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Heartwarming moment girl, 4, with cerebral palsy walks into school unaided on her first day following life-changing spinal surgery

***EXCLUSIVE*** This incredibly moving video shows an adorable little girl with cerebral palsy beating all the odds - to walk into school unaided on her first day. Little Lilac Jackson, who is almost five, has spastic diplegia cerebral palsy, and has always relied on walking aids to move about. But her emotional parents Leila, 37, and Barry, 39, watched in amazement as their little girl walked into her classroom for her first day of primary school on Monday - without any help. And Leila said Lilac has been "blowing her teacher's minds" during her first week at Woodmancote Primary School in Cheltenham, Glos., as she potters around her classroom unaided.

Disabled musician who was constantly rejected by men and even told she was 'not worth loving' because of her wheelchair reveals how she found the love of her life on TINDER

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman spent her life being rejected by men because of her disability with one even telling her ‘SHE ISN’T WORTH LOVING’– but after turning to TINDER she met the man of her dreams after only SIX MONTHS. Musician, Marna Michele (27) from California, USA, was born with arthrogryposis, a general term for the development of nonprogressive contractures affecting one or more areas of the body prior to birth. From the ages of five to 13, she had to use leg braces to walk but as she got older, the strain from standing became overwhelming for her bones and she ended up having to use a wheelchair. Throughout her teenage years, she was faced with criticism from her peers who would bully her for her disability. Despite being bullied, Marna has remained confident in her own skin which she credits to being disabled. She has had numerous surgeries; two on each leg and both ankles, including one she had on the day she was born. While growing up, Marna found it difficult to date boys as they couldn’t see past her disability, but this helped her discover who was right for her. Her newfound confidence and a memory of being called ‘cripple’ when she was in primary school inspired her to set up a website called Crippled Is Beautiful where she shares stories of people with disabilities while raising awareness of various conditions. Following six months of online dating on Tinder, she has since found the love of her life, Robert, who she knew was special the moment they met and he makes her feel beautiful.

Polyamorous quad claim ‘jealousy is not an issue’ with bed rotation each night

***EXCLUSIVE*** CALIFORNIA, USA: This polyamorous quad family share NINE children together and say their relationship is just as loving as any other – but it does mean a lot of BED HOPPING for this busy husband as he rotates between a different partner’s bed each night. Retired firefighter and business owner, Jermaine Roquemore (41) from Bakersfield, California, USA, always knew that he wanted a large family and that being monogamous would not bring him happiness as he had a lot of love to give and didn’t want to be in a lying, cheating one-on-one relationship that could end in heartbreak. Jermaine met his first wife, Angelica (41) who works in real estate, 22 years ago whilst he was working as a bouncer at a nightclub and after she made the first move, the pair dated and fell in love and have been married for 13 years and together they have three children, Hennayee Janiverly (19), Jermaine Deon (17) and Lodum Quinton (14). In March 2001 Jermaine met his second partner, retail manager Leighanne (36) online and although they started off as friends, romance blossomed between the two of them and Leigh moved in with Angelica and Jermaine in September that year. They have four sons together, Braylon Lee Anthony (15), Aniken Raz (13), Izan Marcel (11) and Holden Jermaine (9). In 2015 Jermaine was working away and after talking with Angelica and Leigh, met his third partner, analyst, Maria (41) on a dating app. After going on a couple dates, they fell in love and decided that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. They have one daughter together, Amelia (2). Jermaine, Angelica, Leigh and Maria live together with their nine children and whilst they used to share the same bedroom, now each wife has their own bedroom which Jermaine takes turns sleeping in throughout the week. Jermaine has always been open with his partners and has given them the option to have boyfriends should they wish. They share their family life on Instagram and YouTube and have created a support unit to connect other polyamorous families. They receive mixed reactions from people who question their way of life and stare at them when they are out in public, but they’ve also received support.

One of the world's rarest and most treasured Islamic gold coins up for auction

An extremely rare early Islamic gold coin which is expected to fetch £1.4m at auction in London. Measuring a 20mm across, about the size of a modern £1 piece, it is one of the world's rarest and most treasured Islamic gold coins from the first dynasty of Islam, the Umayyad gold dinar dated 105h (723AD).

Pictured: Inside the ruined remains of a notorious Alabama insane asylum where black patients were forced to work on plantations for free and 130 men had to share a single shower

***EXCLUSIVE*** Distressing photos of a psychiatric hospital which cruelly forced its African American patients to work for free on nearby plantations, had ‘faeces smeared across its walls’, and forced over 130 male service users to share just one shower have emerged. The Jemison Centre, part of the Alabama State Hospital for the Insane, was built in 1939 and housed patients until 1977 and was mired with controversy whilst it was open. Today, the abandoned facility is a mecca for urban explorers and daredevils – and is reportedly one of the most haunted buildings in the region. Chilling photos of the derelict property, which has been heavily vandalised and subjected to arson attacks over the years, show the concrete exterior overgrown with trees and greenery, meaning little light is able to penetrate into the asylum; corridors filled with detritus, graffiti and lingering memories; and walls and ceiling ripped away by vandals as well as time.

£500,000 Romanov treasure is hot property at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** An exquisite Faberge antique believed to have been made for the Russian Royal family over 100 years ago sold yesterday for a whopping £500,000...over 5 times it's estimate. The model of a sedan chair by the iconic Russian jewellers was one of the state treasures seized and sold off by the communist regime following the Russian Revolution. It was first sold at high-end Anglo-Russia antique dealers Wartski in London in 1929, where it was bought by a K.W Woollcombe-Boyce for only £75. The ornate item, crafted from Jadeite, gold, rock crystal and mother of pearl, has remained in the family ever since and is now being sold by a direct descendant of Mr Woollcombe-Boyce. Experts from the Cotswold Auction Company gave the small Russian antique a pre-sale estimate of only £100,000, but always anticipated it could go for much more than that.

Posh house-hunters can live like royalty by renting this elegant home - the Queen Mother's former house - for £5,000-a-month

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thornby Grange, in Northants., was reputedly twice let to the then Duke and Duchess of York in the 1920s and 1930s. The royal couple later became King George VI and Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mother revisited the house in the 1980s. The 16-bedroom mansion, which is set in acres of land and has its own billiards room, was built as a hunting box in the Queen Anne revival style.

Scale model of legendary Great Western steam train chuffing into auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mini marvel - exact scale model of legendary Great Western steam train is chuffing into auction. A remarkably detailed model train which produces steam and runs like the real thing has emerged for sale for £80,000. The 9ft long, 7.25ins gauge model is a scale replica of the Great Western Railway locomotive 'King Richard I'. It has a copper boiler with its own miniature pressure gauge and is fitted with brakes, lamps and a water tank. There are removable foot rests attached and such is the attention to detail the driver has a padded seat. The locomotive was built by a Manchester based model maker who is now selling it at auction.

World record breaking Conga line

***EXCLUSIVE*** The world record for the longest distance travelled by a conga line has been smashed by a group of co-workers who danced for an incredible 14 miles. The team of ten financial advisors spent five-and-a-half hours skipping to the famous Black Lace track in Bournemouth, Dorset. They completed an astonishing 57 laps of their local running track - all while the tune 'Do the Conga' played on a loop.

Abraham Lincoln's wife's opera glasses up for auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The opera glasses believed to have been used by the wife of US president Abraham Lincoln on the evening he was assassinated have emerged 154 year later in Britain. The ornate binoculars were dropped by Mary Lincoln when her husband was fatally shot in the presidential box at Ford's Theatre in Washington DC. They were later picked up by theatre patron William Kent who had rushed to the stricken president's aid afterwards. Now the lacquered brass glasses have been discovered in a house clearance at a property in Suffolk. They are being sold at auction for £20,000.

A Mini masterpiece.... A 'time warp' classic Mini up for auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 'time warp' classic Mini that still has covered less than 300 miles and still has its original plastic seat covers has emerged for sale. The Mk1 Morris Minor-Mini Super De Luxe was built in 1967 and bought from new by a learner driver. She had intended it to be her first car, but when she failed to pass her test it was put into a garage - where it remained for several decades.

Never-before-seen photos of the aircraft crew that dropped the world's first atomic bomb

***EXCLUSIVE*** Never-before-seen photos of the aircraft crew that dropped the world's first atomic bomb receiving a heroes' welcome upon returning from the historic mission have come to light. The black and white images show the 12 airmen posing for photos moments after the B-29 bomber 'Enola Gay' arrived back at base in the wake of the devastating attack on Hiroshima in Japan. One photo is of pilot Colonel Paul Tibbets being given an immediate gallantry decoration by a general after stepping off the aircraft. The album, containing 88 images, was collated by a US airman serving on the base during World War Two.

Psychedelic Oasis Golf Buggy auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A customised golf buggy that was owned by Oasis star Noel Gallagher at the height of the band's fame has emerged for sale for £10,000. The vehicle, which was a gift from his then wife Meg Matthews, belonged to the Wonderwall songwriter in the late 1990s. At the time Oasis were considered the biggest band in the world and had recently played to 250,000 over two nights at Knebworth, Herts.

The Queen's wardrobe secrets

***EXCLUSIVE*** An extraordinary set of the Queen's order books for her official dressmaker have come to light to reveal the monarch's 'frugal' side. They were kept by Hardy Amies Ltd and list almost 300 outfits she ordered with the Savile Row designer between 1951 and 1979. These include day dresses, jackets, coats and suits, with notes about fabrics used and additions, while one page mentions an order for six pairs of white gloves. Intriguingly, there is also a separate book for 'alterations', as the Queen frequently sent back outfits to be changed, instead of getting a completely new one. The pair of order books and separate alterations book have emerged for sale with Bellmans Auctioneers, of Billingshurst, East Sussex, who expect them to fetch £1,200.

Pretty in Purple - Keith Moon's Rolls-Royce for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A purple Rolls-Royce once owned by legendary drummer Keith Moon has emerged for sale for £30,000. The Who musician bought the garish Corniche from new in 1972 and it formed part of his vast collection of luxury cars. The rocker owned a number of Rolls-Royces at the height of his fame and famously once drove one of them into a swimming pool. Thankfully, this car avoided such a fate and has survived to come up on the market 41 years after Moon's death in 1978.

Heavy horse power... Farming with Percheron heavy horses

***EXCLUSIVE*** Heavy horse power... Farmer Robert Sampson uses 6 massive Percheron heavy horses to prepare the field before planting grass seed at his plot in Harbridge, near Ringwood in Hampshire. Robert doesn't use a tractor to work the land insisting on traditional horse power, he is a fifth generation farmer on the farm which his family have worked with horses since 1885. It takes him three times as long to till the land as it would with a tractor, but Robert insists the economic benefits as well as his enjoyment more than make up for the slightly slower progress.

Grand Designs' style property offering stunning views of the English Channel for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 'Grand Designs' style cantilevered property offering stunning views of the English Channel has emerged on the market for £2.35million. Warrenders, nestled in the village of Fairlight, sits atop a hill on the East Sussex coast in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is surrounded by wooded valleys and a wildflower meadow, and looks out on Rye Bay. On a clear day, it is possible to see France from the ultra-modern three bedroom home, which was built between 2012 and 2014. The property, built on the site of an old farm, has a timber and steel superstructure, with the upper level clad in Spanish slate.