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World's smallest food truck

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British chef has spent £25,000 creating the world's smallest food truck - in a Citroen 2CV. Andrew Mellon has kitted out the tiny car with three ovens, two sinks, a bar, grill, drinking water tap and set of drawers. The ingenious fold-out design means he can now turn out sophisticated dishes such as souffles and lobster rolls by the hundreds - all from the 1986 vehicle named Dolly. The chef - whose career has included being a private cook to millionaires in Los Angeles - said the 2CV caught his eye when he was getting his car repaired at a dealership and saw it on sale. The 50-year-old said: "As soon as I saw it, I thought, wouldn't it be fun to cook on such a tiny car."

Vegan family claims they have 'lost friends,' get 'bullied' over lifestyle

***EXCLUSIVE*** A family-of-five have spoken out about losing their friends being bullied - because they are all VEGAN. Jacqui and Ryan Robins, and their three children Skye, 15, Skipp, 14, and Cadan, five, are all happily vegan, and enjoy a range of delicious meat- and dairy-free meals. But the family have admitted that the transition to a vegan lifestyle has not been the easiest - and that they have lost friends over it, and are often met with hostility and aggression. Jacqui, 44, who was just eight years old when she gave up meat, has said that other parents turn their backs on her when she goes to her children's schools. And Ryan, 37, has even had online trolls telling him his dietary choices are disrespectful to his late father - a "highly-respected" butcher. Meanwhile, middle-child Skipp says he is targeted at school over his veganism, and regularly has meat waved in his face. But despite this, the family, from Probus, Cornwall, passionately stands by their lifestyle - and is keen to put an end to the misconception that vegans are "militant" or "crazy".

Terrifying four-inch ‘devil horn’ growing from the top of man’s head is finally removed by doctors

***EXCLUSIVE*** The astonishing unicorn-like horn had been growing for five years after starting out as just a lump on the head.  It has been growing in size since 2014 on the top of 74-year-old farmer, Shyam Lal Yadav's, head.  Shyam, from Rahli village in Madhya Pradesh, India, developed the gruesome growth following an injury which led to the formation of a rare sebaceous horn (devil‚Äôs horn).  The benign legion sprouted from his head and over time has grown in size to the point where it towered above his skull.  It's made out of keratin, found in toenails and human hair, and has been kept under relative control by Shyam's barber.  But the growth became too aggressive - and possibly malignant - so doctors decided to chop it off.  The operation was performed at Bhagyoday Tirth Hospital in Sagar city, India, after Shyam approached the government-run Medical College Hospital for help.

Meet Moose, the 'happiest dog in the world'! 'Miracle' pup born with parts of his brain missing and a deformed skull delights animal lovers with his sweet personality - and ever-present smile caused by his huge overbite

***EXCLUSIVE*** USA: This adorable pooch has parts of his brain missing, a crooked nose, and a huge underbite – but he does have an ever-present smile and an owner who describes him as the “happiest dog in the world”. Charming Moose, a three-year-old blue heeler or Australian Cattle Fog, was born with a deformed skull and several complications which only made themselves apparent after he was six months old. Faced with these difficulties, some dogs may have been abandoned by their owners or perhaps even put down. Fortunately for Moose, his squished brain and distinctive looks only ever made him more loveable in his owner’s eyes. Delightful photos of Moose show him as a tiny puppy with his striking, mismatched eyes; showing off his permanent grin; and donning a pair of novelty spectacles.

Deer and crow are best friends

***EXCLUSIVE*** An opportunistic bird lands on the nose of a baby deer to feast on insects that are stuck to its body. The encounter between the spotted deer and the drongo bird takes place in the early morning sunlight at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve in northern India.

Coot runs on water

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Red-knobbed coot appears to walk on water as it defends its territory against another bird. Practicing lawyer and amateur wildlife photographer Eric Bosman, 62, from Kriel in South Africa said: “I go to the Kruger National Park on a regular basis looking for wildlife to photograph.” “I took this picture from a hide situated next to the pond that this coot was in. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to get an image like this that appears to show the bird walking on water as it defends its territory!” “I really like the nice low angle of the photograph which shows off the action here and the early morning light is very complimentary.