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Trolls send nurse death and rape threats after she posted photos and video of herself hunting bears, deer and wolves in Idaho and South Africa on Instagram

***EXCLUSIVE*** IDAHO, USA: This nurse receives thousands of death threats online and has even had sickos threaten to RAPE AND MURDER her baby daughter but continues to defy the trolls to show that hunting isn’t just for men by sharing her kills with her 27K Instagram followers. Registered nurse, Kate Small (29) from Boise, Idaho, USA, was introduced to hunting by her stepdad 10 years ago and instantly fell in love with it. Kate loves everything about hunting, from the adventure and strategic planning leading up to the kill which tests her strength and endurance and gives her unforgettable memories, to gutting, preserving and butchering the animal afterwards. Knowing where her food has come from is an important thing for Kate and she makes sure that she salvages as much of the animal that she can, using the meat, with the exception of wolf meat because it isn’t fit for human consumption, to fill her freezer for her family to live off and uses the hide and head for mounting. Kate never kills an animal just for the fun of hunting, only killing them for conservation or food purposes. Despite this, and hunting in a completely legal and ethical way, she receives thousands of disgusting death threats from people who have threatened to rape and murder her one-year-old daughter, murder her dogs and Kate herself, which she tries her best to laugh off. As a backcountry hunter, Kate can spend days or weeks out in the field to hunt an animal and she’s acquired 27K followers on her Instagram, @kate_small_outdoors. She hopes to be able to encourage other women to the sport and prove that it’s not just a man’s game. The largest animal Kate has ever hunted was a black bear which was over 6ft long and weighed more than 350lb but the most difficult animal to hunt is the wolf due to its heightened senses, speed and distance they can travel in a day.

Good samaritan donates kidney to stranger after receiving heartbreaking note in Ebay parcel

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man donated a kidney to a stranger after receiving a heartfelt note in an eBay parcel. Ray Duffy, 53, went under the knife two years ago at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, to become a living kidney donor. But the idea first came to him in 2013, when his partner bought a top on eBay - which was accompanied by a note explaining the heartbreaking predicament faced by the sellers’ family. The woman who posted the package had wrapped it in paper illustrated with hand-drawn cartoons, and a note explaining how her husband needed a kidney transplant and had lost his job so the family would sell things online to generate cash.

Salt harvesting

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lone labourer gathers salt crystals which have collected in a grid of pools next to the sea. The harvest is collected from each square - known as a 'pan' - and carried in buckets as the sun sets softly beside the Mediterranean sea in Malta. Professional photographer Felix Cesare captured the man at work at Xwenjni Bay in Gozo from over 30 metres above using a small drone. Mr Cesare, 31, said: "The pattern of the salt pans intrigued me and I wanted to capture a different perspective on them from above.

Sea lions play with stick

***EXCLUSIVE*** A group of young sea lions play catch by throwing a large stick around in the sea. The male sea lions found the stick on the beach before taking it into the water. The animals, which are not yet fully grown, can be seen hitting it out of the sea and wrestling it from each other as they played. Management consultant Nina Waffenschmidt photographed the sea lions on Mosquera Islet, a 500 metre sand bank in the Galapagos Islands.