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A determined young mum who was told to abort her daughter 14 times has defied doctors' advice and now brought home a healthy baby girl

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kiera Meldrum, 20, was offered an abortion every week following her 21-week scan which showed her unborn child had Grade 3 severe ascites to the bowel. The build up of fluid caused a catalogue of complications, but Kiera - who had suffered four previous miscarriages - refused to abort her daughter. Kiera went into labour at 34 weeks and was terrified of losing daughter Lillee-Rose as she was whisked away for emergency surgery minutes after birth.

Woman, 29, marries her childhood sweetheart who was jailed for 23 years WEEKS after they first met - and reveals they enjoy romantic trysts in his prison cell

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman who met the man of her dreams at SIXTEEN but was left devastated when only weeks later he was sentenced to TWENTY THREE YEARS in prison – but they continued to maintain their relationship for TEN YEARS before finally getting MARRIED and consummating their relationship BEHIND BARS. Self-employed personal trainer, Nina Hoffler (29) from Phoenix, Arizona, USA met her husband Michael Hoffler (30) in October 2006 through friends at a fast food parking lot when they were just teenagers aged 16 and 17. His handsome looks and a strong demeanour made him incredibly mysterious which stole Nina’s heart. One of their friends explained that he would likely be going to prison soon on an assault charge and Nina told him that she would write to him while he was serving his time. In December 2006 Michael was involved in an armed robbery in Northern California which ultimately lead to him being sentenced to 23 years in prison. Locally Michael’s story quickly spread on the front pages of newspapers and although he was the youngest out of the group, he was given the harshest sentence due to being tried as an adult. Determined to keep to her promise, Nina wrote him a letter. During the first three years of his sentence their relationship blossomed and Nina knew she was in love and although she feared judgement from others she continued writing daily letters to him. It wasn’t until 2012 that they kissed for the first time during their first in person prison visit. After this they became even closer and Nina started to visit Michael more regularly. Michael proposed to Nina on June 4, 2016 and the couple tied the knot at Ironwood State Prison on January 6, 2017.

An overjoyed care home resident has been reunited with a childhood treasure after more than 60 years apart

***EXCLUSIVE*** Elizabeth Briggs, 76, was brought back together with the teddy bear that accompanied her through pioneering heart surgery when she was five-years-old.  Now living at Aden Court Care Home, in Moldgreen, Huddersfield, her bear had been found during the clearance of her family home, in Enfield, London.  Elizabeth was originally given the bear, which she named George, by her grandmother when she was admitted to Great Ormand Street Hospital in 1947.  Mumma Gu, as her grandmother was called, purchased the bear at a church sale and he remained with Elizabeth throughout her six week stay at the hospital.  She was admitted for an operation to repair a duct in her heart, as she was born with patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), causing problems with blood flow through her aorta.  Specialists from America came to Great Ormand Street Hospital to carry out the surgery, which was one of the first of its kind.

A revolutionary artificial hand has been developed by scientists at EPFL research institute and university in Lausanne, Switzerland, with a view to help amputees

***EXCLUSIVE*** A revolutionary artificial hand merging human and robotic control has been successfully tested by amputees. The real-life 'bionic' hand combines individual finger control with automation for improved grasping and manipulation. The hand was developed by scientists at EPFL research institute and university in Lausanne, Switzerland, who are developing new approaches for improved control of robotic hands - in particular for amputees. The combination of neuroengineering and robotics was successfully tested on three amputees and seven healthy subjects.

A man who developed a „passion” for bricks has built up a collection of close to 3,500 bricks - which he keeps in his garden SHED

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mark Cranston, from Jedburgh, Scottish Borders, first started collecting bricks in 2010 after he was looking for a brick as a doorstop for his garden shed and found a white painted brick from a former colliery. The retired police sergeant, 56, has built up an eye-watering collection of bricks from around Scotland, England, Wales and abroad over the past nine years. Mark said: “I was just looking for a brick to keep the garage door open and the first I picked up had a name on it.

Forgetten Britain: incredible photos show the grand Victorians buildings our town centres have lost

***EXCLUSIVE*** These are the remarkable images that show how some of BritainŐs most beautiful buildings have DISAPPEARED over the last century. The now-and-then comparison photos reveal how grandiose Victorian buildings have given way to bland modern builds and roundabouts in major cities across the UK. The photographs show how Britain in the 19th century looked far more impressive and unique than our towns today Đ largely because of how town planners have to accommodate motor vehicles in the 20th century.

Amazing cloud formation over Seaton Sluice

***EXCLUSIVE*** A series of wavelike cloud formations looming over the north east coast have been captured on a mobile phone. Jane Coltman was walking by the sea in Seaton Sluice, in Northumberland when she noticed the imposed clouds above her. She thought "she had to get a picture of the cloud" before it passed and used the panorama option on her Huawei pro 20 phone.