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Mother-of-two, 30, who fell for her married boss who's 24 YEARS her senior admits she's been branded a 'homewrecker' and 'gold digger' since their engagement

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman is ENGAGED to her BOSS who is 24-YEARS OLDER than her and despite receiving backlash from strangers who call her a ‘GOLD DIGGER’ she insists that their love is real and that he is a great father-figure to her two children. In 2014, hospitality worker, Cathy Polkinghorne (30) from Bairnsdale, Australia, met her boss, Christopher Bibby (54), while they were both in relationships; she had a boyfriend and he had a wife. For a year they had become great friends and felt a connection with each other and got together after they split from their partner and wife. While their families, including Cathy’s children, Serenity (11) and Angelina (9), were all very happy with their relationship, they received negative attention from strangers who would call her a gold-digger and a homewrecker. However, they have since proved them wrong by getting engaged and have now officially been together for four years. While she says that Christopher’s parenting approach can differ from her own, Cathy says that her daughters love him.

Woman who used to 'eat until she couldn't breathe' shares weight loss journey

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman would EAT UNTIL SHE COULDN’T BREATHE until a physical examination revealed she weighed the same as TWO FULLY GROWN MEN and shocked her into halving her body weight – which led to friends accusing her of PURGING. Banking executive, Adrianna Styer (23) from Orlando, Florida, USA was always obese. Even as a five-year-old she weighed 7st 2lb and would stuff her face with food at every turn. Her father tried to limit what she ate, and she longed for him to leave the house so she could binge on fruit, juice and cookies. Sitting at the dinner table Adrianna prayed others couldn’t eat their dinner so she could finish theirs as well as her own.  She was teased at school for her weight but managed to scrape through by intentionally being the funny one. In June 2017 she needed an examination for her health insurance and when she struggled her way up onto the scales, they tipped at 25st 13lb and she was a 30. Adrianna was brought to tears and knew she had to change her life. First, she cut out sugary drinks and limited what she ate. She lost 3st 8lb in just a month which encouraged her to keep going and she started to eat much better foods which she made at home like eggs, lean proteins, vegetables and complex carbs. Next, Adrianna included an exercise regime of lifting weights and cardio four times a week. By April 2018 her hard work paid off and for the first time in her life she had her weight under control having more than halved her body weight at 12st 2lb and a UK size 12.

Welcome to the poshest hotel for cats - a boutique where pampered felines get human sized rooms with spa treatments, a chauffeur and can even dine on CAVIAR

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lawlor Cat Hotel is a five star cattery giving cats high-end treatment in the heart of the Essex countryside away from city life. Set up by Jane Lawlor, 48, the hotel is made up of two houses - the Coach House and the Lodge - of 23 suites for furry pals to chill. The rooms contain floor-to-ceiling windows, a sofa, a bunk bed, litter tray, and flowers in plastic milk bottles for decoration - all cat sized.

These spectacular images show the stunningly beautiful landscapes of Iceland and Greenland from a birds-eye perspective

***EXCLUSIVE*** The breathtaking locations were captured by photographer, Ben Simon Rehn, who soared above them inside a small plane.  Some images show the spectacular patterns made by melting ice and winding glacial rivers. Others depict lush green hills, rugged mountains and volcanoes.

A bush in Nottingham has brought a smile to residents faces after being trimmed into the shape of a cat

***EXCLUSIVE*** One wacky homeowner has paid the purr-fect tribute to their favourite pet – by clipping their hedge into the shape of a giant CAT.  The bizarre bush – complete with whiskers and giant eyes – appeared overnight on a street in Mapperley, Nottingham.  Residents have expressed delight at the tabby topiary.  One said: “It’s brilliant. Most people trim their hedges into the number of their house but this chap’s paid homage to his pet.  “It’s a lovely thought and has made a lot of us chuckle.”

An extremely rare penny depicting Edward VIII, part of a handful of trial coins produced by the Royal Mint in 1936, is expected to fetch £60,000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 'holy grail' of coins, an extremely rare penny depicting Edward VIII is expected to fetch more than £60,000 at auction later this month. Known as an Edward VIII pattern, the coin was part of a tiny handful of „trial coins” produced in secret by the Royal Mint ahead of Edward VIII’s expected coronation in 1937. But although king he was never crowned following his abdication in December 1936 to marry twice-divorced American Wallis Simpson. Edward’s unorthodox approach to the monarchy even extended to the coinage.

This incredible footage shows the moment a jaguar and caiman fight to the death - after the fearsome cat jumps 10 feet from a tree onto the reptiles back

***EXCLUSIVE*** Wildlife photographer Kevin Dooley, 58, watched as the jaguar sat around 10 feet above the caiman watching it swim in the river below in Pantanal, Brazil. After an hour of waiting, Kevin said the cat "which was quiet as anything, never failed to break its gaze" as the caiman eventually swam towards the tree.

Fancy owning your own castle with a dungeon?

***EXCLUSIVE*** Caverswall Castle is a stunning Grade I listed pile which was built in the late 13th century on the site on an Anglo-Saxon manor.  It is one of the last castles in England that is surrounded by a moat.  Controversial property tycoon Robin MacDonald, 48, bought the crumbling ruin near Stoke-on-Trent, for £1.7 million in 2006. In 2014 he put the castle on the market for £3 million saying he wanted to "downsize" to a smaller house for him and his wife and their three children.  But he was unable to sell the property and in August 2014 he was fined £17,000 and ordered to pay almost £100,000 when he admitted breaching an abatement order.

A teddy bear that had the same owner for 99 years until her death at the age of 101 in 2015 is set to reach £100 at auction when it goes under the

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 104-year-old teddy bear who stayed with the same loving owner for 99 years is set to reach £100 at auction. The cuddly toy, simply named „Bear”, was given to Ida Goring when she was three years old in 1916. The pair remained together for almost a century until Ida's death in 2015 at the age of 101. Ida and Bear remained side by side during an intense century of historical events which included two world wars, the invention of an electronic television in 1927 and the first moon landing in 1969.

Meet the last residents of a ghost-town housing estate which was earmarked for demolition 15 years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** Of 240 houses on the Deans South estate in Livingston, West Lothian, only ten are occupied. The handful of residents clinging on have refused to sell up to West Lothian Council, insisting that they are not being offered enough cash for their homes, which were built in the 1960s as council houses. And while a developer has offered to rehome residents if they agree to sell to them so their houses to be demolished, it is dependent on all the homeowners agreeing to a deal - which has not happened.

A dad-of-two was left scratching his head wondering 'Wotsit all about' as he opened a bag of Wotsits - which only had ONE crisp inside

***EXCLUSIVE*** Andy Stubbs, 43, bought a multipack for a lunch in June with his family at home in Sidcup, Kent, when he reached for the cheesy flavour corn puffs.  The software developer was bemused when he felt the bag - taut with air - and shook it, only to feel what felt like one wotsit inside.  He held the bag over his head and shook it to make his payroll manager wife Jane, 39, and two sons - Oscar, nine, and Harry, five - laugh. Though his youngest Harry was desperate to open the bag and eat whatever was inside, Andy decided to hold onto it "as a memento".  Andy was nudged by Jane to open the bag, though, when she read in the news the story of 41-year-old Steve Smith, who found one baked bean in a Heinz tin.  Then the family gathered round the kitchen island table for the moment Andy opened the bag, "a perfectly-shaped wotsit fell out".