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Toddler is a picture of happiness and can now view the world around him in focus after his sight was saved by medics

***EXCLUSIVE*** Concerns were first raised when Theo Bennett’s mum Lois, 35, spotted a clouding in both of his eyes aged six-months. It was quickly discovered that he was suffering from congenital cataracts, a rare condition which only affects three in 10,000 children. Theo underwent surgery to have the childhood cataracts removed from his eyes and both faulty lenses replaced with artificial ones during a five-hour operation in October last year. The seven-month-old little tot was then fitted with a pair of corrective glasses around two weeks later in November at Leeds General Infirmary which was captured on film.

The mother of a „miracle” triplet undergoing treatment for an aggressive brain cancer told how her son bumping his head in a soft play area may have saved his life

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Caleb Stirrat, aged three, was born prematurely at just 27 weeks on January 27, 2016, along with sisters Poppy and Alyssia, after their parents Karen and Andy underwent IVF. Karen, 34, and Andy, 42, had longed to have children and guests at their wedding contributed to funding the cost of fertility treatment. It seemed their dreams had come true when Karen fell pregnant, but when the triplets were born they were so premature that their lives hung in the balance.

A DJ has been crowned UK glamour model of the year after shedding more than half her body weight

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bonnie Staimer, 35, tipped the scales at 16.5 stone just four years ago and admitted she would eat whatever she wanted. Despite being a single mum of two girls, aged five and four, Bonnie, of Saunton, Devon, she has now turned her life around by exercising six days a week and eating healthily - and has shed a total of 8.5 stone. Bonnie, who is 5ft 7”, has seen her waist shrink by an incredible 30 inches from 56 to 26 inches, and now weighs a trimmed 9st. She had been considering quitting her DJ career because she had lost her confidence to get up on stage when she was overweight, but is now getting more work than ever alongside her work as a model.

A woman auctioning off her collection of 3,500 egg cups

***EXCLUSIVE*** Judy Kitching MBE said she „can’t remember” the last time she actually used her lifetime collection of egg cups for their „proper purpose”. The 70-year-old, who has lived on Sexhow Farm in North Yorkshire for most of her life, started collecting the cups when they had poultry.  She said: „It was fun more than anything else, it was more of a joke. But then it started to get a bit more serious.”

Shire bliss! The ultimate hobbit hideaway - where a fantasy-themed getaway costs less than £20 per night

***EXCLUSIVE*** Shire bliss: Enjoy the ultimate getaway in this fantasy-themed, eco-designed Hobbit Hideaway in Scotland for less than £20 per person per night. Nestled at the foot of a Highlands mountain, those seeking a spot of soul-soothing relaxation can enjoy cosy night under the stars in absolute comfort whilst enjoying the splendour of rural Scotland and its dazzling night skies. Inspired by the Hobbit habitats in J.R.R Tolkien’s Shire from Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit, striking photos of the Hobbit Hideway show the building’s entrancing grass roof; the rustic snuggle chair beside the roaring fire; and a spectacular roof dome through which you can enjoy the wondrous night sky.

This incredible picture of the Milky Way captured above Dunure Castle

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is a mesmerising picture of the Milky Way captured above a Scots castle. Sylvan Buckley, 43, saw a window of opportunity to take the breathtaking images as the skies cleared creating picture-perfect weather conditions for the photographer. His starry images were snapped against the backdrop of Dunure Castle, South Ayrshire, with thousands of stars and constellations visible, including Sagittarius, Ophiuchus, and Scorpius. Sylvan had an incline the constellation would emerge near the castle but was stunned when he saw it directly above the castle ruins.