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Ten women from the same family celebrating after they all beat breast cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ten women from the same family have all beaten breast cancer in an emotional 15-year fight. The survivors, now aged 47 to 81 and eight of whom are blood related, are now celebrating their recoveries while raising awareness of the cancer. Joyce Waite, 78, was first diagnosed in 2002 and her nephew's partner, Jane Reeson, became the last to have a successful mastectomy in 2017. "We’ve all fought cancer together as a family and shared our experiences with each other which has really helped," said Vanessa Haw, 55, who was the eighth family member to be diagnosed, back in April 2015. "The fact ten of us have gone through it has been a huge help. We’re a close family so we’ve been there for each other. That support and knowing someone had breast cancer but survived has been brilliant."

Girl, 3, the size of a one-year-old due to mystery illness medics can't diagnose

***EXCLUSIVE*** ALNESS, SCOTLAND: This brave mum is pleading for people to donate blood after her nearly three-year-old daughter was struck by an UNDIAGNOSED illness that has left her the size of a one-year-old – and the only thing keeping her alive is blood donors. Former medical administrator, Steph Davidson (25) from Alness, Scotland, and her husband Jordan (27) were thrilled to welcome their daughter Adeline in November 2016 but her joyful birth was marred by a bowel obstruction which required surgery. Adeline recovered well but Steph noticed that she was always small for her age, and at the age of one she was wearing clothes aged up to six months old. In 2018 Steph made an appointment to see a paediatrician but the four-month wait delayed this until February 5, 2019. The paediatrician noted how pale Adeline looked, although she seemed healthy otherwise. Nonetheless, he did blood tests and just a few hours later Steph received a call asking her to come back in immediately. Adeline’s blood tests revealed possible blood cancer and Steph was told to prepare for her not coming home.  Initially, doctors suspected leukaemia but when Adeline was transferred to Aberdeen Hospital, further tests confirmed that it wasn’t leukaemia, but doctors were no closer to a diagnosis. Adeline was tested for chromosome mutations, genetic conditions, other types of cancer and doctors are now testing her genomes to find a diagnosis. Adeline has very low platelets, red blood cell and white blood cell counts, causing bruises, petechia, tiredness, breathlessness and paleness. In March, doctors believed Adeline could have myelodysplasia, a blood cancer and bone marrow failure, but she shows signs which extend beyond this diagnosis, although it hasn’t been confirmed or ruled out. Since her diagnosis, Adeline had to be pulled out of nursery for fears of infection or falling which would have devastating impacts on her weakened system. Steph started sharing Adeline’s journey on @adelinebluesjourney_x to encourage more people to donate blood or become stem cell donors and has already seen almost 3000 more donors sign up and help save her daughter’s life.

Man says sex life is better than ever after having new penis surgically installed

***EXCLUSIVE*** TEXAS, USA: This transgender man started dating his current wife when he was still female but was so ashamed of his body that he would never let her see his genitals during INTIMACY – but after a DOUBLE MASTECTOMY and PENIS CONSTRUCTION he’s letting it all hang out and says his marriage is steamier because of it. Business owner, Jackson Fox (46) from Texas, USA, who was born biologically female with the name Rachel, had always felt his body didn’t match who he really was. He was so depressed in his own skin that he would rarely socialise with his friends and it would affect his previous relationships. He hid his true self from his family for 38 years for fear of being rejected by them. In October 2012, he met the love of his life, Emily (34), through a mutual friend and while he wasn’t looking for a serious relationship at the time, they fell for each other. They got engaged a year later in March 2013. After some time in therapy, Jackson had a breakdown and realised that he had to reveal who he really was to his fiancé and to stop hiding. However, when he told her he wanted to transition just two months after they got engaged, she broke off their engagement in shock and confusion. It turned out she just needed time to process Jackson’s revelation and just a few months later she told him he was her soulmate and that she would support him through everything. She became a strong presence in his life throughout his surgeries. He underwent numerous hormonal treatments and surgeries, including a double mastectomy, hysterectomy and oophorectomy, the removal of the uterus and ovaries, a metoidioplasty, also known as meta which is a term used to describe the surgical procedure that uses existing genital tissue to form a penis and a phalloplasty, which is the construction of a penis. He now says that he can be who he really is and while he felt self-conscious to let his wife see his body before his transition, he now feels secure in himself to reveal his body without the need to hide, which he admits has improved the intimate side to their relationship.

A vets has operated on its smallest patient ever after performing a procedure on a goldfish weighing less than A GRAM

***EXCLUSIVE*** Staff welcomed its smallest patient earlier this month after its owners noticed a lump on its belly. The emergency procedure at at Highscoft Rabbit, Small Mammal & Exotic Vets, Bristol, saw vets catheterised the goldfish's mouth before enthuanising and removing the mass within 40 minutes. The vets - which operates on the likes of iguanas, snakes and crocodiles - says the 1g goldfish is the smallest animal to go under the knife.