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Baldly beautiful! Cancer patient mum embraces her hair loss through chemotherapy by letting her friends and family draw incredible pictures on her bald head

***EXCLUSIVE*** A cancer patient mum has embraced her hair loss through chemotherapy with a creative approach Đ by letting her friends and family DRAW incredible pictures on her head. 66-year-old Susan Kersey was diagnosed with rare, aggressive form of Non-HodgkinŐs lymphoma in May 2019 and after eight rounds of chemotherapy, she ended up losing all of her hair. Brave Susan decided to Ňown her baldnessÓ and announced that her head was a canvas open to anyone who wanted to turn it into her art. Every morning, SusanŐs family members Đ including her daughter Tara Winkler, 33 Đ create amazing and light-hearted drawings on her head which she then wears for the rest of the day. Amongst other things, Tara has transformed her motherŐs bald head into an ocean filled with whales, a spiderŐs web, a real-life anatomical brain and even a goldfish bowl.  Susan, who lives in Sydney, Australia, says her head-art has been uplifting and has helped her and her family cope with her cancer treatment in a positive way.

Incredible colourised pics bring Victorian era to life revealing London’s busy streets in decade Charles Dickens died

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible colourised photos bring all aspects of Victorian London to life – including street sellers, child labourers, and busking musicians. The expertly colourised pictures, which were taken in the 1870s, the same decade that the famous British author Charles Dickens passed away, show a bustling London full of character – including flower women selling their wares at Covent Garden; posturing police officers on a recruitment drive at Westminster; and a shoeshine boy doing his best to earn enough money to buy some supper. The photos, portraying all walks of life in the UK capital 150 years ago, have been vividly brought to life by Grant Kemp, a graphic designer with over two decades of experience in his field.

Live like the Real Housewives of Cheshire in this sprawling £4m six-bed Georgian mansion

***EXCLUSIVE*** CHESHIRE, UK: Fancy living like one of the Housewives Of Cheshire? Now you can after this EXTRA Georgian mansion became available for a mere £4m. Staggering photos of the Grade II listed property, which comes with several residential properties included in the sale, shows the stunning walled garden, perfect for keeping the paparazzi at bay; a grand drawing room perfect for lavish drinks parties in front of the floor to ceiling stone fireplace; and a decadent barrel-vaulted wine cellar to ensure that the night never ends too soon. And in true WAG style, the six-bedroom home also has its very own tennis court and orchard. The main mansion house is located in Antrobus, a picturesque village just a short commute from Cheshire’s famous Golden Triangle, and is on the market for £3,950,000 with luxury estate agent Fine & Country.

Living life on the road in the early 20th century! Amazing 100-year-old pictures shows the very first rv pioneers in America

***EXCLUSIVE*** For many people the idea of a perfect holiday is hitting the road in a recreational vehicle (RV), finding a beautiful spot to camp and cook up a BBQ. And these incredible set of pictures show how the very first RV campers in early twentieth century America used their intuition to modify their vehicles so they could holiday on the road. Florida was the most popular destination thanks to the Dixie highway Đ that was completed in 1915 Đ allowed travellers to make the journey all the way from Montreal to Miami. This coincided perfectly with the Ford Model T hitting mass production Đ the first automobile that was cheap enough for a common middle-class American. Creative campers would modify their Fords, nicknamed Tin Lizzie, so they could accommodate water, food and even luxury home items such as rocking chairs.