Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A thrill-seeking couple have proved the sky's the limit after smashing the world record for countries flown over -- in a hot air balloon

***EXCLUSIVE*** Enthusiasts Allie and Phil Dunnington spend their time travelling across the world in a bid to keep ahead of their rivals. The pair recently broke the respective men's and women's records in Guyana - Allie's 100th country and Phil's 124th. Although the gong has not been officially recognised, Allie said the couple are sure of their achievements.

A pair of fantasy film fanatics have tied the knot in a magical ceremony - inspired by Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings

***EXCLUSIVE*** Isabell Etz, 38, and her husband Ferenc Mansen, 47, decided to incorporate their love of all things fantastical into their nuptials with a huge themed wedding day in September 2018. Basing the design of their special day on themes from hit TV show 'Game of Thrones' and cult classic trilogy 'Lord of the Rings', the nerdy couple tied the knot in front of an audience of elves and wizards. Isabell said: „My husband and I both love costumes and masquerade balls that we frequently attend, so we knew we didn't want boring normal standard wedding.”

A kind-hearted plumber has fixed boilers and heaters for thousands of vulnerable elderly and disabled people

***EXCLUSIVE*** James Anderson, 52, recently helped a 91-year-old woman with acute leukaemia not-for-profit company, Depher. A bill online posted by Christine Rowlands went viral after James helped out her mother.  Since 2017, Depher in Burnley has helped over 2,500 elderly people and those with debilitating illnesses. James assesses who he helps carefully, using a criteria that determines their needs, difficulties and costs.

A two-year-old girl is lucky to be alive after going to the hospital for a scheduled appointment - only for doctors to find a life-threatening battery lodged in her throat

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Elsie-Rose was so close to death that her mum, Kirsty Duffy, was told to give her "one last kiss" before she underwent an operation to remove it.  It turned out that Elsie-Rose had swallowed a dangerous penny-sized lithium battery within the last 24 hours.  At first medics thought it could be a penny, but a further x-ray revealed a battery had become lodged in the top of her oesophagus, located around the chest area.  Doctors at Sheffield Childrens' Hospital, South Yorks., told her it was critical as the electrical current was mixing with saliva to produce caustic soda, rapidly burning a hole in her throat.  Swallowed batteries can cause catastrophic internal bleeding and death within hours.

Stunning Victorian marbles which were blown by hand and would have been 'a rich kids toy' are set to be sold at auction - and bids could reach thousands of pounds

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 200-year-old „onion skin” marbles and the turned wood solitaire boards are believed to have been made in Germany in the late eighteenth century. The two sets, estimated to fetch more than £1,000, were coincidentally handed into Glasgow’s Great Western Auctions by two separate vendors last week. David Convery, saleroom manager at Great Western Auctions, said he hadn’t seen marble sets of such „quality and rarity” before.

Futuristic re-imagination of the first ever Mercedes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mercedes-Benz has celebrated the launch of its new design center in Nice by looking back at its design sensibilities of the early 1900s and creating a futuristic re-imagination of the first ever car to carry the Mercedes name: the 1901 35 PS. Unlike the original, of course, the new concept's four outboard wheels are powered by four electric motors.