius when he captured the yacht sailing through the icy panorama in Ilulissat Icefjord.

Ilulissat Icefjord is 250 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Every year, over 35 cubic kilometres of ice drops in sheets from the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier there, which is more than any other glacier outside Antarctica.

Scientists have tracked the glacier for over 250 years to develop our understanding of climate change and icecap glaciology.



Scissor-kicking wildebeast


A wildebeest launches a wild scissor-kick as a pair of the animals fight.

The two antelope bucked and swerved as they tried to head-butt each other, before one lashed out with an extravagant high kick.

Amateur photographer Zhayynn James said the duo were amid a pack of several hundred others in Tanzania, and their fleeting fight lasted barely 10 seconds.

The 43 year old said: "Wildebeest tend to panic easily and these two panicked while running with the herd, and turned on each other.

"The moment one panicked and kicked, the other responded, with both taking turns. Their fight wasn’t really intentional, it was essentially accidental, but neither was giving in.

"Just as they caught up with the rest of the herd, one swung around to face the other, but instead of a final confrontation, they just awkwardly avoided each other and then mingled with the rest.

"The whole episode lasted barely 10 seconds."

Mr James, a landscape architect from Chennai in India was on a 10 day wildlife photography tour at the time, added: "The herd was several hundred strong and there were sporadic fights up and down the line, but I focussed on this pair.

"It was hard to pick because often it looked like a fight was about to start."

Wildebeest, also called gnu, are a type of antelope native to parts of Africa south of the Sahara, and they can run at speeds of up to 50mph.




Too Fat and Wide Bride

Stacey pictured (middle) at a wedding before her weight loss. THIS BRIDE was HORRIFIED by the thought of walking down the aisle at a whopping FIFTEEN-STONE, so she dropped three dress sizes in just NINE MONTHS in time for her dream wedding. In December 2012, merchandise administrator, Stacey McDermott (31) from Horbury, UK, got engaged to her long-term boyfriend, James (37). In 2013, she was having a wedding dress fitting and while she loved the dress she was in, Stacey hated the way she looked in it when she looked in the mirror. The thought of walking down the aisle in front of over 100 guests at her heaviest weight of 15st and a UK size 18 horrified her, so decided to lose weight for her wedding. She joined Slimming World in March 2013, where she dramatically changed her lifestyle by modifying her diet and didn’t even have to incorporate exercise into her routine. While she used to indulge in a takeaway meal at least once a week, she began cooking her own meals. Within the first month, she lost 13Ib. A year after she got engaged, she reached her target weight of 11st and even surpassed her target by the day of her wedding in June 2014 at just 10st 9Ib and a UK size 12. She was elated with happiness on her wedding day following her weight loss and six months after her wedding day, she fell pregnant with her daughter, Niamh (4). She is now 10st and a size 10 and claims that if she hadn’t lost the weight before her pregnancy, it would have been harder for her. Now that she is a healthy size 10, she feels more energetic and can keep up with her daughter without any problems. For the last two years she has maintained her 5st stone weight loss.