Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

The curse of the ageing star: Trying to be cool by matching a suit with groovy trainers – and as 007 has just proved, it's a tough look to pull of

Adorned with their pattern of skulls and flags, paisley swirls and love hearts, you can imagine the trainers exciting the interest of a teenage girl. These, however, are not just any old pair of sneakers. They are Saint Laurent Bedfords and — although they closely resemble a pair of £60 Converse — retailing at £510 they are beyond the pocket of most teenagers. In this case, the wearer is 51-year-old father of two Daniel Craig, best known for playing the effortlessly suave James Bond. Suffice to say 007 wouldn't be seen dead in these horrors. At a pinch, his trainers might make for a reasonable choice when Craig is popping out for a pint of milk, or relaxing on holiday. But why on earth would he wear a casual pair of sneakers with a nicely cut, formal black suit at a red-carpet film premiere? It's not as though Craig needs the comfort, grip or flexibility of a sports shoe, given that he is just ambling along the red carpet. He's not about to hop onto a skateboard or wield a tennis racquet. Sadly the answer is that — oh the indignity! — Craig has joined the ranks of those middle-aged men who have fallen for the siren call of the sneaker.

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