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A 74-year-old Indian woman has become the oldest mum in the world - after giving birth to TWINS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Erramatti Mangayamma has waited 60 YEARS to have children with her 80-year-old husband, Rajarao, a farmer. But she is now the proud mother of twins after undergoing IVF. Erramatti, from the small Nelapartipadu village in the Eastern Godavari district of India,  was given the all clear for IVF treatment at the Ahalya Hospital last year.

A determined mum-of-two has finally got her 'dream family' after losing six stone and going through six rounds of IVF treatment

***EXCLUSIVE*** Marie Hooper and husband Steve were heartbroken in 2013 when, after nine months of trying, doctors said they wouldn't be able to conceive naturally.  The couple describe being "shocked" to hear the "devastating" news they'd "never have kids", which is what some experts told them. The 33-year-old former hairdresser was then advised by someone at work to look into IVF treatment and she booked a consultation in September 2013.

I got turned down from a job because of painful skin condition – but now I’ve healed it naturally

***EXCLUSIVE*** This mum was DENIED a Saturday job as a teen because of her skin and had visions of being BED BOUND after she was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis - but she is shunning medicine in an effort to heal NATURALLY and sharing her journey online to encourage others to not let psoriasis define them. Primary school teacher, Laura Parish (37) from Reading, UK, was first diagnosed with psoriasis when she was just two years old and has never known life without the skin condition. Laura’s psoriasis got worse as she got older and she would lag her skin in prescribed creams every night before bed which left her hair and skin feeling greasy. By secondary school psoriasis covered most of Laura’s body, face, head and neck which meant that she couldn’t hide her skin condition easily. She grew a fringe to conceal her face and couldn’t always wear the same clothes or use the same beauty products other girls did. Luckily Laura never experienced discrimination at school but when she was 16 she was turned away from a Saturday job at a hairdressers because of her skin. Over the years Laura has tried elimination diets, UVB light therapy, creams, oils and took ciclosporin for three years. All the methods Laura has tried to heal her skin have worked for a limited time before her psoriasis came back angrier than ever. After her daughter Eva was born in May 2016 Laura’s psoriasis spread all over her neck and chest and as a new mum meeting other new mums she found it difficult and even had shopkeepers ask her if she was sunburnt. Eight months after giving birth Laura was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, a type of arthritis that develops in people with psoriasis which can get worse over time. This left her feeling devastated and with visions of being bed bound for the rest of her life and despite doctors urging her to start taking medication orally and through injections again she decided to heal her skin naturally, so went back on her elimination diet and decided to only use natural products on her skin. This move saw Laura’s confidence skyrocket, her arthritic pain disappeared, she started sharing her journey on Instagram under the handle, @morethanskindeep1 and didn’t let her skin stop her from wearing bikinis on holiday. Laura gave birth to her son Bernie in June this year and has continued spreading skin positivity online.

Obese woman, 25, who could barely WALK because of her 411 LB frame shows off her new figure after losing 208 LBS - as she admits she feared her weight would destroy her marriage

***EXCLUSIVE*** Weighing a massive TWENTY-NINE STONE caused this woman to LASH OUT at her husband when she couldn’t keep up with him during a WEDDING ANNIVERSARY TRIP and even though she tried dieting it only led to her feeling so hungry that she’d finish her own meal AS WELL AS HIS – but after finally realising the impact her weight was having on her life and marriage she opted for weight loss surgery which has made her feel secure in her relationship. Media consultant, Shelby Villatoro (25) from Orlando, Florida, USA, had always been overweight, weighing 12st when she was 12 years old. As a teenager, Shelby tried to lose weight through fad diets but couldn’t sustain it and her weight continued to creep up. Shelby admits that large portions and a lack of fresh produce throughout her childhood and no education on proper nutrition led to her awful eating habits, and by the time she left school Shelby tipped the scale at 14 stone. Shelby and her husband, Hugo (27) celebrated their first wedding anniversary in January 2017 with a trip to Seattle, but the week was marred by Shelby’s weight which caused her pain and stopped her from completing plans. After a day of walking, Shelby returned to the hotel with swollen ankles and sore muscles, and she was brought to tears attempting to complete an uphill walk to a viewing platform and had to sit it out. The trip took Shelby to her breaking point and when she returned home, she immediately made an appointment with her doctor about kickstarting her weight loss. During the appointment, Shelby had to stand on the scales and saw her highest ever weight of 29st 3lb. Shelby was wearing UK size 32 clothes and felt ashamed of her weight. She started a diet plan consisting of lean protein, vegetables and fruit every day but constantly felt hungry. In two months, Shelby lost nearly a stone and a half, but she still felt defeated by how far she had to go to reach a healthy weight. There didn’t seem to be an end in sight, so Shelby started looking into weight loss surgery to help her get there. In July 2017, Shelby started a six-month program to prove she could make long-term lifestyle changes ahead of undergoing bariatric surgery on January 30, 2018. The changes she had made to her diet prior to surgery made it easier for Shelby to adjust to smaller portions and healthier meals. In the first year after surgery, Shelby lost an incredible 10st and now weighs 14st 5lb, wearing a UK size 16.

These incredible pictures capture the moment a male kingfisher brought an argument with his mate to a literal head - by appearing to bite her

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the moment a hungry male kingfisher appears to put his partner in a headlock - in a bid to have the biggest breakfast. Wildlife photographer Wayne Havenhand, 52, watched the moment a male kingfisher flew over to a female kingfisher and wrapped its beaks around the bird's head. Wayne said he stood around 30 yards away and watched the two birds squabble over their food for around five hours.  Wayne, Bedlington, in Northumberland said: "It was fantastic to watch, it was absolutely amazing. An unbelievable experience.