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Presentation of Princess Leonor and Queen Letizia of Spain Barbie doll

Madrid, Spain: Headed by Vasili Barbier and Sergey Amelkox, the AFD Group produces dolls inspired by important figures and they have already made figures based on Princess Leonor’s 46-year-old mum Queen Letizia and her monarch dad, King Felipe, 51. According to the manufacturers, the Princess of Asturias “shines” in a pastel blue dress. The figure, which will not go on general sale, will be unveiled as the official charity doll for the Madrid Fashion Doll Convention taking place in the central Spanish capital on 8th September. Reports said that the Madrid Fashion Doll Convention will also feature figures based on Hollywood legends such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. As the eldest daughter of King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia, Princess Leonor is the heir apparent to the throne of the Kingdom of Spain.

Blogger, 24, who quit her job and ditched her boyfriend to travel SOLO around the U.S. in a van with her dog fires back at people who said it was too dangerous for a woman to hit the road alone

***EXCLUSIVE*** This independent woman ditched her boyfriend and defied warnings about her safety to travel solo in her self-converted van with only her beloved pet pooch for company. Blogger, freelance web designer and virtual assistant, Sydney Ferbrache (24) from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA has been travelling her home country with her golden retriever, Ella (1) full time in her van. Sydney had yearned to travel her whole life so she introduced her boyfriend at the time to van life and he was totally up for it. So, they both moved onto a 2011 Mercedes Sprinter van in September 2017. However, the trip quickly forced the couple to grow as individuals and in April 2018, when at their family’s home, they decided to end their relationship. This left Sydney to explore and grow on her own. Since they both agreed for her ex to take the van, Sydney sold all she owned and worked three jobs stuffing envelopes, working as a nanny and designing websites freelance. Sydney then purchased an empty 2017 Ford Transit High Roof 148’ Wheelbase van for $24,000 (£18,600) online in May 2018. Her first adventure was flying to Atlanta to pick it up and excitedly driving it back home to Indiana ready to kit it out into a beautiful home. The empty van was completely renovated to her own style for $10,000 (£8,200) making it fully prepared for a solo adventure of a lifetime.

Texas woman, 27, who quit her job to go DUMPSTER DIVING full time says she makes $17,000 a year selling items that she finds - as she admits to even using TOOTHPASTE from the trash

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman who QUIT her high paid full-time job to DUMPSTER DIVE and now earns over £14K A YEAR and saves over £400 a month on everyday items - admitting that she even BRUSHES HER TEETH with TOOTHPASTE from BINS. Dumpster diver and reseller, Kelly Sparks (27) from Texas, USA, and her husband spent the first five months of their marriage living out of a van while travelling around the country. In 2012, they heard about dumpster diving through mutual friends which spiked their interest and they decided to try it once and were shocked by the amount of food thrown away. For the following nine months, they never bought any of their groceries and instead collected them from bins and it opened their eyes to the lifestyle. They fell in love with it instantly. Since then, they have been wearing clothes, cooking food, using toiletry products and even brush their teeth from toothpaste they find in the bins, saving around £409 ($500) a month on items they use. Kelly became so passionate about this lifestyle that in June 2019 she quit her full-time job as head of social media to dumpster dive full time. Previously she was making over £3,200 ($4,000) a month. She now re-sells the objects online they find from bins and has roughly earned £820 to £1,230 ($1,000 to $1,500) a month. Kelly has been sharing her journey on social media to raise awareness of the importance of donating unwanted food, clothes and items instead of throwing them away.

Mum says she cured painful eczema after ditching steroid creams she’d relied on for 25 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** MILL VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, USA: Giving up steroid creams after TWENTY-FIVE-YEARS left this mum’s eczema ravaged skin in so much pain that she avoided showers for WEEKS and was even left CRYING ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR after attempting a bath. Licensed acupuncturist, Catherine Provenҫal (44) from Mill Valley, California, USA, struggled with mild eczema since she was a baby and doctors told her parents it would go away by her teens. Catherine had eczema on her wrists, knees and elbows and was first prescribed steroid creams when she was 16. Over time the creams prescribed lost their effectiveness so Catherine would be given a stronger cream each year until she was prescribed the most potent, using them on her fingers and arms for 25-years and a non-steroid cream to treat patches of eczema that appeared on her face. On a trip to Australia in April 2017, Catherine noticed she had patches of eczema appear on her chest and neck that wouldn’t heal with treatment. As the patches spread to other places on her body where she had never experienced eczema before, she was also suffering from intense itching, stinging and burning which led to her sleeping with ice packs and dreading showering. When she came home Catherine started to research her symptoms and discovered that she was suffering from topical steroid addiction (TSA) and topical steroid withdrawal (TSW), when the skin reacts adversely after long-term use of topical steroid creams is stopped. Realising that her prescribed creams were doing more harm than good, Catherine went cold turkey from April 29, 2017, to improve her skin. Within just a few days, Catherine’s skin reacted adversely, she was in agony as it oozed, bled and itched. For the first year, she slept with ice packs at night to calm the burning and avoided showering for weeks at a time as the water hitting her open wounds was unbearable. She suffered chills, found herself hoovering dead skin off the floor daily and one day, months after giving up the cream she collapsed on her bathroom floor crying in pain after having a bath. Since September 2017, Catherine has been treating her eczema naturally using the Medical Medium information founded by Anthony William and has adopted a plant-based diet which is raw and low fat.  In 2018, after reading William’s Liver Rescue book Catherine discovered that most skin conditions are caused by a pathogen in the liver. Now Catherine’s skin is the best it has ever been, but her healing journey still isn’t over.

Cistercian monk burns gin

***EXCLUSIVE*** North Rhine-Westphalia, Bochum: Father Justinus in his own production he produces high percentage gin and calls it "Monatic Dry Gin". The herbs he needs are planted and harvested in the monastery garden. He gets the juniper from Tuscany and the grain from which the alcohol is obtained he gets from the mother abbey Heiligenkreuz in the Viennese Forest. In the monastery itself he is not allowed to burn any gin because it does not have any distillation rights. For this he drives to a producer nearby (distillery & distillery - Heinrich Habbel) where he distils his gin.

Expedition superyacht

***EXCLUSIVE*** A £70 million superyacht designed for exploration comes with a small three-person submarine (pictured) to explore the depths of the worlds oceans. The 'Project Crystal' superyacht is designed for an owner who loves to explore, fitted with a landing pad for a helicopter. It even comes with a sheltered deck that is specifically made to keep the toys, including a £3,000,000 submarine, two jet ski's and a tender boat up to 10.5 metres long. With an estimated value of £70 million, the yacht, designed by Mulder Design, based in the Netherlands, can accommodate up to 12 guests.

Hayling Island Railway up for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** Train enthusiasts have been offered the dream chance to run their very own private railway complete with locomotives, carriages, a mile of track and three stations - all for just £60,000. Hayling Island Railway Service, Hants, which was this month chosen as one of the best seaside railways in Britain, has been put up for sale by its owner.

Not only does the would-be buyer get their own private railway, but they would also be loyally served by a pool of 60 volunteers - including their very own 'Fat Controller'. The package comes with two locomotives, five carriages, one mile of track, three train stations, and an already-established customer base.

Grumpy Hare

***EXCLUSIVE*** A grumpy mountain hare appears to frown at the camera whilst trying to shelter from the wind. Photographer Karen Miller captured the interaction with the hare on a plateau at the top of a mountain in the Scottish Highlands. Karen from Glasgow said “The hare was hunkering down, trying to shelter from the wind, whilst myself and a friend were sat nearby suffering the full brunt of the conditions.” “We spent over an hour edging closer to the hare. During the time we spent with him the mountain hare did very little other than glare at us!” On why he appears to be frowning, Karen said “This one was just trying to stay warm by remaining as compact as possible, as their summer coat isn't as warm as the white pelage they have in winter”.

Peacock puts on display but female ignores his advances and heads up a tree

***EXCLUSIVE*** A male peacock raises his colourful plumage in a stunning display as he bids to attract a mate. The exotic bird strutted towards a female, fanning his eye-catching turquoise feathers wide and shrieking to catch her attention - but she was unimpressed by his advances and retreated up a tree. Amateur photographer Dikky Oesin watched as the peacock then tried to attract a second female at Bird Park in Jakarta, Indonesia.