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Docs said tummy pain was an STI and constipation before they realised I had a giant ovarian tumour

***EXCLUSIVE*** AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: Doctors assumed this woman’s stomach pains were CAUSED BY AN STI but later discovered a MASSIVE TUMOUR on her ovary that was so rare she only had a ONE PERCENT chance of developing it. Personal trainer Shannon Menger (20) who was born in Missouri, USA, but is currently living in Auckland, New Zealand, started to experience stomach pains at the beginning of January 2019 which occurred roughly once a week and left her unable to move. In the weeks after, Shannon started feeling noticeably tired but assumed it was due to waking up at five am for work. Along with the pains and tiredness, Shannon also had irregular periods, so she saw her doctor but was turned away as they weren’t sure what was wrong. Shannon went to see her doctor five times between January and March and was told it could be pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection. In February she noticed her stomach had become hard, which Shannon initially thought was because she was bulking, so it could be weight gain. However, it felt unusually firm and there seemed to be a lump under the skin in the pelvic area, but Shannon’s GP sent her home with laxatives believing it was constipation. A week after being prescribed laxatives and seeing no improvement, Shannon had an ultrasound which revealed a mass on her ovary. Despite the shocking revelation, doctors were hopeful it would only be a cyst but Shannon went to hospital for blood tests and within a few hours she was told she had stage 3B immature teratoma of the left ovary, a rare cancer which required her to have surgery within hours to remove the large tumour. Shannon then had to start chemotherapy a week later and completed four cycles across 12 weeks. After finishing chemotherapy on June 24, 2019, Shannon was back in the gym on July 8 as she gradually got back into her fitness regime. For Shannon, it was important for her mental and physical health that she wasn’t defeated by cancer or chemotherapy, and she counts herself lucky to be in such a fit and healthy position now.

Mother whose two-year-old son loves dresses and wears his hair styled with colourful accessories hits back at trolls who accuse her of 'forcing him to be a girl'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the mum who lets her TWO-YEAR-OLD son wear DRESSES and GROW HIS HAIR LONG so that he can ‘be who he is’ despite receiving criticism from online trolls who call her parenting ‘DISGUSTING’. Stay-at-home mum, Shannon Walsh (23) who lives in West Sussex, UK, along with her husband, Jon (28), have agreed to give their son, Logan (2), the freedom to be whoever he wishes to be and to dress the way he wants to without the pressures of society’s preconceived gender norms. When he was a toddler, he picked out a dress from a shop and ever since then, Shannon has continued to buy him dresses to wear whenever he chooses them. She wants to quash the misconception that a person’s choice of clothing, hairstyle, toys or colours should not be limited to a specific gender. Logan’s interests vary from playing with cars, getting muddy and pretending he’s a fireman to wearing colourful bobbles and playing with dolls, which he pretends to breastfeed. The first outfit he chose for himself was a My Little Pony dress with a tutu. Shannon, who follows a child-led attachment parenting approach, has made it her mission to give her son the freedom to choose to live the way he wants to without enforcing gender stereotypes. She also strongly believes in the benefits of breastfeeding until natural term weaning, so she will continue to breastfeed Logan until he no longer wants to. She is also a breastfeeding advocate for new mums and for the mums who breastfeed their child at an older age. She has no maximum age or end goal when it comes to breastfeeding her son and being seven months pregnant, she plans to tandem breastfeed her two children. While she has received backlash over her somewhat unconventional parenting philosophy, she wants to raise her son to be open-minded and non-judgemental whilst also allowing him to feel confident and happy in his own skin. She has received comments from strangers that letting her son own dolls makes him a ‘wussy’, that his pigtails and bright coloured clothes made him look like a ‘gypsy’ and he has even been mistaken for a girl by strangers.

The Polish trial biker Krystian Herba breaks his former Guiness World Record

Berlin: The Polish trial biker Krystian Herba cheers on the roof terrace of the Park Inn Hotel. The 38-year-old had to climb the 37 floors of the hotel with his special bicycle six times in a row and jump from step to step a total of 3850 times without having to descend once. For the way back he uses the elevator standing on the bike. He was not allowed to touch the ground. The 38-year-old had broken his own Guinness record.

First rocket-built restaurant in China

***EXCLUSIVE*** The first rocket-built restaurant, which is made of debris of two Long March 2F that carried Tiangong-2 Space Laboratory and Shenzhou 11, shows up at the venue of Taobao Maker Festival held by Taobao, a Chinese online shopping website owned by Alibaba Group, in Hangzhou city, east China's Zhejiang province.

Fishes wearing dresses

***EXCLUSIVE*** Colourful fish look as if they are wearing long dresses as their tails flare and reveal different patterns. The Siamese fighting fish have a long, flowing tail with their own unique patterns and colours. The tails will flare and become even longer when the notoriously aggressive Siamese fighters compete against other males in the same territory. The fish have earned their name due to their aggression and they are known to attack each other if they are put in the same tank - even fighting to the death.

Amazing shot of a white lion in the wild

***EXCLUSIVE*** David Yarrow, who has photographed the likes of supermodels Cara Delevigne and Cindy Crawford went to the extreme lengths to photograph the critically endangered creature.  He  had to wade into a South African swamp and clamber into a cage with just his head above the water to take the photo - which he has titled NARNIA. Members of the public will be able to view NARNIA at the Hari Hotel in Belgravia from September 13, where it will form the centrepiece of the ENCOUNTERS photographic exhibition before going under the hammer. Yarrow’s iconic images sell for over $100,000 US and have seen him collaborate with the likes of Cara Delevigne and Cindy Crawford, as well as brands like Land Rover and TAG Heuer and UBS. Prince William is known to be among his many admirers. The picture is due to be auctioned in London to raise funds to protect iconic breeds including snow leopards.

Crow and falcon's midair battle

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two birds engage in a battle in what appears to look like a single bird and its reflection. The crow got a little too close to the falcon's nest before it was told to leave the area. Photographer Randy Wei, who is a Director of Industrial Design captured the remarkable moment in San Pedro, California, US. Randy from Taiwan said ”The crow at the bottom of the image flew too close to the falcon’s nest, who has two falcon chicks.” “The male falcon then attacked the crow, and this time the crow got away. Other times, the birds are not so fortunate and are often filled and become food.” The 53 year old said “Nature can be full of surprises.”

Googly-eyed monster fish

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fisherman got the shock of his life when he accidentally reeled in this googly-eyed monster from the deep. Oscar Lundahl nearly jumped out of his fishing boat when he saw the bizarre-looking species with bulbous eyes on the end of his hook. The specimen is in actual fact a ratfish, whose Latin name Chimaeras Monstrosa Linnaeus is derived from a Greek mythical monster that had the head head of a lion and tail of a dragon. Oscar caught it in deep water while fishing off Norway.