Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Mine's quite cold! Skinny dippers enjoy naked bathing in crystal-clear waters of Cornwall's historic mining pools

***EXCLUSIVE*** Skinny dippers are flocking to Cornwall's stunning and secret coastal mining pools claiming being naked in the sea is boosting their health and taking them closer to nature. These incredible pictures show enthusiast Laura Evans in the crystal-clear water at Pullandase, north of Land's End, who said today: 'Swimming nude is one of those money can't buy feelings'. She added: 'With tidal pools offering privacy it means you can strip off and enjoy the water in a truly immersive way. When appropriate it is the only way I choose to swim'. The skinny dippers, many of whom who prefer to be called 'wild swimmers', are swimming in man-made holes bored or blasted in the past 50 years, but left vacant since the demise of Cornwall's tin mining industry. Many of them are right on the coastline and naturally fill with water, and their unique shape makes them perfect swimming pools. Swimming naked in Britain is not illegal unless it causes a witness 'alarm or distress' or has a sexual motive.

Great-grandmother, 94, becomes oldest woman in Britain to get a tattoo after having her beloved late husband's initials inked on her wrist to remember their 70-year marriage

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hilda West went under the needle to get the tattooed initials of her late husband and son on her wrist.  Hilda West had the letters inked onto her wrist last Wednesday morning (11/09) at the Ink on Skinz Tattoo Studio in Kenilworth.  The artwork commemorates her late son, David, and husband, Ernest, who passed away in 2014 and would have celebrated his birthday over the weekend on the 14 September.  Mrs West said: „I've always wanted a tattoo, and I thought it'd be very nice to have his (her husband’s) initials put on, and also my son's.” She said: „I thought it'd be a nice thing to do as his birthday is coming up. He was a good man. We were married 70 years.”

Pump-action shotgun used by Bonnie and Clyde in Joplin gun fight is tipped to sell for £60,000 as haul of infamous duo's artefacts head to auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fascinating and poignant archive of America's most notorious gangster couple emerge at auction. A remarkable collection of Bonnie and Clyde artefacts including a shotgun they ditched during a famous shoot-out has emerged for sale for over £120,000. ($150,000) The weapon, with a 15ins barrel, was recovered by police following a gun fight between the infamous outlaws and the authorities at Joplin, Missouri, in 1933, during which two officers were killed. Also included in the sale is a gold wristwatch recovered from Clyde's body following his death, a bulletproof jacket found in their car and a no holds barred letter penned by Bonnie, and signed by Clyde, to a hated ex member of the Barrow Gang in prison. In it, she writes: "Due to the fact that you offered no resistance sympathy is lacking. The most I can do is hope you miss the 'chair'." The items will go under the hammer in the US with RR Auction.

The Arnhem flower girl who is still devoted to the hero who helped liberate her Dutch village... 75 years after he sacrificed his life in Allied invasion

***EXCLUSIVE*** A heartwarming tale of dedication and rememberance has been revealed over a remarkable Dutch pensioner who still tends the grave of a fallen British Arnhem hero, 75 years after he perished in battle. Every year, Willemien Rieken (84) still lays flowers at Oosterbeek War Cemetery in memory of Trooper William Edmond, who was shot by a German sniper in the early stages of Operation Market Garden in 1944. Trp Edmond, of the elite 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron's final words, uttered to two comrades who came to his aid, were 'tell my wife I love her'. Willemien was just nine years old when Oosterbeek became a bloody battleground in September 1944. The retired director's secretary, now aged 84, hid in a small cellar underneath her father's confectionary shop for five days while fierce fighting raged around their house and garden. Twenty-five of her family, friends and neighbours packed into the confined space and cowered in fear in the deafening din of shooting and explosions. After the war the grateful citizens of Arnhem arranged a poignant ceremony involving a nine year old Willimein and other school children from the town, to lay flowers at the graves of the British soldiers killed in the battle. And the dedicated pensioner is now one of the last survivors to still undertake the task.

British auction house calls in police and withdraws rare Maori cloak from sale after torrent of abuse from angry New Zealanders

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British auction house has withdrawn a rare Maori cloak from sale and called in the police after receiving a torrent of online abuse from irate New Zealanders. The hand-woven flax and cotton shawl is understood to have been the property of the 19th century tribal leader Chief Rewi Maniapoto, who is revered to this day in Maori culture. It was discovered in a linen cupboard by a couple from East Sussex who planned to sell it with their local auction house for £5,000. But its proposed sale led to an avalanche of negative comments from social media trolls from the other side of the world who said the cloak should be returned to the Maori community in New Zealand.

Size 24 nurse who gave up eating three breakfasts and a block of cheese a day after two men had to help her squeeze into a wetsuit loses 8st in weight

***EXCLUSIVE*** WALES, UK: After needing TWO MEN to squeeze her into a wet suit, this woman, whose diet consisted of THREE BREAKFASTS and a whole block of cheese a day, has shed an impressive EIGHT STONE just in time for her wedding. Head dental nurse Bethan Coles (28) from Llandrindod Wells, Wales, UK, felt larger than her friends and peers since she was just 10 years old, when she was already a size 12 in clothes. Bethan’s weight made her feel like the odd one out and embarrassed. Bullies called Bethan ‘Miss Piggy’ and constantly told her how fat she was, but when she started going out as she got older, the taunting grew worse. Bethan became paranoid that people were staring at her on nights out due to her size. In 2012, Bethan met her husband, Lee (33) and they soon discovered a mutual love for food as they loved cooking, baking and sampling their delicious creations. As happy as Bethan and Lee were, her weight went from 16st to 20st 7lb. Shortly after, Bethan went on holiday to Turkey and enjoyed a boat trip on one of the days. However, before getting in the water, everyone had to put on a wetsuit which became an embarrassing ordeal for Bethan as even the largest wetsuit available was too small, and two tour guides struggled to get her in it. On a usual day, Bethan would eat two bowls of cereal and jam on toast for breakfast, a creamy pasta dish for lunch with baked goods after, then dinner was often chicken with an entire baguette and a block of cheese. Over the weekends, Bethan would usually bake several treats and her and Lee would eat all of them by the end of Sunday. Bethan was so miserable with her size 24 frame, which caused her back pain and required her to take time off work. In 2015 she decided to start calorie counting and managed to lose three stone in eighteen months. Unfortunately, by October 2016, Bethan and Lee had fallen back into bad habits and by January 2017, she had gained back a stone. This was the final push Bethan needed before joining Slimming World in January 2017 after hearing other people’s success stories. Now, Bethan has overnight oats for breakfast, soup or eggs for lunch, then meat and vegetables for dinner.

Eva Braun's knickers have emerged for sale at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of silk knickers worn by Adolf Hitler's mistress Eva Braun for the Nazi dictator have emerged for sale at auction. The white undies have have Braun's monogrammed initials embroidered on the front and come from an esteemed WWII collector. They have an inside label that reads 'Aus Bemberg Gewirkt 44' and also feature six decorative lace panels.

Apocalyptic images from 1906 San Francisco earthquake reveal the devastation that killed 3,000 and left 400,000 homeless

***EXCLUSIVE*** Shocking vintage photos show the horrifying impact of the United States’ second worst natural disaster – an earthquake and fire which killed thousands of people and destroyed EIGHTY PERCENT of one of the country’s most beloved cities. The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake was one of the worst catastrophes in U.S. history, claiming more than 3,000 lives - although some sources claim the actual figure may be more than double this number. Harrowing images, taken in 1906 by the US Army, show the horrific destruction wreaked on the city by the 7.9 magnitude quake; sick souvenir hunters picking through the wreckage for keepsakes and items to sell; and the tent cities that sprang up in the area to house half the city’s population which had been left homeless. Another photo shows a pop-up soup kitchen with stoic survivors braving a smile for the camera.