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A pensioner was over-buoyed to be able to set sail in his very own boat - which he spent a DECADE building by hand

***EXCLUSIVE*** John Guthrie, 75, first started building the vessel, named Fluke, when his border terrier, Smudge, was still a puppy. But a decade later, Smudge has finally travelled on the sailing boat, when she was launched last Sunday with a bottle of champagne and a piper playing the bagpipes. Grandfather-of-three John first got a taste for sailing as a 12-year-old, and helped his dad to build an Invicta yacht in the 1960s.

A canny artist has gained a mass following by creating sculptures of motorbikes, trainers and skulls - from antique watch parts

***EXCLUSIVE*** Former art director Dan Tanenbaum began “playing around” with old watch parts to boost his creativity ten years ago, but has turned it into a business - with fans worldwide. Dan, 48, now sells his intricate models encrusted in hundreds of random watch components for anything between £290 ($350) and £16,200 ($20,000), even though they are made from junk. The dad-of-three uses every part of the watch, delicately adorning his models with cases, dials, hands, gears, cogs and straps.

A young woman has decided to have her leg chopped off to save her from the pain of an extremely rare incurable syndrome sinisterly nicknamed the „suicide disease”

***EXCLUSIVE*** Helena Stone, 22, developed complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) after she was involved in a kayaking accident six years ago.  But now after successful surgery, she says: „I’ve not become disabled by chopping the leg off, I’ve become enabled by it.” Stone, mentored by a Paralympic Games champion, now dreams of kayaking and running again and perhaps competing herself.

Boy, who was born 3 months early has started school

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mother who was told her baby would die a day after he was born, has proudly watched him start his first day of school, four years on. Abbey Burns, 25, went into labour at just 27 weeks, three months earlier than expected. She said, "Because it was so early I thought my pains were those Braxton Hicks ones, where it feels like contractions but it's not.

The mum of a little boy who has gained 41lbs in 18 months due to a rare, life-limiting condition said she is astonished by the cruelty of ADULTS who comment on his weight

***EXCLUSIVE*** Banner Sears, four, was diagnosed with ROHHAD in June 2018, four months after he began gaining weight at an alarming pace and experiencing respiratory problems. The syndrome, which impacts the autonomic nervous system, means that little Banner weighs 70lbs - almost twice the weight of the average four-year-old. Banner’s mom Lyndsay Sears, 39, said she was shocked by the behavior of adults when her little boy began to gain weight uncontrollably after falling ill with the flu. Lyndsay, a hairstylist, and her fiance Brian Blanchett, 32, an IT specialist, of West Warwick, Rhode Island, USA, say people’s cruel comments add to the grief that comes with accepting their child’s life-limiting condition. Lyndsay said: „People can be so cruel. When we were trick or treating last October one of the houses refused to give him candy. It was mind blowing to me that anyone could treat a child like that.”

Turks fight to preserve bird language

Turkey, Kusköy: Yilmaz Civelek communicates near his house in whistle language (islik dili) on the high plateau of Alaca. This is how the locals communicate in remote mountain villages over several kilometres. Two years ago Unesco added the Turkish whistle language to the list of intangible cultural heritage to be protected - it is threatened with extinction.

These stunning pictures show the lengths a bride went to to not let heavy rain ruin her big day - as she arranged for her guests to wear PONCHOS to keep dry

***EXCLUSIVE*** Donna Hillman, 37, did not let the weather dampen her day and forked out on the waterproof garments to protect her dress after checking the weather forecast. PE teacher Donna, who tied to the knot with partner of seven years John Burgess, said the weather even added to the special day at Walney Barrow-in-furness. She said: "It was the best day of my life. It was just a party from start to finish and everyone had a great time. "We'd already decided that we just wanted everybody to have a good time and a good day whatever the weather was. "We'd seen the forecast so we bought some ponchos. As the day had gone on, I asked for all the ladies to grab a poncho and go outside for a picture." Guests were treated to fish and chips at the coastal ceremony as the pair put their own twist on their wedding. Donna added: "It was so relaxed was just one big party from start to finish. "We knew what the weather was going to be like, but we were determined not to let it ruin our special day." John, from Barrow, Cumbria, popped the question on Christmas Eve 2017 after the couple had dated for five years.

Beavers fight and claw each other in the river

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rare footage shows the moment two beavers were caught on camera 'wrestling'. The extraordinary footage, captured by amateur photographer Colin Black, shows two beavers tussling about in a form of social interaction. Mr Black said, "It was like watching two humans wrestling. "It's very rare to even see that behaviour in the first place, let alone catch it on camera."

The cave dwellings of Langenstein

Langenstein: There were 10 rock dwellings on the Schäferberg. The apartments were furnished between 1855 and 1858 and were inhabited until 1910. It is unknown when the caves were beaten. It is suspected that they could have come from the Germanic settlement period.