Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Meet Frankie the gorgeous goggle-wearing beagle who stops traffic as he cruises around his hometown on an electric bike

***EXCLUSIVE*** The adventurous pooch, nine, clambers into a backpack every weekend to rack up miles on the road, donning special ‘doggles’ to keep the wind out of his eyes.  Frankie’s owner, Garry Mullins, 31, is a keen cyclist and used to cart his four-legged pal around on a “cumbersome” doggy trailer as he pedaled his electric bike.  The IT specialist was inspired by an Instagram post featuring a corgi in a backpack and decided to train Frankie to adapt to a new way of transport in June.  The doting pet owner even spent a colossal $12,000 on an operation to save Frankie's legs two years ago.  Garry, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, said his precious pet now stops traffic as passers-by attempt to capture photos of him in his striking cycling gear.

A couple have built their own recycling centre on their driveway to encourage people in their village to drop off items which are not usually recyclable

***EXCLUSIVE*** Since building the wooden structure last month, Hannah Iwanejko has already filled several boxes to take to a specialist recycling centre. The recycling point in Bilsthorpe, Nottinghamshire, accepts items including Tetra Paks, pet food pouches, crisp packets, bread bags and sweet wrappers, which are not accepted by their local authority.

Mother is constantly accused of overfeeding four-year-old son who weighs 112 POUNDS because she claims he has a rare condition that means he cannot stop eating

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the mum-of-four who has been ACCUSED of OVERFEEDING her FOUR-YEAR-OLD SON who weighs over EIGHT STONE due to a rare condition that causes excessive HUNGER – but despite trying to control his diet and HIDING FOOD his weight continues to increase at a rate of FOUR POUNDS A MONTH. Stay-at-home mum, Trinity Leonard (23) from Washington, USA, knew there was something not quite right when her eldest son, Peter (4), was two years old. She noticed a dramatic change in his appetite as his weight increased to 3st 8Ib, so she took him to the hospital to try and figure out what was wrong. She had heard about Prader-Willi syndrome, a rare genetic condition that causes a wide range of physical symptoms including an excessive appetite and learning difficulties. When she researched it, she felt that the symptoms matched her son and she fought for doctors to get him tested for it but was constantly turned away. With no support from the medical professionals, she was forced to handle his condition by herself. Over the years she attempted to regulate his food intake and encourage a more active lifestyle for not just him but for the whole family. However, no matter how much she tried to improve his eating habits, his weight continued to fluctuate at an alarming rate. Within the last seven months he has gained nearly 2st. At the age of four, he currently weighs 8st 3Ib and struggles to move like other kids his age. He has two sisters, Candyce (1) and Daisee, who is six months old and a younger brother, Logan, who is just a year younger than him and weighs 2st 8Ibs. Despite her consistent efforts to improve Peter’s lifestyle, Trinity has constantly been accused by strangers of overfeeding Peter. This has pushed her even more to try to raise awareness of Prader-Willi syndrome.

Woman discovered she had a brain tumour when she went to the doctor’s due to persistently smelling BURNT TOAST

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young woman discovered she had a brain tumour after realising she often thought she could smell BURNT TOAST. Yasmin Clapp, 26, suffered a range of symptoms including phantom smells and chronic tiredness, but she had no idea of the life-changing illness she had. She initially dismissed them as they were intermittent, but eventually sought help when they began to persist. Yasmin, from Exeter, Devon, was shocked to learn that she had a brain tumour - and was soon in hospital for an operation to have it removed.

A grandmother who nipped out to buy flowers woke up in hospital five days later unable to recognise ANY of her relatives for weeks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Liz Brewster, 73, popped to her local garden centre but instead of buying flowers, ended up spending a month in hospital with severe memory loss. The pensioner, from Carnforth, Lancashire, suffered a potentially life-threatening bleed on the brain caused by an aneurysm as she queued up at the till to pay. It caused her to black out, faint, and require emergency surgery to stop the bleeding from causing any serious long-term damage.

The world's tallest asymmetric three-tower complex is nearing completion

***EXCLUSIVE***Jiangsu, China: An aerial photo of the nearly completed GE·WORLD is taken in nanjing, east China's Jiangsu province. Located in Jianye district, Nanjing city, Jiangsu province, GE·WORLD is composed of three connected towers and floor buildings. The total investment of the project is 10 billion yuan, and the maximum is 368 meters. It is the world's tallest asymmetric three-tower complex and the largest shopping centre in Asia.

A mum lost NINE stone after she was mortified by photos of herself at her son's first birthday - when she was so large she could only fit in her Mickey Mouse pyjamas

***EXCLUSIVE*** Amy Wilson, 27, has struggled with her weight ever since she was a child, but her weight ballooned to 22st 13lb after she moved into her own flat. She gorged on takeaways and when she was pregnant her belly was so big she had to lift up her tummy folds so medics could to the ultrasound. When Jayden was born the pressures of being a new mum saw her comfort eat, and she grew in size.

Brand new Audi stuck in high tide

***EXCLUSIVE***AUDI-EAR!!! Audi manage that?An Audi owner was left with wet feet after having to wade out to retrieve his £40,000 car when it was caught in a harbour at high tide. The Audi A5 Sportback was being engulfed by the rising water after the hapless motorist left it parked on a slipway.

A ground squirrel smells a daisy

***EXCLUSIVE*** These adorable pictures capture the moment an inquisitive squirrel was spotted taking time out to smell a flower. The curious creature couldn't resist stopping to sniff a golden yellow daisy in Vienna, Austria. But while it might look like its simply taking the time to appreciate the blooms - the squirrel was in fact on the hunt for the tastiest flower of the bunch.

A protester landed himself in court for raging at cathedral staff - because they put a crazy golf course inside

***EXCLUSIVE*** Michael Feeney grabbed visiting chaplain Margaret Moore and berated her about the „disgraceful” golf course built inside Rochester Cathedral, and shouted "this isn't f***ing Disneyland." The 67-year-old, who occasionally prays at 13th Century cathedral, was fuming that a free nine-hole golf course was installed in the nave of the Norman-period Cathedral. Feeney, from Rochester, Kent, ranted at staff and visitors during his epic meltdown.